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Redesigned from the ground up, the all-new Precision Disk single-disk air drills deliver best-in-class seed placement accuracy for an array of crops grown in diverse conditions and geographies. The new Case IH Precision Disk 500T features an integral mounted seed tank and optional GPS-controlled four-section overlap control. At the heart of each Precision Disk drill is a completely new row unit, engineered to help Case IH customers achieve more even emergence and improved plant stand establishment when seeding crops like soybeans, wheat, milo and hybrid rice. Single-bevel 18-inch disks are set at a 7-degree angle to slice through residue and open a high-quality seed trench, even at shallow depths, while also minimizing hair pinning of residue in the seed trench. The Case IH Precision Disk parallel-link row unit design helps ensure unmatched seed placement accuracy for improved emergence and stand establishment. To close and seal the seed trench, the newly designed double-edged closing wheels, with three easy-to adjust pressure settings, eliminate air pockets and ensure good seed-to-soil contact.
Case IH Precision Disk drill owners can get more done each day because these drills provide the tire packages and walking-beam axle options that will allow you to “shift-up” when appropriate – while maintaining accurate seed placement across a wide spectrum of field and tillage practices. In addition, operators will spend more time in the field and less in transport, with some of the industry’s narrowest transport widths. Three meter-roller options provide accurate metering across a wide range of crops, including soybeans, wheat, hybrid rice, milo or other small grains. Single, easy-to-reach “T” handles select and lock in seeding depth with one adjustment – no tools necessary. Rugged, reliable frames hold up to changing field conditions, even going from no-till to conventional with minimal time-robbing adjustments.
In addition, Case IH Precision Disk drills deliver an integrated, less complex precision farming solution with Advanced Farming Systems® (AFS) and the AFS Pro 700 display. The Precision Disk 500T includes an integral mounted seed tank, which makes it the first air drill in the Case IH lineup to have an on-board bulk seed tank.
The 500T offers optional AFS four-section overlap control to help producers reduce input costs and increase yields by eliminating overlap on turn rows and in odd-shaped fields. Case IH is a global leader in agricultural equipment, committed to collaborating with its customers to develop the most powerful, productive, reliable equipment – designed to meet today’s agricultural challenges. At the heart of the Case IH Precision Disk 500 is a new row unit design, which ensures accurate seed placement across varying soil and tillage conditions. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases.
This means that you can buy with total confidence, knowing that we stand by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.
This is the section where we get a chance to rant about latest happenings in the tech world. Apple has tried to make its new Smart Battery Case for iPhone 6 and 6S “smarter” and “sleeker”. The new battery case is also touted to be Apple’s own admission that the battery performance on the new iPhones is a pain point. Apple’s new iPhone 6S Smart Battery Case does not provide as much extra battery life as its competitors do.

