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I have to point out that even though drawing people is hard enough, when you draw a couple kissing in a for kids style, it’s like writing the numbers 1, 2, 3. The first face you are about to draw is a side view profile which means it will consist of a single line. Instead of starting the process with drawing out the boy's face, you will draw out the bowl shape for the hairstyle and head. Now you can draw out the boy's face and you can do this easily by making a single line on each side to form the face, and when you do this, you can begin drawing out the closed eyes.

Draw in the rest of the girls hair, and after that is done, you can draw in her arm which is stretched and extended so that her hand is clutching his shoulder. I know that this lesson is going to be a big hit because I have been asked to make a tutorial like this for a while, and because of this I know it’s the right thing to do by making this for all you artists out there that are still stuck in the beginning skill stage. I chose to go with a long straight look, but you can choose to draw her a curly, short, or wavy style.
Add a trim line around the end of the short sleeve shirt, and then you can start cleaning up the drawing freeing it from mistakes.

The couple that I drew is of older children in the thirteen to fourteen ages, and as you can see I managed to keep a very sweet, innocent style with this drawing. I think most of you will find that drawing a kiss for kids was exactly the tutorial needed to give you more confidence as you tackle the artistic drawing world.

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