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A lot of space in a standard flowchart is taken up describing what order things should happen in. If you look at real world business processes, you'll probably find the same thing: although there are certain steps that do have to be ordered, a lot of them can be split into 'stages' and then tackled in any order.
Someone at Microsoft must have noticed this too, because the new CRM Process Control is all about modelling processes as a series of checklists.
The Process Control is the centrepiece of a major overhaul to the Dynamics CRM UI that I wrote about previously.
Note that for Lookup fields, initially the Process Control suggests a few matches based on the text entered, but there is also an option to 'Look Up More Records' which brings up a more comprehensive search panel. The convention seems to be that if a field appears in a Process Flow, you probably don't put it on the main form as well. The special steps available in Polaris are "Find Customer", "Find Case", "Similar Cases" and "Resolve Case".
The existence of such a specific step suggests that (maybe) it will be possible to define arbitrary custom steps for the Process Control that can display arbitrary panels (perhaps defined via FormXml). The "Resolve Case" step does not have any special UI behaviour but it does set the state of the Case to Resolved.
Several of the built in processes in Polaris have 'tick off' steps that appear as 'mark complete'.
This makes it look nice and tidy on the Process Control - you get a nice bit of text saying 'mark complete' - but looking at the data model as a whole I'm not sure its a very good idea.

The upcoming Orion release (Dynamics CRM 2013) is going to bring a number of changes and improvements to Process Flows and the Process Control. Process Flows will be able to span multiple entities - this was already shown in Polaris with the Sales process flow that spanned Lead and Opportunity. So, the concept of a series of checklists is a good one, and in the new Dynamics CRM UI, Microsoft have found a way to implement it in a simple but flexible way.
If there is 'state' relating to Process Flows, will it be possible to manipulate that state via the API - for example set which Stage a record is on, or set which Process Flow a record is connected to?
Flowchart explains how babies make their decisions - Randommization Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH. In many cases a series of checklists is a much better model for business processes than a classic flowchart.
It was originally released in December 2012 update (aka 'Polaris') and is being further enhanced in the upcoming Dynamics CRM 2013 release (aka 'Orion').
The idea presumably is to simplify forms and only show the user fields relevant to the current stage.
I haven't seen any announcements about this, so perhaps it wont be possible for a while yet.
Again, this suggests that it might be possible in future to tie arbitrary bits of processing to Steps. Taken away from the context of the Process Control, the 'mark complete' option could be very confusing.

Most of it seems to be based on the fields in the underlying record and whether they are filled in or not, which suggests that Process Flows in themselves are largely stateless. At key stages in production there should be quality control checks so manufacturers are alerted to any problems.
We certainly have to wait for kettle to boil before pouring the water into the mug, but the order in which we add milk and sugar doesn't matter. However (in Polaris at least) updating the field in one place will not automatically update it in the other. The 'Send Thank You Note' column would be full of 'mark complete' and 'complete' labels, and it wont be entirely clear that 'mark complete' actually means 'this has not been done yet'. For example if 'Estimated Budget' appears on the Process Control and on the main form, if you fill it in on the form you'll have to refresh the screen before it also shows on the Process Control, and vice-versa. While you will be able to view the content of this page in your current browser, you will not be able to get the full visual experience. Please consider upgrading your browser software or enabling style sheets (CSS) if you are able to do so.

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