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When you cut the sides make sure to make the panels 2″ wider in order to have some fabric to wrap around the front and give the box pleat look. I used iron on hem tape for everything and once you are done ironing the hem on the main panel you are almost finished! If you have any questions leave them in the comment section and I will be answering them there. After that, use a coral or peachy pink matte (!) eyeshadow and use it to accentuate the crease. Blake uses a black eyeliner on the top and bottom lashline, and she -or her make-up artists - also applies it to the bottom waterline (this is the wet rim in between your lashes and your eyes). Add some mascara, a peachy blush colour and a neutral colour lip gloss… and… tadaa! I wear this look quite often, and I find it to be the perfect solution for a daily not-to-heavy make-up if you feel like doing something extra.

Hem the sides only and wait to do the bottom hem until the main piece is stapled on to the board. With all of the pieces hemmed (except for the bottom hems) you can now start stapling them on to your board. You will have an inch of the pink fabric remaining that can now be folded over the edge of the lining fabric and hemmed perfectly at 10″. Once all of the pieces are cut and you are just using the iron hem tape and the stapler it’s pretty painless and a really pretty result. Question: If I wanted to add curtain panels under the valence, would there be any reason not to use a simple curtain rod?
Wouldn’t it be easier to use a regular piece of wood or even a primed piece from Home Depot if I wanted it white?
I am trying to follow the pictures and I don’t see when the brackets should be added to the board.

Don’t forget to also apply a little bit of this colour in the inner eye-corner and under the eyebrow. In this blog I write about new beautyproducts, fashion trends, make-up techniques, and a bunch of other things that interest me. It gave me my contrasting color, it was inexpensive and it gave me a nice finish and no measuring was necessary. Now remember the top of the board is going to be covered with your fabric as well so when you are deciding on a width make sure to add a couple of extra inches to your measurement.

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