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We all know that boys do a lot of things that seem stupid to us and sometimes very very funny.
Shameful WalkI had been flirting with this cute guy who was the DJ for the night at a friend's party.
The first day to school might be the most important day to show off how great you can style to give first impression. In this case, we will look at the bottom wears which both ladies and gentlemen (girls and boys) can wear to school to impress others. For ladies, the basic way to style and wear skinny jeans to school is by pairing it with t-shirt or tanks in neutral colors. For boys or men, you can wear skinny jeans in old navy with either a fitted t-shirt or a shirt.
Don’t tuck-in the shirt or t-shirt, just belt the skinny jean with a belt which matches and complements your shoes. Khaki pants are just like skinny jeans only that they can be styles and dressed for a formal outfit. For a formal outfit in khaki pants to school, I would recommend wearing a white shirt or blouse.
Cargo pants look great for a casual outfit especially on weekends or on Friday when tending or beginning weekends. Boys, choose a nice pair of cargo pants in green or brown color and pair it with a matching casual shirt or t-shirt. Since its casual weekend attire to school, there is no need for you to tuck-in, just leave your shirt or t-shirt to sit over your cargo pants. It’s quite rare to find students of this dotcom generation wearing suit pants or gentle trousers to school or back to school. For ladies, choose a nice pair of suit pants in navy blue, black or any other color you are comfortable wearing and pair it with a matching shirt or blouse. For a professional outfit in suit pants or gentlemen’s trousers, you will have to choose a suit pant which matches with the jacket or blazer you are going to throw on. Ladies, if you are to wear shorts, don’t wear too short shorts which may cause your “good” to peep through underneath when you sit or bend. Throw on a jacket which will keep you warm along the day and to make the attire look more fashionable.
In case you choose to wear a sleeveless tank which you are sure will expose your undergarments, throw on a casual shirt such as a plaid shirt or flannel shirt. The color of the short and the top you are going to wear should be put into consideration as they must match to avoid color clash. You can wear Heels, pumps, flats or thongs whichever gets you ready for school and you will be good to go with your backpack at your back or shoulders.
You can choose a pencil skirt, pleated skirts or whichever type of skirt you are comfortable in and pair it with a nice top preferable a polka dot, stripped top or floral tops as they will make the getup look chic, sexy and adorable. You can wear dark sunnies, a short cute necklace and a few armlets to make the getup look more feminine. If you don’t know how to wear and style Maxi skirts, you won’t know the beauty of wearing maxi skirts to school or any event.
I used to think that maxi dresses are dressed for specific occasions such as prom, homecoming or any special occasion you might think of. Cut off shirts – You can’t wear them to school and they are completely not allowed for either young men (boys) or women (girls). Undergarments – don’t wear clothes which will expose your undergarments coz they shouldn’t be visible at any one moment.
Cropped Tops – Cropped tops which expose your belly button or navel should not be worn to school.
And the things they do when they try to impress us, the girls, are sometimes hilarious and of course, useless.
Instead of trying too hard, you should focus on being yourself, embracing your quirks, and being a fun and clever conversational partner.
That is why I was forced to share with you the basic outfits to wear to school and the different stylish ways to dress for school.
Ladies can wear skinny jeans, suit pants, shorts, dresses and skirts to school for a glamorous outfit. They are comfortable and easy to style as they require less styling skills to make the trendy look stunning.
Skinny jeans look great when paired with neutral color tops in white, cream, grey or black especially t-shirts, tanks or shirts. You may tuck-in the top and belt the skinny jean with a thin leather belt which matches with the color of your shoes. T-shirts or shirts in neutral colors will be the best choice as they will match with any color of skinny jeans paired with it. Sneakers or converse will be the perfect match with this trend but if you have loafers or driving shoes, they can as well work just like sneakers. Just like the way you would dress a gentle trousers or skinny jeans, that’s the same way you can dress khaki pants. White-black stripped tops, zebra stripped tops, polka dot tops and floral tops will all match with khaki pants. When at school, you can dress cargo pants to class on Friday or on weekends in case you do lectures on weekends.

