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Don’t fight your curls or wavy hair, because believe it or not there are myriad of hairstyles that are only possible on this type of hair. However, it is necessary to opt for short curly haircuts that go well with your face shape and the natural texture of your hair. Be it curl or wavy hair texture, pixie haircut is the first style that comes to you mind when talking about short hairstyles. If you want to have a more panache hairstyle on your short curls, you can curly side swept bangs. I have naturally wavy hair, and while I love the texture, I also hate the annoyances that come along with it. Throughout high school and most of college, I put a lot of effort into making my natural waves and curls straight and smooth. Still if you have long hair and lack creativity, here we present some great hair styling ideas for long hair for you to break the monotonous look you have. If you want to look more natural and amaze everybody with the concept that not every glamorous look is achieved through long trials, follow this tip. If your hair has tendency to become curly or get natural waves, this method will work ideally for you. On the other hand, if you have straight hair and want to keep it the way it is, the task is even easier.
Unfortunately, those with short hair are unable to have these cute braids, whereas, those with long hair have the privilege over them. Not only an evening dress can make you look elegant, but also a right hairstyle will add its impact on the overall look. Last but not least, you can use various hair styling products and tools to create an even more complicated look. Get The Latest Trend Reports And News To Your Inbox For Free!We'll send you only the hottest stuff. Having short curly hair is quite an amazing thing because you are free from the trouble of maintaining your hairstyle in every 5mins. To give you a quick start, here are some trendy curly hairstyles that will bring life to your short curls in a matter of seconds. It is not only the most common yet the most popular celebrities hairstyles like Halle Berry, Rihanna, etc. The different layers of your short curls bring out the innate beauty of your hairstyle and the heavy side-swept bangs give you “oh-la-la” affect. Nevertheless, those having straight hair should use hairsprays at the end to achieve the desired result.
Just let your hair dry naturally and go out of your house, as if you have just gone out of a styling salon. They can try any types of braids: two braids at each side of your hair (dividing the hair in the middle), a mini crown braid, a full crown a little above your forehead, or a single and sometimes even several braids mixing with the rest of your hair.

They look chic, sexy and polished and can work both for special occasions and everyday wear. When you are away on vacation and are looking for some adventures, when you are open to new acquaintances and flirts, waves and curls will come to your rescue. Simply apply several rollers on the tips of your head, wait for some time and take them away. Ponytails always look chic and sexy and can look amazing for any occasion, be it a day out, a cool party or a day at the office. When she's not busy examining the latest fashion trends and news, she's exploring a new style for herself or is pursuing new adventures and dreams. But just as you take care of your strands, it is just as important to take care of hair when its colored.
If you opt color your hair at home, pick a treatment that’s ammonia and sulfate-free. To do this, use a color protecting shampoo like Kiehl’s Sunflower Color Preserving Shampoo. Just put on a little makeup, tease your hair a little bit and there you go, completely ready for a kitty party or any other special occasion. In fact, you could find some individuals who spend a great deal of money in hair salons to get a curly or wavy hairstyle.
It is the most desirable hairstyle that gives you the modernity and sophistication that people with short hair usually desire. Well, you too can have a bob cut on your short curls and don’t worry because it’ll definitely look great on you.
But as the years went on, my hair got more wavy, more frizzy, and more difficult to handle.
Meanwhile, if I let my hair dry naturally, it would result in a mix of waves, random curls, and lots of frizz. Embracing my natural texture has not only made my hair healthier, but it has also cut my morning routine in half and made my life a whole lot easier. Smooth, shiny hair is timeless and there are lots of girls with curly hair, who sweat out to get the effect you naturally have. Especially when your dress has a wide decollete messy, curly or straight hair will spoil your look. If you want the curls to look thicker, then with the help of your fingers divide the curls into small sections. Besides, almost any guy loves ponytails, so be sure that your boyfriend will definitely appreciate your effortless look. Or try to create some complicated updos and don’t forget to apply some hair spray to guarantee their ideal look throughout the day.
Pureology Hydrate Hydra Whip contains peppermint, sage, avocado and mango butters to restore moisture and suppleness while keeping hair color from fading.

Sulfate free, the shampoo contains sunflower seed oil and B3, B5, and B6 vitamins to protect color while adding shine.
Curls empower you to try different stylists that are easy to wear and look classic like a retro or vintage hairstyle, curl bob haircut, curl asymmetrical style, etc. Also, you can try out different types of pixie cuts on your short curly hair like graduated pixie haircut, spiked pixie haircut, etc.
In this hairstyle, the majority of your hair sits at the side of your head and increases your beauty with natural side-swept bangs. The mere mention of rain makes my hair instantly frizzy, and humidity creates fast curls (actually, sometimes it looks cute). If you are going to spend an evening dancing on the beach or walking on the beach accompanied by light breezes from the sea, use some hairspray, not to let your hair straighten quickly, because of the humidity. With the help of hairdryers, hair irons and other tools, you can bring all your hair fantasies into reality.
Make sure you keep hair moisturized and protected– it’s essential for long lasting, vibrant color! However, you may still need to add a little tweak of you own to match it perfectly with your frame and features. I bought flat irons, anti-frizz serum, and any other beauty product that promised straighter strands.
You can think of different things, ranging from braids and top knots to low or high buns, simply having lots of waves either from the top to tails or loose ones, at the end of the hair only.
If your hair falls shoulder length or longer, buy two boxes to make sure you have enough to color your strands! You can trick by making soft and sexy curls, creating the impression as if you have just got out of the bathroom without even combing or spending a minute on your hair and convincing everybody that your natural hair is exactly that like.
If the profile of the evening is not that formal you can trick with a topknot, by letting some parts of your hair fall down, creating a slightly messy look. Follow these tips, spice things up with your own ideas, use all your efforts and you are the winner! I got a few different keratin treatments in college, and for a few months, enjoyed effortlessly straight hair. Or if the occasion is one of those that you should be more than elegant, a tight top knot or a low bun should be chosen.
Take some part of the hair ends, let them fall on your palm and start scrunching it and pushing the hair upward.

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