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Just wanted to say a big thank you to Match for including my humble little blog in their recent list of established dating blogs.
I then started posting some of my dating disaster stories, in the hope that it might help other people avoid some of the pitfalls I’d fallen into. The blog got pretty popular, and even led to me appearing as a date on Gok’s Style Secrets on Channel 4 in January last year. Anyway, here’s a selection of some of my favourite bits from the blog over the last few years.
In the days when Tinder was populated by creative types rather than cockshots, its early adopters were an eclectic, engaged and interesting bunch and on a business trip to Seattle I matched with Marty. After a week of increasingly obscure cultural references and bad puns it became clear we had similar interests, senses of humour and were both wistful for romance.
The next weekend at 9pm my time and midday for Matty we both booted up and sat down at our respective kitchen tables for our date.
Much like any first date there were nerves but within seconds of being online, big grins all round and a couple gags later - I knew if nothing else the evening was going to be funny.
I turned Matty to the bedroom wall as I climbed into my pyjamas while he tucked up on the sofa with a blanket before placing him on the bedside table.
Are you looking for a chance to impress your girl but unluckily could not find a perfect one? Now day’s young boys look irritating because they don’t know something innovative that make their personality adorable. I was thinking about all the stories, poems, mixtapes, videos and pictures I’d made for women over the years, and was thinking it was a bit sad that so little of it had ever been seen by the outside world. There will be thrills, spills, and probably the odd trip to A&E along the way, so it should be quite entertaining to read.
A triathlete I met him via My Single Friend at a sporty phase in my life and we were naturally competitive with each other so when he suggested swimming across one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world, through shark infested waters this seemed like the perfect opportunity to impress him.
I like cooking and Matty likes food so I’d sent a list of ingredients for a dinner that, were we not over 5,000 miles apart I would have cooked him. Passing on the news that I was no longer single to Marty was harder than I’d anticipated. So my good friend Poppy sent me over some great pieces - so many in fact that I thought I’d let her guest edit the blog for a week.
You want her to think of you as a sexual object from the get go, and nothing gets the ladies wetter than 007. Congratulations, you have now 'zone-hopped’ and you can be sure she will never see you as a friend ever again. You don’t need to worry more as today we will talk on Men fashion tips 2014: How to impress your girl. Definitely, every boy wants to get appreciation from his girl for his appearance but did you ever think that what girls like?
So I started doing a bit of digging, and I realised that I had a vast amount of material, which probably speaks volumes as to how successful any of it was. Its influence and impact on relationships and single women around the globe has been far reaching. After a year of training our relationship became increasingly fractious and on the morning of the swim, following a domestic about a thermos flask, we were hardly talking and I was in a terrible state.
A couple rounds later we were peckish and our date moved from a standard Skype chat with a drink to cookery show.
At some point we must have both past out and I woke hours later to see him sleeping on the screen next to me. But if you want her eating out of your trousers (eh, eh?), there’s still work to be done. Therefore, make habit of using Men fashion accessories in your routine as wear elegant and classy rings but make sure to wear it in middle figure.

