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In recent years, people have started to take animal welfare very seriously and slowly we are starting to see a change in the way that animals are treated. An assistant professor in design at Iowa State University, Austin Stewart, has released ideas for a project named “Second Livestock” which involves tricking chickens into thinking that they are free range, while they are actually contained within small enclosures. PHENOME is a low-CPU 8-part multitimbral Soundfont (SF2) Player-VST Instrument with all the basic features like ADSR, multiple filters and arpeggiators. It has been designed to focus on getting things done quickly rather then being bloated with features that get hardly ever used. There is much more to explore – so download your free copy of PHENOME today and start playing! But what first springs to mind as a feasible idea to improve the lives of animals destined for human consumption?

This would be achieved by strapping virtual reality headsets onto farmed chickens (stop laughing).
He has been producing music with computers over a decade on such styles as trance, downtempo, ambient & experimental electronic using FL Studio. You can create them manually by hand by laying the notes one-by-one like the arpeggiator would do. These “Cockulus Rift” headsets would therefore make the chickens believe that they are in a nicer, less stressful environment (really, try to stop laughing). Stewart created this project in order to spur people into talking about animal welfare, and also as a kind of experiment to look at our relationship with technology, and of course to see how many people would actually believe that researchers intend on doing this. I know there are tons of arp presets but I would like to make my own so I don’t feel like a cheater lol.

Arpeggio is a musical technique where notes in a chord are played in sequence one after the other rather than simultaneously. That being said, he told Techcrunch that he would be willing to work with anyone who is willing to offer their services to make it happen.

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