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Nathalia Holt's new book 'Rise of the Rocket Girls' tells the story of these pioneering women. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is one of the most selective universities in the world, and with a 10 percent acceptance rate, the vast majority of applicants never make it in.
The initiative is hardly new ground for MIT, which helped to develop the field of online education more than a decade ago when it began posting course materials on the web. Listen live, online Greek Music, Laika, Dance and Mainstream hits, News, Live Sports and the best Internet radios.

E-RADIO™ is the first and the leading hellenic radio portal, a daily destination for all greek online radios presented geographically and thematically. It also features a wide range of services and resources for radio professionals, such as streaming services and radio guide and for the greek community, such as monthly newsletter and daily ratings. Starting next spring, anyone, anywhere will be able to take online courses at MIT for free. The school’s latest effort looks to build on that legacy by providing students an opportunity to be graded for their work for the first time.

The program, which is being called MITx, doesn’t culminate with a degree, but those who earn passing marks will be able to walk away with a certificate from the institute for a nominal fee.

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