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After the single chain bracelet, the fishtail is the easiest bracelet for your kids to start out with.  The pattern is easy enough for our newly 5 year old to create on her own. This colorful bracelet is looks awesome, and as many of the bands are double stacked, it is the perfect bracelet activity for an older sibling to create with a younger child.  The younger kids can follow the pattern created and add the second row of bands.
Using the same tutorial as the Rainbow ladder, replace all the colored bands with bright green ones.  You will need 54 green bands and 14 black bands. This bracelet is pretty advanced.  It seems that most of my kids favorites are the thicker bracelets. This is another one where older kids can probably do the hooking, and preschoolers can put the bands onto the loom.  The video tutorial from Justin Toys is very easy to follow.
This bracelet was the most frustrating one so far, as it took a couple of tries to get the bands hooked in the correct order, but the finished product looks great!
These are so bright and cheery!  They are more complicated, probably better suited for an elementary or middle school child to make on their own, but our preschoolers enjoy filling the loom for me to hook the bracelet together.

6 Different Colors, with 6 bands in each – you will need a total of 36 colorful bands. If your kids make band bracelets, take a photo and put them up on our facebook wall.  We would love to see them! Check out this post from our blogging pal, Amy at Teach Mama for a loom-free bracelet tutorial your kids will love. Patterns and ideas for crochet, knit, crafts, sewing and cross stitch patterns for baby, kids,home,gifts and more! Even though this bracelet may look complicated it is one of the easiest to create using a Fishy Loom box which basically is two nails on a board used to stretch and hold the stretch bands on while you twist them into shape. Bracelets are a great introduction to jewelry making, and they never go out of style.Amanda Walker has created 20 gorgeous bracelets for you to make using simple techniques and beautiful beads.
Well, using this pattern, you wil be able to learn how to make a belly band for ANY size dog, from a 4 lb tea cup poodle, to a 150 lb St.

Then here's your chance to stand out from the crowd when you make your own stunning crocheted accessories to match every outfit. Create more than 40 gorgeous necklaces, chokers, lariats, bracelets, cuffs and earrings -- elegantly grouped into ensembles -- with exquisite threads, yarns, beads and more. You will need approximately 3x more loop than hook.• Yardstick or other straight edge• Basic Math Skills• Flexible tape measure• Rotary cutter and cutting mat• Absorbent layers - anything absorbent can be used, such as microfiber, flannel, terry cloth, hemp, or bamboo velour (Many of these fabrics are also used to make children's diapers, and are usually available online.

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