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Stack Overflow is a community of 4.7 million programmers, just like you, helping each other. I'm working on a small uni database project, I would like to know if my ER design is good enough for me to move on to further steps. Further steps involve: Translating ER to Relational diagram, and basically implement it as a database for a database application, in which user can search and browse stuff through an interface.
Models: each brand offers several models (for example, Buick’s models are the Enclave, LaCrosse, and Lucerne, and Mercury’s models are the Mariner, Milan, Sable, and Grand Marquis). Dealers and customers: dealers buy vehicles from the manufacturer and sell them to customers.
You should consider the Party Model as you might sell to employees, buy from Customers, etc.
Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged sql database relational-database entity-relationship or ask your own question. The most called for website design category today is business and this is because hundreds of new companies appear every day worldwide.
It is all incorrect for corporate websites, because these kinds of themes are to be clean, clear, minimal, simple and just a bit creative.
Keeping this idea in mind, I am interested how are businessmen going to engage clients if their websites are done at a zero level?
In this post I am going to tell you how to avoid common mistakes that website owners and inexperienced designers do.
You should remember one simple rule, while developing a site for your business: abstract yourself from trends, and pay more attention to simplicity. The best colors for business web design are white, gray, beige (sand), placid blue, light green.
I think everyone has had a sad experience of browsing a website and having no idea what it is all about. Website navigation is not the feature for experiments, and realizing your innovative ideas.
You might think that your website is well-done if the colors are picked successfully, the layout is accurate, the images are uploaded, but nobody has abolished the typography yet.

An essential component of a perfect corporate site is Contact information and particularly Feedback Form or a Contact Form. Here I am giving a few examples of how you shouldn’t build your Contact page and where you can get a little piece of inspiration for your project. I suppose this article will help you to make a stunning website design for your business website, taking into account the major elements you should use and how to develop them in a right way.
Lots of stuff is encoded in real VINs (they are well described on Wikipedia), but you can just make them up if you want. The product is the thing you sell (just the specification of a car, with a model number), and the Asset is the thing the customer drives away in (it has a VIN). Each of these firms tries to impress users with a stunning website done according to the latest trends, using bold colors, a lot of content and super features that no one has. This is the reason why many businessmen can’t enjoy their websites fully: they launch nonfunctional and messy themes with lack of style and visual component at all.
Zero website designs are those with horrible color use and obscure navigation; the websites with cluttered layout and old-fashionable design.
And here I give you 7 very and very easy steps how to perfect your website design if you have one or start making your first corporate site. I would rather give an example: this year freesia, dazzling blue, celosia orange are in trend, so what? Navigation scheme should be kept to its minimum if you want to make users enjoy the website instead of wandering around all pages in a search of needed section. At the first sight the navigation of this theme has a common look and is designed as a simple top horizontal bar, but hover your mouse over it – there are tons of sub-items. There are two options to use for walking through the site: horizontal and vertical menu panels.
If to be more specific, these are photo portfolios, wedding albums, music related web pages and movie sites.
The typography is a crucial part of a website design, because it makes the content either readable or not. This is the way your clients (potential or regular) can write to you, leave a message in order to get a call back or an email reply. Some clients may find it OK, others not, but your website should be designed for all users. The target audience of business websites is serious-intended people, who are looking for a promising project to invest in, influential partners to deal with or these are potential clients looking for a certain service.

In other turn, unsuccessful mix of colors can turn your project to a bad user experience and harm your business dramatically. Will you follow blindly the trends and add all these colors to your site making a background blue and using freesia or orange for the elements and typography?
Talking about accents, I mean typography (preferably in headlines), buttons, lines, icons or figures.By means of color hierarchy, you can make the focus on certain content items and information that needs to be strengthened.
The corporate websites are everything different, so far as they serve for a different function and the target audience of these themes differs. If the letters are too close to one another, the words are hard to read; in its turn, when the words are placed very close, the users may go past the whole sentences because they can’t manage to read them.
The Contact Form can simplify and quicken the collaboration between a client and an entrepreneur.
In times of fierce competition, you can’t permit yourself to lose visitors and let them go to your rivals. Such details let users catch the information quickly and understand what this company can offer them right at the first second of site browsing.
It is better to spend additional hours on the typography choice, rather than waste this time on embedding unnecessary widgets on your site. It shows how you care about your clients, listen to them, think over their suggestions and solve their problems. This welcoming section of the front page should be not obligatory large and exhaustive, a few sentences will be enough, especially if to combine text with related images. Nothing prevents you from using images, probably even videos, because they will diversify the layout and pay more attention on text.
Plus, remember to leave enough white-space on the canvas, it is a key element to make site readable. One more easy way to shorten the site loading time is to compress HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You have probably many plugins that you don’t use, make an audit of them all, and delete unnecessary.

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