Flannel shirts will look great and t-shirts which are a little buggy will be the best choice to wear with cargo pants to school. During our days (in the 1980’s), suit pants were the most recommended and acceptable pants for both girls and boys to wear to school. I would recommend light-blue or white shirts or blouse as they will match with most suit pants paired with them.
For a simple outfit, you will have to choose a nice pair of suit pants and wear it with a light-blue or white shirt.
Gentlemen or boys I’m sorry you can’t wear shorts to school but you can try three quarter pants on weekends or in the evening for evening classes or lectures. There are quite a variety of shorts ladies can wear to school but the most popular and favored shorts are the denim shorts as they are easy to style with no or less styling skills. Tanks or t-shirts will be the best tops to wear with your denim shorts as they will make the apparel look more attractive and stylish. Booties will make the attire super cute while converse will make it look simple but also cute. You have to tuck-in the tank underneath the shorts and leave the shirt to sit over your shorts. It’s very easy to clash the attire when styling ordinary shorts than when styling denim shorts. You can wear a skirt which is slightly above your knees, slightly below your knee or just at the knees. To look smart, tuck-in the top and wear high heel as they will add some height to your getup making you look more stylish and adorable. Quite frankly, maxi skirts are trendy and stylish, what matters is how you wear and style them up to avoid looking outdated.
Stripped tops, floral tops and polka dot tops will all look great with matching maxi skirts.
Finish the getup with a simple trendy shoulder bag which matches and complements the whole attire.
I would recommend wearing knee length dresses which are either slightly above the knee or slightly below the knees. It’s just of recent that I released that even girls can wear them to school and look great in them. These clothes will make others uncomfortable and will reduce on their concentration while in class.
And they expect us to eat the strange stuff in the plate and yes, they would also like to be complimented for their amazing cooking talent.
And if you and the guy share a common interest, then you will be even more likely to impress him. Gone are the days when I was still a student and had this question day after day about what to wear to school to impress others and how to style and makeup to look attractive, adorable and stylish.
You can dress tops such as tanks, shirts, blouses, t-shirts and peplum tops with the above bottom wears to rock a fancy and sexy outfit.
Skinny jeans are worn to school as a casual wear which you can team with casual shoes such as High heels, wedges, or boots for ladies while converse or sneakers for men will be the most appropriate footwear to pair with skinny jeans. However, plaid shirts and flannels shirts will also be a good alternative you can try out with your skinny jeans. Throw on your denim jacket to add style to the trend and just in case it gets cold you can give it to that girl you care for at school to keep her warm and comfortable. If you dress them just the way you would dress skinny jeans, that will be a casual outfit while dressing khaki pants the way you dress gentle or suit pants that will be a formal outfit.
Other tops such as white tops, black tops, cream or grey will also match with khaki pants and make you look great when styled appropriately. Wear light and neutral makeup and accessorize with few cute bracelets (necklace, earrings and watch will be enough). Choose a nice pair of khaki pants and wear it with a nice fitted t-shirt or casual shirt (plaid shirts or flannels shirts). When dress appropriately and paired with matching outfits, suits pants will look spectacular on you. Throw on a suit vest followed by its jacket to make the apparel look stunning and adorable.
Belt the trouser with a medium size belt which matches with the color of your shoes and tuck-in the shirt to make the getup look more appearing. White or light-blue shirts will look great with any color of the suit pants paired with them.
If you are to choose a sleeveless tank, opt for one which won’t expose your undergarments such as your bra and other related garments. Grey, white, or cream tanks will be the best choice as they will definitely match with the color of the denim shorts and shirt paired with them.
There are many factors to consider when wearing a maxi skirt which I fully described in the previous article about what to wear with long or maxi skirts checkout the link for details.