In design terms, the case includes a bump which is a major deterrent for many users and analysts. The case is Apple’s extension on the regular silicone case for iPhone with soft pass-through buttons, cut-outs for the ring and small space for acoustic port for the speaker. Apple Smart Battery Case costs 99$ which is double than the $50 Incipio Offgrid Express which is one of the best iPhone 6 battery cases around. An iPhone 6S with the Smart Battery Case can now help the users with 25 hours of talk time, a staggering 20 hours of video playing, and even 18 hours of web browsing if one opts for LTE.
The case’s Lightning port will be a major connector for users as they can forget about it all with their iPhone 6’s or 6S’s battery life. Apple understands patents better than most companies and maybe because of those issues, it offered a design that was unlike any other case in the market. Mophie carries a number of patents of battery cases and with Apple’s battery case out, it could have invited comparisons as well as a court case since Mophie’s design of the battery and sides with internal and external power connectors, and a removable upper case might have got Apple to stay away from using a snap-on bezels design. Although Apple can surely battle out a smaller company, it would not want to do it in any case, for a battery case! Nisarg Shah, an aspiring personnel associated with Nimblechapps Ltd – SmartWatch Development Company designated as Business Development Manager, handles the Sales and PR department. Be the first to hear about our product launches, makeup lips, exclusive news, interviews, and events. The new offering includes the Precision Disk 500T with an on-board bulk seed tank in 25-, 30- and 40-foot working widths and the Precision Disk 500 in 30- and 40-foot sizes, which are paired with a tow-between or tow-behind air cart. The new design delivers accurate seed placement and depth control across varying soil and tillage conditions, as well as more consistent seed-to-soil contact.
Patent-pending variable down-pressure springs apply the right amount of pressure on individual row units to ensure better penetration across varying residue and soil conditions. These new press wheels have been designed and tested to endure in the higher speed operations, variable soil and high residue conditions experienced by today’s growers across North America.
Built on industry-compatible architecture, AFS can interface with a farmer’s existing ISO 11783 compliant equipment no matter what the brand. Available in 70-bushel capacity for the 25- and 30-foot sizes, and the 40-foot size comes with a 100-bushel tank. The AFS Pro 700’s convenient, one-page seeding display keeps all the necessary information close at hand. It uses an external seed supply air cart in either tow-between or tow-behind configurations, making it popular for operations looking for higher capacity, as well as those seeking the ability to apply a dry fertilizer product with seed. Challenges like feeding an expanding global population on less land, meeting ever-changing government regulations and managing input costs. Experience days and Personalised gifts must be ordered by 2pm if Express delivery is required. The $99 price point is steep and Apple has managed to just integrate the battery case with the iOS system. The top and bottom of the Smart Battery Case does offer a comfortable grip when using the phone, though most will always prefer the solid curved back of a Mophie product.

The case top is flexible, to get the iPhone to ease in, unlike some hard-to-fit battery cases. They are by default controlled by the phone which will use the case’s battery, and then switch to the cell juice.
Although other cases can push the battery for more hours at lesser cost, the Smart Battery Case does work efficiently. Apple has now delivered a good case for the holiday season but one can surely express their disappointment with the design and its pricing.
So with the new Apple Smart Battery Case, Apple might be looking to avoid any patent troubles with accessory makers in any form. Being a person from the Technical Background and a Master in Computer Applications, he acts as a bridge between the layman requirements of the client and technical aspects of the developers. These drills can cover more acres each day with increased field speeds and quicker cycle times when moving from field to field. In addition, the forward-facing seed tube design directs the seed, working in conjunction with the scraper, for more consistent placement in the bottom of the seed trench. Hydraulic down pressure across the full width of the disk drill can be adjusted either manually or via in-cab display option. In addition, overall machine length and working widths make the Precision Disk drills easy to transport and improve field maneuverability. The close-coupled design of the 500T allows for work in small, irregularly shaped fields and easy transport, making it a perfect fit in areas where the dill and air cart “train” system just doesn’t fit operational needs. When paired with a Case IH Precision Air cart, the Precision Disk 500 features optional variable-rate hydraulic seed metering controlled through the AFS Pro 700 monitor. With headquarters in the United States, Case IH has a network of dealers and distributors that operates in over 160 countries.
Aside from this, the vanity case can actually be lit up using the switch on it which activates all 6 lights (3 on either side of the mirror) so she can apply her make up in the same fashion that the film stars of times gone by have - surrounded by shining lights, perfect for the starlet that she is! Apple’s challenger to Mophie is reminiscent of similar battery cases but still not up to the mark with the design. With the industry experience of 2 years in Sales and PR, he serves as an intermediary between the clients and organisation. They also are easily adjustable and require less daily maintenance, allowing more time for seeding during those critical spring or fall seeding windows.
Case IH provides agricultural equipment systems, flexible financial service offerings and parts and service support for professional farmers and commercial operators through a dedicated network of professional dealers and distributors. CaractéristiquesDescription du produitDecouvre le superbe Vanity Violetta avec un miroir avec lumieres, du maquillage de qualite et des accessoires.

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