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Just like the mini gift cakes I made each Christmas for craft sales, I also used to make these pink heart cakes every February for a Valentine’s Day sale. Bows come in all shapes and colours, and even the ribbon ends can be cut differently and placed in any direction.
If you are making a heart cake, you can either bake it in a heart-shaped pan, cut it out of a 6″ square cake (which I did), or follow the steps found at the bottom of this postA here. When I rested my bows on the cakes, they were on their sides, but you can place them upright if desired.
One last thing – try and keep your bow covered from sunlight when using pink or red in your fondant as it fades fast! Okay now that we’ve talked about supplies and shown you some samples, it’s time to learn how to make a bow out of ribbon. How to Make a Tuxedo Hair Bow – Great for little girls, dog hair bows, or even to use to decorate a package as an extra special gift attachment! Bows are a great embellishment on a cake and suitable for all occasions including birthdays, anniversaries or graduations. Enjoy creating these one-of-a-kind hair masterpieces for the special little girl in your life! I really need something pretty for my niecea€™s hair and I think this flower hair bow will be perfect!
Hey, Im from Hair Lowlights, thanks for the blog, It was great to finally read a well written blog that actually makes sense.
I am looking to make this bow for some friends for christmas, but i want to use these exact colors. Learning How to make a bow and arrow is something I think everyone should try at least once.  Shooting a pvc pipe bow is a fun summer activity, weather you are target shooting, practicing for hunting season or even bow fishing for carp. This last video also shows you how to do some performance testing on  your bow and how to measure the draw weight of your pvc bow. Another inexpensive accessory that I consider a must for shooting accurately is a String Release.

It is very important to remember that even though this pvc bow can be built at home for just a few dollars, it is still a well built and powerful bow.  PVC Bows are not toys!
A For my valentine’s cakes after playing around with pinks and reds, I decided to use Americolor soft pink for my base, and add a touch of burgundy with a marbled effect for the ribbon and bow. A Also, my original pink marbled fondant was quite soft, so with the use of clean magic markers, I could keep the curve of the loops by wrapping them around the outside of the markers. I'm Erin, wife, mom of two, former teacher & cake business owner, presently cooking and baking my way around food allergies and intolerances. Although there are many things that you can create loops with, ribbon is the most popular way to go and typically the cheapest as well. Making a bow out of fondant might seem difficult to make but in fact it is relatively easy after following some simple instructions.
It is advisable for you to use longer strips in order to make loops that can cover the cake.
Decide how many layers you’d like your hair bow to be, and choose coordinating ribbon for each layer. Working with one layer at a time, stack 3 ribbons on top of one another, and then find the middle. Put a dab of glue on the underside of the bow and affix to barrette or hair clip, using the clothespin to hold in place until the glue dries. I would try using a grosgrain or thicker, more sturdy type ribbon so that your loops are stiffer if you arent already. One thing that prevents a lot of people from enjoying this ancient sport is the price tag of modern compound bows. The type of arrows you need will be determined by what you intend to shoot with your bow, but a good starting point for beginners would be some simple Fiberglass Target Practice Arrows Once you have practiced a little more you may want to buy some higher quality arrows tailored to your specific needs.
Small fondant rolling pins would work just as well, but if you are making 20 at a time, you’d be better off using your kid’s markers! The wider ribbons will be for cheer bows and OTT larger bows so you don’t have to worry about trying to find them unless you are creating those types.

You require some tools, cutting fondants into strips and arranging them in a shape of a bow.
Push your threaded needle through the middle of the stack, and then through the ribbon ends to form loops. The only other thing I was thinking was that maybe you’re making your stacks too perfect?
Beginner bows can start in the hundreds of dollars, and higher quality bows can easily cost one thousand dollars or more.  Luckily for us DIY-ers there is a cheaper way!  We can build our own bow with pvc pipe.
Without one you have to hold the string with your fingers, making releases inaccurate and possibly painful.
Here are is a Cheaper Set of Arrows for those who just want to have fun shooting targets in the backyard.
The wider ribbon has to be special ordered online since craft stores do not carry them in stock.
Although when I did my loopy bow, it turns out flat in the middle so it looks like 3 different colors all in to 1 layer. I hope this makes sense lol but I think maybe you’re making them so that fit just perfectly into each other. The best archers in the world use a String Release, so that should tell how much more accurate they are than using your fingers alone. Im trying to do an over the top loopy bow but with it being flat in the middle, it doesnt look right. I also added a video in hopes that will help a bit more too.Let me know if you are having anymore issues and I will try my best to help you!

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