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First, make the Streamer - to fork the ends, fold ribbon in half, cut diagonal, see A and B, or cut like C.
With a separate piece of ribbon, knot the bow snugly, gathering layers, pinning or tieing knot to back; cut excess from knot. Hold the cut ribbon in the center, and begin wrapping the ribbon around your friend's fingers.
Also see instructions for an artificial Christmas Wreath that you can make and use on your door every year. Thanks for sharing such a fun project Michelle ~ you did a great job… they’re adorable!!

I have made them in red, black and white, and put a Mickey Mouse head I cut out of black felt in the center. On this page, is instructions for making a large Christmas Bow for a wreath or your front door. Master these three simple bow-making techniques and your gifts will always stand out in a crowd. Hold the wrapped ribbon between your thumb and fingers, and use scissors to notch the ribbon at the center point on each side, cutting through every layer. Make sure the tails of the ribbon are in back and that the slack between the two loops points toward you.

Thread a long ribbon through the center loop and wrap it around the package, securing the bow using tape.
For the bottom layer, cut a piece of ribbon slightly longer than the longest looped piece, and notch the ends.

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