Since this is more of a comfortable casual outfit, tuck-in the top to look neat and belt the skirt to show off your waistline.
Personally I like wearing maxi skirts and I used to wear them to school in the 1980’s. All you need is to choose a dress which fits you perfectly and that you are sure will complement your body shape.

Short dresses might expose your undergarments and “goods” making other students and teachers uncomfortable.
The styling is the same what differs is the makeup and accessories you apply to your attire when going to school. Some ladies dress poorly or indecently and go ahead sit in front to confuse and distract the teacher lecturing them. So they try to transform themselves into culturists thinking that will make all the girls around fall in love instantly.
Just make sure that the color of your skinny jean matches with that of the shirt you are planning to wear with it.
Finish the attire with a backpack big enough to carry all your scholastic materials and you will be good to go rock trendy outfit in skinny jeans to school. Since this is a casual outfit, there is no need for you to tuck-in the top or belt your khaki pants, just leave the top to sit over your pant. Nude pumps will definitely match and complement the attire plus the tone of your skin thus I would recommend wearing them with this attire. Wear oxford shoes or any other gentle or work shoes to make the attire look great and trendy on you. Keep your accessories and make up to the minimum and finish off with a medium size shoulder bag which will complement the whole attire and get you ready to go rock a stylish and adorable attire in denim shorts to school. Pair the attire with sneakers or converse in black and white to match with the whole getup. The top can be a t-shirt, blouse or tank whichever you feel comfortable wearing on that day.
You can wear your favorite skirt with a matching top to rock a chic, sexy and trendy outfit to school. Flats will be the most comfortable footwear to pair with this attire as they will make your feet comfortable throughout the day. My favorite attire was a black maxi skirt paired with a polka dot blouse.  What’s your favorite outfit with maxi skirts?
The length and color of the dress should also be put into consideration.  Dull colors and neutral colors such as white, black, cream or blue dresses look romantic and will look great on almost every lady irrespective of the tone of your skin. Choose a color and size which you’re sure will flatter your body size and shape for perfect, cute and sexy apparel. Makeup should be minimal and in neutral colors and the accessories should as well be minimal and of dull or neutral colors. Please first look in the mirror and see whether you won’t be a disgrace to yourself before going to school. In this article, we have featured the 10 best outfits you can wear to school to impress that guy tomorrow. Throw on a jacket, cardigan or coat whichever gets you going and complements the attire.  Simple accessories and jewelry will be a good complement to the getup and will get you ready to go with simple and neutral makeup.
A simple school back will be good to let you go rock a fancy and spectacular attire in Khaki pants to school. Loafers, driving shoes or sneakers any can work and will look great when paired with this attire. You can wear nude pumps in case you aren’t sure of the color of your heels which will match with the attire. Finish the attire with black or brown oxford shoes depending on the color of the belt you wore on your suit pants and you will be good to go. Remember the length of your denim short must pass your fingers tips when your arms are at your sides.
If you have tanks in grey or cream, you can as well wear them with your khaki shorts for trendy and stylish attire to school.
In this case, we will consider two most recommended types of skirts which you can wear to school. However, personally I like wearing polka dot and floral dresses coz they look great on me and complement the tone of my skin. You can dress it up with high heels, flats or booties depending on the look and style you want to create. Finish the attire with a medium size handbag big enough to carry all your makeup while at school and whatever you need for class. Nude pumps look just like our skins which will definitely complement the tone of your skin and match with almost anything paired with them.
Wear a few accessories and finish off with a matching backpack or handbag and you will be good to go to school to rock a trendy outfit at school in your favorite dress. Finish off with a medium size shoulder bag and you will be good to go rock fancy attire in khaki shorts to school.
Also you should remember to makeup with light and neutral make to draw attention away from your makeup to your attire. Finish up the getup with your favorite simple handbag or shoulder bag and you will be good to go. The classic knit pattern, contrasting navy stripe detail and thick crew neckline make this a wardrobe must-have.

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