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If you're reading this and already know what I'm talking about, please join my intense and over the top SQUEALING for a moment. At the bar, after being kicked out of a discotheque, the three spot Brooklyn Decker Holly, a beautiful girl sitting by herself. Terrified of the scratching (that by now has stopped) and in her pillow fort, Jess leaves voice mails for Sam and Cece ("I might be fine, but I also might be dead"). Nick tries to explain to Jess the incredibly fortunate position he is in, for the hot girl out in the living room is sexually aroused by misery. Cece, at the movie theater with her British-sounding date, learns the crying mess of a man next to her really wants kids.
As the game carries on, Nick and Schmidt fight over who's fatter (fat makes Holly sad): formerly fat Schmidt who has phantom jiggles, or "fat boy" Nick. A shirtless Schmidt and a shirtless Jess play Nick and Holly for the couple who gets to go behind the iron curtain and kiss with a "clear and present danger of tongue." Holly misunderstands the numbers bit, and Jess ends up forheading the same number as Nick.
Daisy and Winston keep flirting and she tells him she's not really engaged, she's single and wears the ring to bars so guys don't bother her. A dewy-eyed Schmidt and a stern looking Winston sit Nick down for a talk about that scare of his, but soon part ways to join their respective lady friends in their rooms. Fast forward a couple hours and Jess, disheveled and in a bathrobe (hint: sexy), wakes up from hearing those scratches at the door again.
Nick, in a surprise move that has been anticipated since season 1, episode 1, pulls Jess in just as she turns her back.
Superficially speaking, the characters’ social ineptitude revolved around their inability to hook up. Watching awkward social interactions is like listening to bad singing: It only works when we know, on some level, that the performers are faking it.

Of course, there is at least one answer for the agonizing pressure of human interaction: drinking games. Or rather, was delivered a coat in the mail by mistake -- a woman's trench-coat no less -- and he is feeling "hot to trot." Jess and Winston disapprove, but certainly enjoy Nick's newfound confidence. They all rush over to try their luck (Schmidt: "your friendship means nothing to me, every man for himself"), but Winston quickly realizes he still can't form words in the presence of a woman. She's attempting to reorganize her closet, prance around sans bottoms, prance around sans top, dress up as a robot and as a Kenyan runner.
Turns out she's into "sad guys" and thinks Nick looks "sadder than most." Self-deprecation, weirdly, turns her on. She calls Nick who is too busy to answer, but is forced to by Schmidt, who sees it as an opportunity to cut Nick out and win over Holly. Not a thing for first dates, but as we learned from "Eggs," Cece's clock is ticking extra fast. The two send a kiss-on-the-cheek photo as proof, which prompts a "Come on Inspector Gadget, inspect those tonsils!" from Winston. She came to check if Jess is alright and stumbled upon this awkward scenario where she has to pretend to still love Schmidt for him to get with Holly. He walks on the ledge to the living room, where the stunned group -- and a fainted Schmidt -- let him in.
Jess (still shirtless) walks in with Sam to wish Nick a good night, and Sam jokingly tells Nick he doesn't know what he missed by not kissing Jess. Not even in the presence of the woman he ends up sitting next to when he's all embarrassed, Daisy. Jess begs him to come home and though he tries to fight off her "cooling" effect, she says she needs him.

As she pulls out her phone she realizes Jess was looking for her frantically, and takes the new guy over to Jess' apartment to see if she's alright (hey, she could've called).
Schmidt takes advantage of the opportunity and tells Holly of his sad breakup story from Cece, to which Nick retorts with a "Holly! Behind the iron curtain, Jess admits to being a "cooler," thought in her opinion Nick is his own cooler 70% of the time. For reasons too ridiculous to explain, Nick could only go clubbing when wearing a women’s trench coat, and his chat-up lines all revolve around his history of terrible relationships. Once the liquor kicked in, and the crushing weight of expectations lifted, everyone relaxed and found happiness.
The dog's owner, their neighbor, is the one who ordered the coat Nick now apparently sleeps in and asks for it back. Nick thanks her, and just as they share a moment (swoon), Sam knocks on the door to find out if she's okay, having received her messages.
Nick insists on keeping the woman's coat on and keeping Jess out -- though Sam has the late shift and Cece is on a date (yeah, just realized Jess is never alone), the guys don't want her out with them, especially Nick. Nick and Schmidt, meanwhile, get into a "Nick and Schmidt" brawl over who gets to talk to the pretty girl.

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