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TweetScoop.itCreating Interactive Maps and impressive visualizations for presentations is something that many presenters may wonder how-to in order to impress the audience.
Interactive scatter plot, you can also create Stat Trends using some nice bubble interactive charts to show data. Although this is not entirely accurate from physics & astronomy perspectives, the dance is a stunning example of patterns that are generated by simple things. In this video, learn a powerful and very simple way to create dynamic sparklines using Excel.
Slicers are visual filters. Using a slicer, you can filter your data (or pivot table, pivot chart) by clicking on the type of data you want. For example, let’s say you are looking at sales by customer profession in a pivot report.
With a report filter (or any other filter), you will have to click several times to pick one store. Jokes aside, our urge to find change in environment predates cave drawing, slice bread and Tommy Lee Jones.
It is trying to depict how various cities rank on livability index and how they compare to previous ranking (2014 vs 2009). Excel based dashboards are much in demand these days, thanks to advancements in Excel & growing pressure on costs. Add points and draw polygons over the plans to annotate the rooms, booths, spaces and physical objects. Interactive & annotated floor plans can be published as standalone plans or embedded into web pages.

Hospitals can integrate the plans with medical data to show directions to wards or consultation rooms.
For those users who have no idea of creating interactive flash maps, please take a few minutes to watch the online video tutorials!
After my previous post about the water cycle I did a little more digging in my bookmarks and found Scholastic's Interactive Weather Maker. Adjusting the settings in the Interactive Weather Maker could be a good way for students to see the correlation between humidity and temperature as it relates to creating rain and snow storms.
We just want to visualize latest 30 days trend or last 12 months trend or QTD or something similar. Let’s say your boss has stubborn opinion about something, like more advertising leads to more sales. So, today let’s examine a very effective chart that tells the story of change and re-create it in Excel. It is a fun festival where people smear each other with colors, water balloons, tomatoes and sometimes rotten eggs. For a football fan, world cup is best time that is scheduled every four years and that if your favorite team lifting the trophy is like your crush is going on a date with you. Now a days, analysts & managers are expected to quickly put together a dashboard using Excel.
This blog is started in 2007 and today has 450+ articles and tutorials on using excel, making better charts. Physical objects can also be drawn on floor plans to represent their layout on each level of buildings.

Real time floor plans can show the current occupancies, and heat maps can be generated from occupancy data to maximize usage of venues. Using the Interactive Weather Maker is an activity in which students adjust temperatures and humidity levels to create rain and snow storms.
You might have students play with the Interactive Weather Maker as an introduction to a lesson and ask them to make observations about the correlations they see.
The collection includes country shapefiles, shapefiles at province or state level, and other administrative boundaries maps. Students simply move the temperature and humidity sliders until rain or snow begins to show up in the scene on their screens.
Or you could use the Interactive Weather Maker as a way to reinforce concepts that you have taught to them. The premise behind this company is that the software should adapt to your needs, and not the other way around. The shapefile (compatible with ESRI shapefile) format is a geospatial vector format and one of the most common (if not the most common) map format. So we ended up driving to my sister-in-law’s place to play with colors (there were no rotten eggs or tomatoes, thankfully). Of course, there is only one version of truth (or data), but you can present that in different ways, thus creating different perspectives, offering different insights.

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