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Photographer Chris Sembrot's new series features portraits of dog owners locking lips (and sometimes tongues) with their pups.
According to a study published in the Archives of Oral Biology in 2012, dog saliva contains a host of bacteria that have been linked to gum disease.
Candace kisses the TV after the running of an advertisement for The Next Super American Pop Teen Idol Star. Lawrence first kissed his wife Linda at a Love Handel farewell concert when they were dating.
In the island while Candace was finding food for survival, she is ambushed and taken to Phineas and Ferb's improvised mansion by a group of monkeys, one of them kissing her on the way up. Vanessa gives Ferb a kiss on the cheek to thank him for helping her get the Pizzazium Infinionite for her dad. Wendy Stinglehopper gives Baljeet a small kiss under the mistletoe and he returns with a kiss of his own, which is much more passionate.
Candace and Jeremy share a kiss in Candace's backyard during the celebration of the successfully completed circumnavigation of the world. Candace kisses the sand sculpture she made of Jeremy on the beach in Hawaii right before she is hit by a wave.

Jeremy tries to kiss the Romantic duplicate of Candace, but the Busting duplicate of Candace drags her away before he can reach her. Vanessa is pleased with Doofenshmirtz's performance on the DJ box (which is liked by the crowd) and kisses him on the cheek as thanks.
Prior to the activation of the Amnesia-inator, Isabella kisses Phineas after Major Monogram affirms that no one would remember the events of the day. While singing "Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow", Isabella kisses a snowman made to look like Phineas gently on the nose. I've been wracking my brain for the last half hour and haven't been able to come up with anything.
UPDATE: A bunch of people have written in to point out Sun and Jin from Lost, who have done their fair amount of kissing during their three seasons on the island. UPDATE: I checked with my resident Gilmore Girls expert, and Lane Kim (Keiko Agena) and Henry Cho's (Eddie Shin) second season relationship doesn't count.
However, a resourceful reader named Max has uncovered an episode of the now-defunct WB sitcom Off Centre, in which John Cho's character Chau kissed a girl named Allison.
I was pretty sure the Cashmere Mafia kiss wasn't the first Asian American kiss in the history of television.

It's not an uncommon occurrence: Dogs like kissing, after all, your mouth is probably covered in delicious food residue. Nothing wrong with a little kiss, but if you wanna play it extra safe, maybe keep the exchange of saliva to a minimum. With such iconic images like his original THINK green  or chair designs, his shirts and products are always a stand out.
A person kisses another person by pressing his or her lips against another person's lips or cheek. While Sembrot suggests that this act is actually healthy -- because displays of affection more broadly increase oxytocin levels, lowering blood pressure and improving our sense of wellbeing -- other studies have suggested that making out with your dog can harbor negative health effects, on top of being, well, a little weird.

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