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BookBump's bibliography tool, supporting multiple academic formats, saves time for writers and students. Writing and publishing a professional biography may seem like a lot of work, but the basics are very simple. Ask three current or former employers, colleagues, advisers or professors to write short testimonials about you or your work. Even more importantly, ask that testimonials be addressed to a third-party audience, instead of to you. How would an impartial third party represent you, if tasked with writing about you for the intended audience? How would an experienced marketing consultant sell you as a worthwhile investment for potential employers? What if you were compelled both to sell yourself and to summarize your life's work in a single paragraph of no more than five sentences totaling fifty to seventy-five words? Write several paragraphs of this type that could each stand alone to represent your professional life, at first expanding your ideas with each and then winnowing down toward shorter paragraphs that capture only the essential information. Consider putting this work aside when you've exhausted your ideas and taking a fresh run at it after at least one full day has passed. Don't look at your previous day's work before generating a fresh series of test introductory paragraphs.
Which one best conveys essential information in a fluid, engaging and conversational style, while also feeling appropriate relative to your audience? You will want to begin with your best introductory paragraph, and then follow it with one to three additional short paragraphs that contain less essential yet still relevant information. If you were trying to do too much with your single introductory paragraph, consider breaking it down into two or three smaller paragraphs that will be easier to read. Other relevant links might include examples of web-based projects you've worked on or links to the official websites of organizations you are affiliated with, whether in business or education and whether you are currently engaged with the organization or merely a loyal alumnus.
Keep each paragraph very short for scanability; that is, for ease of reading on a computer screen. When you examine your work, it should be at least a half-page and no more than one full page in length. It should not sound like you are giving a speech before a filled auditorium of prestigious peers.
Do not veer toward self-deprecation, and do not veer toward bragging or attention-grabbing antics. You will want to measure confidence with humility and perhaps even sprinkle in a light mix of humor to deliver a balanced and digestible account of your professional history in a tone of medium formality. If it doesn't strike the right tone when you read it aloud, it is best to start over and write it again.
If your first draft doesn't sound natural, try reducing it to a bulleted list of five to seven items captured easily in keywords or short phrases. Put these on an index card in the most logical order for delivering essential information up front. Next, turn on a voice recorder and using only the index card for reference, speak briefly about each item, expanding each to three or four complete and interconnected sentences.
Again, think of your audience and think of delivering the information in a relaxed manner within a semi-formal setting.
I invented the prototype for the transdimensional flux capacitor while working in an underwater laboratory off the coast of Denmark in 1982.
Always prepare a biography in the third-person voice, perceiving an air of credibility to be added in this manner.

After a detailed examination of several good samples, my contention is that you should certainly do it both ways, and then judge for yourself which version feels like a better fit for expressing yourself to peers and potential employers within your own profession. From the Resources list at the end of this page, you will find three sample professional biographies to examine. If you've done research on How to Write a Resume, you may have found explicit advice to exclude photography. In a conventional 20th century employment situation, including a photograph on your printed resume is like laying an 8" X 10" headshot on the hiring desk. Again, the emphasis here is on preparing this as an electronic document, for instant delivery to anywhere on the planet. Now that you've worked diligently at the preceding steps, you should have a terrific document near completion. Anthony Citrano's professional biography feels rather austere, with no picture and a white-on-black scheme. Notice the great economy with words, and notice that Barry's reverse chronology isn't the least bit confusing; rather, he does a nice job of putting the focus up front on his present professional activities.
Finally, notice your feelings about his personality, your estimation of the sort of person he would be to work with. While potentially quite important to your professional life and future, this is a very short document compared with a novel, dissertation or book-length project of any kind. PDF will allow you to incorporate both text and images, and the finished document should look good regardless of the browser and operating system your recipient is using. If you would like to go beyond distributing your professional biography as an e-mail attachment, consider actually publishing your document to the web.
Publishing your biography to the web could be as simple as making a Word-type document, saving it as a web page (Word gives you this option), and then finding a bit of hosting space where you can upload the document.
The best providers of web-distributed blogging software even allow you the option of free blogging space at their own domain, or using the software as a platform for blogging under your own domain.
If you're serious about distinguishing yourself on the web, you'll definitely want to consider blogging under your own domain. One feature of your blog, of course, will be something along the lines of an About Me page, where you will post your now carefully-crafted professional biography. In addition to the bio page, post updates to your blog on a regular basis and build a readership within your professional community. Write the most amazing couplets by learning the different types of this creative poem in this video. Courtney Burback, a freelance writer and teacher, offers a video tutorial on how to create a TV show.
How do I get that line that represents a repeating author in a bibliography or works cited page? The six hyphens here get rendered as two em-dashes, which is OK, but I still feel like there's a better way to do this natively. In [Bringhurst, p 80], Robert Bringhurst recommends that you use a 3em long dash for repeating authors. Please note that some typefaces may have dashes with fancy endings; they're definitely not rectangularly shaped.
The authoryear, authortitle, and verbose style families of the biblatex package feature a dash for repeating authors by default; this may be turned off by using the dashed=false option. This will result in the desired underscored line when there's more than one reference from the same author, according to ABNT norms (Brazilian organisation of standards).
Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged bibliographies rules or ask your own question.

If we feel it's hotter when humidity increases, then why do we feel it's colder when inside water? If we had a "perfectly efficient" computer and all the energy in the Milky-way available, what number could it count to? I don't want to do this by hand because it's error-prone on big bibliographies and just redundant. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged bibtex lyx natbib subdividing or ask your own question.
Is it possible to stay up while riding a bike on a moving sidewalk without actually moving? In addition to everything presented in this guide, you have the advantage, hopefully, of being the world's leading authority on the topic: yourself. A creative professional may incorporate a bit of humor to convey an engaging personality without compromising credibility, while a member of a more conservative profession may do better to keep it dry. Strangebird invented the prototype for the transdimensional flux capacitor while working in an underwater laboratory off the coast of Denmark in 1982.
In the wired world of the 21st century, every professional is a creative professional and every professional must be media-savvy in this new environment. Nothing should inhibit you from generating multiple fresh takes and comparing them, or from selecting the best of several takes and then continuing to put it through six or seven distinct revisions. She presents the steps you need to take to create a pitch bible and protect your idea before trying to sell it to agents and producers. For typefaces like this you may have to put in a bit more work to get similar kinds of 3em-dashes. But I have to specify manually (by \citeabc or \citedef), which bibliography entry belongs to which section.
It should provide all the features of natbib as well as a mechanism where you can put bibliography entries to different bibliographies depending on various criteria (also entry type if I remember correctly).
But as you told that you managed to create a suitable biblatex style I guess that you already managed to get biblatex working in LyX.
Make sure to write for your intended audience in a natural voice with an appropriate tone of medium formality. Take no short-cuts in creating a document that presents the best possible representation of your professional history, aspirations, and abilities. I still decide to keep my solution because it explains how to have biblatex insert the symbol.
In an increasingly networked world, consider a web-published version of your professional biography as a major asset. There is, of course, the possibility to use a bibliography style which does this for (biblatex for example offers this), but since you don't seem to use bibtex et al. Follow the steps outlined in this guide carefully in order to present your best professional self-image. If there is no author or editor mentioned, use the title for first words and alphabetizing.
To insert page numbers, place your cursor on the first page of your text, or the page where you want your page numbers to begin.

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