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Above is a good example of how people who are afraid of kissing kiss each other — with their genitals as far away from each other as possible, in case the slightest peck causes the slightest unexpected erection.
Lip-o-suction is a type of kiss in which the guy kisses the upper lip while the girl kisses his lower lip. There's a whole chapter on lip-o-suction in The Art of Kissing, and a whole section on it in the DVD.

This is the only logical explanation as to why he would be kneeling next to a couch where his partner is seated, but on the arm of said couch and not the traditionally accepted seating area on the cushion. A superb design to color for Mother's Day, for example, or for someone you love and who you want to send a message of love. By not joining the female on the couch (where there is plenty of room, unless she is suffering from Rose DeWitt-Bukater Disorder), he is giving her the impression that he is not that interested in sharing the space with her, and is only interested in her mouth.

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