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Take a shower or bathe: for bathing purpose or a shower use shower gel or soap holding some special fragrance. How can girls take good care of themselvesUse a body-lotion: After having a bath, use a skin-lotion to apply everywhere so as to provide needed moisture to your skin.
How can girls take good care of themselvesAlways keep your nails in good shape: Nails are an important part of your personality so always keep them trimmed, cleanly cut and filed. Wash your face: Choose a face wash that suits your skin type and wash your face with it twice a day. Hair Removal: In case you are suffering from unwanted hair growth on your body, get rid of the same. Get sufficient sleep: A normal person should get at least 8 hours of sound sleep to saty healthy.

Change you pad in every few hours: This not only keeps you hygienic inside but also save you from the danger of leaking and smelling. How can girls take good care of themselvesWash your hands: Every time you feel washing your hands, you should wash the, Not only it prevents germs but also save your face from pimples which you tend to touch with your dirty hands sometimes. Have a positive attitude: Always have a good attitude towards other and also towards your life.
Your First KissAs awkward as it was, I cana€™t ever forget my first kiss.It was in the middle of a park and just happened, and I remember hating it in the beginning because I thought it was so awkward.What was your first kiss like?Do you remember it and talk about your memory at all?
While washing your hair, massage you scalp for a few minutes and rinse thoroughly so that soap is completed washed off from your hairs.
Walk for at least half an hour daily and also go for a night walk after having your dinner.

You can shave too but waxing and sugaring are a great way to stay hairless for a considerable longer period of time.
Try avoiding heat styling tools and even if you use them put a heat protector in your hair.

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