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How To Kiss A Boy First Time On LipsHOW TO KISS A BOY FIRST TIME ON LIPSBoy for the guy might seem intimidating, but . Comparte porfavor!06El amor es maravilloso, y trae consigo una infinidad de sentimientos, uno de ellos es la pasion y se ve reflejado en el acto de besar.
You untangle yourself from Niall’s limbs and quietly slip out of his bed and hop into his shower. You were watching some terrible reality television and laughing with a couple of beers, when suddenly Niall started staring at you. You were woken up by light touches of fingertips against your back, and you smiled to yourself remembering that last night was the best night of your existence.

You Grab your shoes and turn to leave, already hearing your boss’s complaints in the back of your head. Normally, the guy would’ve slipped out as soon as the deed was done leaving you feeling cold and empty. Sure, you two would go out on dates and mess around a little, but it didn’t go very far. He let’s out a cheer of victory and then begins planting wet kisses all over your face making you giggle.
You’d come over to spend the evening with your boyfriend, but things got heated and now here you are.

That is until that fateful day when an average night out with your friends ended in you meeting the man of your dreams. When you stood up to lead Niall to his bedroom, you’d made up your mind about what your relationship was. He made you feel dangerous, and you could use a little excitement after living a lifetime of watching life from the sidelines.

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