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Update 2 - You can now add the New Facebook Send Button beside you Like Button - The New Facebook Send Button.
First up i will give you the code for the button and then we will look at were you can add the buttons in your blog posts.
Once you have the Facebook code pasted were you want the button to appear and your template saved go check out your new share option. More From Facebook - Follow this link to check out our recent post bringing you 8 Great Facebook Icons and widgets for your blog ! NEW YORK (AP) — Facebook's "like" button isn't going away, but it's about to get some company.Facebook has been testing alternatives to "like" in about a half-dozen countries, including Ireland, Spain and Japan. On Wednesday, it will start making "haha," ''angry" and three other responses available in the U.S.
For Facebook haters, there is an extension to remove Facebook like button widgets in Google Chrome while browsing internet. The thumbs-up "like" button will look just as it long has, without the other choices cluttering the screen or confusing people.
Users have long requested a "dislike" button, but that was deemed too negative and problematic.

Are you disliking the death or the call for sympathy?Facebook chose to offer more nuanced reactions — "love," ''haha," ''wow," ''sad" and "angry" — alongside "like" — to give users "greater control over their expressivity," says Julie Zhuo, Facebook's product design director.___WHY THESE CHOICESFacebook went through comments on friends' posts, as well as emoji-like stickers people were using. Once install is complete, you will notice Facebook Like button at top right part of Chrome menu bar. Think of having to flip through pages and pages of emojis: Do you want one wink, a tear, a full frown or a half frown?Facebook ultimately chose these six reactions for their universal appeal — something that could be understood around the world. There are also right click context menu option for using Facebook Like button functionality. But Zhuo says in the countries tested, people used the alternatives more frequently over time.___HOW TO GET STARTEDThe rollout is expected to take a few days to complete. You'll get the feature automatically on Web browsers, but you'll need to update your app on iPhones and Android devices (no word yet on Windows and BlackBerry).Facebook already shows how many people like a post and lets you tap or click on the count for a list of people.
With Reactions, you see how many people have reacted in some way, along with the top three reactions, such as "love" followed by "haha" and "wow." You can get breakdowns for each reaction — the total and specific people. You can also change the default position of this floating window, click on settings icon and goto Choose Position option.5. If you don't update your app, you'll just see the number of likes.___A HAPPY BIAS?Facebook has a complex formula for deciding which of your friends' posts are more prominent.

Now, posts marked "angry" or "wow" will bump up, too.But Facebook wants to show what it thinks you're most interested in — and that might ultimately mean mostly happy posts, rather than ones that evoke sadness or anger. Zhuo says Facebook will tweak its formulas based on how people respond.___EXPRESS THAT ANGERThese alternative reactions are for all posts, including those from groups and brands. A company won't be able to block the ability to mark its posts with anger.___IT TOOK A YEAR TO DEVELOPWhy so long? Besides deciding on how many and which specific reactions to offer, Facebook needed to figure out the right way for people to discover and use it.
For instance, a menu might have been harder to find, while offering all six buttons up front might have made it harder to just quickly "like" a post and move on.

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