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According to experts, single women looking for a happy, secure boyfriend should look for a man with a sister or sisters.
Pro Tip: When surprising your son or daughter at college, make sure you know their correct dorm room number.
One of the most exciting releases from Rimmel London this year has to be that of the Provocalips 16 Hour Kiss Proof Lip Colours!
The Provocalips are a 2 step lip colour with Step 1 being the application of the intense colour and Step 2 being a clear gloss to lock in the long lasting lip colour and to add shine. The doe foot applicators allows for precise application and the smooth, glossy formula of the intense colours help the product glide onto the lips easily and from there, you can apply an extra layer to build up the colour’s intensity if you wish but the formula is quite pigmented so if you apply a even first layer, there’s definitely no need for a second coat. There are currently 8 shades in the Provocalips line, ranging from nudes, pinks, fuchsias, mauves and reds.
If you’re someone like me who applies a lip balm before applying a lip colour, you can easily go for over 3 hours before needing to apply a coat of the clear gloss just to add a bit more moisture and shine to the lips. Whilst they literally do not budge at all, this can also cause a slight issue when it’s the end of the day and you need to remove your makeup as this lip colour really holds to it’s 16 hour promise.

If you’re looking for a pigmented, long lasting and budge proof lip colour then I’d highly recommend you take a look at the Rimmel London Provocalips 16 Hour Lip Colours, you wont be disappointed! The overall process of applying this product does take slightly longer than any other lip product as once the colour is applied, its best to allow the colour to dry for 60 seconds with your lips apart before adding the clear gloss to seal it however, the quality of this product makes up for the extra minute spent during application. Without Step 2 (The clear gloss), the colour alone on the lips do feel a bit tacky so the application of the ‘Lock and Shine’ clear gloss is the key to not only comfort but also the longevity of the lip colour and this clear gloss can be reapplied throughout the day to add moisture and gloss when needed.
I really like the colour range because there is quite a variety in the line up so you’re sure to find a few shades that’ll suit you perfectly. Regular makeup remover wipes and micellar waters aren’t effective at removing this lip colour so I’d suggest using an oil based makeup remover or a lip scrub to help the process along quicker.
They retail for $17.95 and are available from Priceline, Chemist Warehouse, Target, Kmart, BIG W, selected pharmacies and selected Coles and Woolworths. All the shades are beautifully pigmented and apply with no problems at all, however, I found Kiss Fatal’s formula to be slightly sheerer than the rest, though this is easily rectified with a second thin coat.Once both the steps are applied, these WILL NOT BUDGE. It’s kiss-proof, food-proof and transfer-proof, only coming off when you want it to so you can go WILD without a trace.

There is something really amazing about the formula of the Provocalips which make them comfortable to wear for hours and for the pigment not to budge. They dont transfer or bleed at all throughout the day and they are comfortable and lightweight on the lips. One of the biggest issues with long lasting lip colours is their tendency to dry out the lips but with this product, I dont really notice that at all.
Hea€™s my hero,' Agyness added.'No, but obviously, if I was like, a teacher, Ia€™d come home and be like, "This kid at schoola€¦ blah, blah, blah". I suppose you meet someone and youa€™re just likea€¦ you know,' Agyness told the March issue ofInStyle.

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