I’d had food poisoning so was sick every 20 minutes for the first four hours we swam, was terrified of the sharks and petrified of swimming through Atlantic waters in the dark on my own as he sped off with the support boat.
Now this might sound a little kooky but even in hindsight I see nothing odd about the set up, simple problem simple solution.
As I talked Marty through dinner prep step by step, we mused on past relationships, dating disasters and Tinder experiences.
In case this is too subtle (and for extra insurance), I also recommend that you hang your little fella out of your zipper with a red ribbon tied around it.
You should now start weeping uncontrollably for 5-10 minutes, as women like men who are in touch with their emotions. Once she has affirmed her commitment, order her to return to her home and await further instructions. I’ve online dated, speed dated, app dated, blind dated, double dated and having had a great deal of fun and success with Tinder I recently installed 3ndr, (the threesome app) with a view to doubling my chances of meeting Mr Right.
After pudding we switched to Facetime so Marty could take me to the shops and grab a packet of smokes. Before she has time to react, jump up, fling the flowers to the ground and go in for a kiss. Whisk her to the hotel, and check in, being sure to make her pay for at least half the cost of the room. You should just have time to paint your face in the style of a kabuki warrior before she returns.
In this competitive era, you can only appear admiring if you are good in choosing your Men fashion outfits and other Men fashion accessories. Therefore, when you wearing dress shirts go for denim and khakis but always wear jeans with simple dark t-shirts. Boys can use ray ban sunglasses for trendy appearance as it offer smarter look in simplest way. Fuelled by gin and powered by a superior upload connection, walking through the Seattle suburbs Marty kicking his way through leaves we chatted and laughed before sitting on the steps of his first floor condo, smoking like teenagers. When she does come back through that door with your microwave fresh Quarter Pounder, you’ll be wanting to pound her quarters (AM I RIGHT? Therefore, if you want to impress your girl then try to look little modish but in simplest way. Always remember the difference that dark colors look great in t-shirts and bright colors in dress shirts.
Wristwatch is another complimentary accessory for you and girls admire boys wearing elegant and trendy branded wristwatches. Fashion for men has now become a statement that every boy should follow to appear confident and attractive among others. We also won an award in the 2013 Cosmo Blog Awards!Anyway, here’s a selection of some of my favourite bits from the blog over the last few years. If you’ve followed all the steps up to this point correctly, they should be slightly quivering. Boys wearing gold watches look older and definitely, your girl want to look good beside you so keep all these fashion tips in mind.
But be still, because first you must perform the ancient shadow dance, a ritual that involves telling an erotic story, using only the silhouette of your penis behind a white sheet.
On the day itself I was a bit of a nervous wreck at work, fumbling phone calls, calling people by the wrong names, knocking over mugs of tea, the works. Once this has been completed, you must instruct the lady to remove her clothing and wait for you to insert your penis. I ran back to my desk, grabbed a pair of serrated office scissors, and legged it back into a cubicle in the gents.
I was like a hot Alan Titchmarsh, hacking through my overgrown man garden as if I didn’t have a care in the world.

I started to think about what her first name would sound like against my surname, and began to think about what our kids would look like. I started to think about OH FUCK!Suddenly, searing pain had shot though my body, and and I looked down to see the scissors shearing through my testicular sac.
I stood there, holding the scissors in my shaking hand and wondering what the fuck I should do next. In the end, I cleared up the hair as best I could, and waddled back to my desk in great agony, gently replacing the scissors in the desk tidy. Everytime she touched her neck or revealed some cleavage, my groin would pulse painfully, and I’d have to turn away to risk further injury and pain. One thing’s not up for debate though - on this particular dating disaster, it was I that had dropped the ball. The one where I went on televisionSo a few years ago, I spotted a girl on a dating site that I quite liked the look of.
Well every man has his price, and it turned out mine was an all expenses paid trip to Venice. The twist was, at the end, instead of doing a naked catwalk, she went on a date with a nice young man. We weren’t allowed to meet beforehand, so that our initial impressions of each other were captured on film.
So when we actually met in the garden of a stately home just outside of Venice, there was a tremendous amount of pressure. The bright camera lights were shining in our faces, the food in front of us was stone cold, and every time we tried to talk about something we were actually interested in, they stopped us, saying it wouldn’t make good television.
We were all staying in separate hotels, so that evening I wandered the canal ways of Venice alone. The one where I accidentally made a serial killer videoSo this one was sort of born out of an innocent bit of over enthusiasm. You see, I’d been seeing this girl Cat for just a few months, since an office Christmas Party kissing incident gone terribly right. As the dreaded Feb 14th date rolled around, I’d decided that I wanted to do something special for her. Now anyone who knows me knows how much I love making grand romantic gestures, and this was to be one of the grandest. Now this was back in 2007, before Facebook was anything like as ubiquitous as it is now, and it was mainly full of students.
But I friended her, then started looking through her pictures – and that was when I had THE IDEA. And so, on Valentines Day, after cooking her a wonderful meal, I sat Cat down on the sofa, and pressed play on the DVD player. You see, in my haste to make something delightful, I hadn’t really thought it through. We hadn’t been dating that long, and so my idea was to create a video of fake memories together, by photoshopping myself into some of her most treasured Facebook memories.
What I hadn’t considered was that I might actually be ruining those memories for her forever. Still, you can see the video for yourself, and decide how far down the Ted Bundy scale this one goes.
And so now, with a new Valentine’s Day dawning, I find myself once more single and looking for a date.

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