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Available in NOS and Heavy Relic finish packages Five colors to choose from!CLICK HERE to to start shopping. Available in NOS and Heavy Relic finish packages Six colors to choose from!CLICK HERE to to start shopping.
Choose from Heavy Relic and NOS models 60’s version is Double Bound50’s version available with Twisted Tele or Seymour Duncan HB CLICK HERE to to start shopping.
MVP Series Stratocaster and Telecaster guitars feature premium Ash or Alder bodies sorted for lightweight. Each Master Vintage Player Series guitar features a hand-selected pickup configuration for the best possible tone. Nitrocellulose Lacquer is the standard finish for all Fender Custom Shop MVP Strat and Tele models. MVP - An honor typically bestowed upon the best-performing player for a particular contest or series of contests. In order to best suit the needs of any Fender Custom Shop connoisseur, several models and finish packages are available in Masterbuilt and Team Built configurations.
Relic and Heavy Relic instruments feature a hand-distressed, nitrocellulose lacquer finish package designed to replicate decades of road worn wear and tear, while NOS finish packages feature a shiny new, high gloss nitrocellulose lacquer body combined with a unique, gun stock oil finish on the neck for the soft, natural feel of bare wood.
Another nifty feature of the MVP Series Stratocaster models is the S-1 switch hidden discretely in the center of the volume knob.
Each MVP model is spec'd with its own unique pickup configuration for wide variety of vintage and modern Strat and Tele tones.

Custom hardshell case, Accessory package and Certificate of Authenticity are also included! Necks are quartersawn for stability and Rosewood fingerboards are sorted for a rich, dark color. Stratocaster models include an S-1 switch in the Volume knob for the Neck & Bridge pickup combination (or coil splitting on HSS models). Relic and Heavy Relic guitars are individually hand-distressed to replicate the authentic look and feel of a well-worn vintage instrument while NOS guitars have a high gloss body with a unique, gunstock oil neck finish for the smooth, natural feel of bare wood. It is also a fitting title for the MVP Series Limited Edition run, built exclusively for Make'n Music in the Fender Custom Shop. Custom 1956 and 1960 Stratocasters are sure to please the traditionalists, while an HSS variant of the 60 Strat adds tonal flexibility and a hot-rod vibe. When activated, this will provide the neck & bridge pickup combination (coil tap on HSS guitars) at your fingertips. The 1956 Stratocaster models are fitted with Fender Custom Shop Fat 50's pickups in order to provide plenty of spank, twang and sparkle with just enough extra beef to keep things sounding meaty. The 1969 Stratocaster model will appeal to all the Hendrix fans and aficionados of the large headstock era.
The 1960 Stratocaster guitars receive John Cruz spec pickups for a smooth voice that is stronger in the mid-range and slightly higher in output than a typical vintage 60's pickup.
Of course we can't forget the Teles, and our 1950s Telecaster and 1960 Telecaster Custom models round out this special offering.

The Truss Rod is easily accessible from the headstock, so you no longer have to remove the neck for a tweak. Of course all the classic Stratocaster tones you know and love are still there too- Right where they should be. The HSS Strats combine a Seymour Duncan JB in the bridge with Custom Shop Fat 50's and 69 pickups in the middle and neck, respectively, for the ultimate in tonal versatility. We even offer a version of the early 50's Tele with a Humbucker in the neck- Just like Keef.
All necks are Quartersawn Maple and if there is a Rosewood fingerboard it will be sorted for a rich, dark color.
MVP Telecasters receive modern Tele wiring along with “Gatton Saddles” for improved intonation. The '69 Strats feature Custom 69's in the middle and neck- perfect for that “Wind Cries Mary” sparkle, along with a Fat 50's in the bridge for some extra girth in that position. Telecaster models have Twisted Tele pickups or a Seymour Duncan Antiquity in the neck position and Custom Shop Broadcaster pickups in the bridge position.

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