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Up till now I’ve been showing you how to get your affiliate marketing business set up the right way.
When you’re looking at how to get website traffic, banner advertising is a great way to get targeted website traffic.
Keep it simple and avoid animation.(or limit the animation to an arrow or button that blinks every few seconds. Split test your banner ad designs with different background images and different compelling phrases (Revisit step 4 on the “hook”). Think of it this way, direct buy has the least liability for losing money and network buy has the most liability for losing money.
You must approach paid advertising with the idea that you will start small then scale big as your profits and experience increase. With so many options to choose from for buying banner ad space I’m only going to focus on one.
The key to getting targeted traffic with banner advertising is selecting a website from the list that is most likely to have visitors interested in what you’re promoting. As a savvy internet marketer you’ll use strategy in your banner advertising with ads that speak to the core desire of your target market, focus on a banner design to get a click, outsource banner ad creation when needed, start small with your advertising budget, split test your banners, remove the losers and keep the winners. For centuries women have been taught to put marriage on the top of their  priority list. Every experience in life, including both working and having relationships, will give you valuable opportunities to get to know yourself better and grow exponentially as an individual. When you put time and effort into your work, you can be sure of its tangible outcomes and rewards that will benefit you and your standard  of life. Focusing on your career will allow you to be financially independent sooner or later, which is utterly  important.
At this stage, you haven’t yet known who you are and what you really want to do with your life. Also, you don’t want to  resent your relationship or partner later because you have chosen them over your career and now you are left with millions of what-ifs.
Your views, your outlooks, your goals will not be the same as they were and probably not as your partner’s.
On the other hand, if  you choose to focus on your career, after a few years into your mid and late 20s, you will become more independent and sure of who you are, what you want in life and where you are going to be in 5 or 10 years. However, if you spend your 20s prioritizing your career advancement, you will have much better prospects and more  variety of choices later. All that being said, I don’t suggest avoiding relationships in your early 20s, or at any age for that matter.
After all, this list is simply a way of reasoning to help you make the right choices for yourself when you’re faced with two difficult options. Don't miss out on exclusive articles, interviews & members only events.Join us if you believe that Women and Girls should be treated with respect. Highly RecommendedI'm a Premium member in the Wealthy Affiliate Community and highly recommend it to anyone looking to build great wealth-building websites and a presence online.

Website Wealth Guide is ultimately my own personal guide to building wealth-generating websites and online marketing engagement.
Now that you’ve gotten the right business foundation, its time to open up the flood gates and learn how to get website traffic! Lead stuffing is using a computer program to automatically fill out the web form on your landing page with a fake email address.
This is not to scare you into thinking you can’t do this, its only to tell you how you should start as a beginner.
This internet business tutorial is designed to get you non-typical results reserved only for Super Affiliates.
You’ll learn from one of the highest paid marketers on exactly how to accelerate your income growth.
However, in this new millennial age, women everywhere are starting to set aside the housewife lifestyle and pursue a career in a field they love. Plus, it helps you develop your skills, your confidence, your portfolio and these things are there for life.
Especially for housewives, after so many years of unemployment, their chance of getting back to the workforce is incredibly low. It has trade-off on other aspects of your life, especially your independence and self-exploration. Essentially, if you’re not happy with who you are and the lifestyle you lead, your relationship, or any aspect of your life, will not work. Thus, relationships formed around this time are prone to failing as two people naturally want different things and grow apart. It would be a much better time to build a relationship and the relationship is also much more likely to be meaningful and long-lasting as two people are at  the right time and place. Early 20s is essential for establishing yourself professionally whereas relationships could be formed at any time, if not more long-term potential  in your late 20s or 30s.
Also, an early start is  important in terms of building your network and expertise in your field.
Get access to exclusive events not available on this website!Free updates and sneak peaks of our latest content! WA's website marketing training modules are second to none and will guide you through an easy step-by-step process. I review books, share videos, and write blogs about my own experiences working directly with local businesses and others.
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I have first hand experience with these types of deceitful business practices when buying traffic and I don’t want you to get burned.
Where your traffic is coming from and what they see before they get to your landing page are extremely important factors. When you are in your early 20's, finishing up college and starting your career, relationships can be a huge distraction.

Also, young people tend not to think about settling down any time soon, making it hard to navigate long-term relationships.
And having access to its very active member community with its mentor support and networking opportunities is priceless.
With that being said there are plenty of other ways to get quality targeted traffic to your landing page. For example, when buying from a traffic seller, you don’t know exactly where the clicks are coming from or what marketing message that person sees before they get to your landing page. With this service you can select which websites (just one or many sites) in their network you want your ad to display on. However, there are many places to buy banner ad space(also called media buying) and the principles I’m sharing here will also apply anywhere you are advertising with banners. It forms for you  a foundation on which you can prepare yourself for life changing events. And when this happens, surely you have some great lessons to learn but there is no real legacy left from  it except for emotional damage. I’ll focus on one effective method that is relatively simple and can be very low cost. You can select from different ad placements on their webpage based on number of impressions per month.
You may be surprised to discover that there are computer programs that can generate a fake click. I’ll give you some tips for an effective banner ad and then go into how to find the websites to place your banner ad.
I’m not saying all traffic sellers are doing this, but too many of them are so its super important you know about it. This also allows you to select the least expensive placement option to start so your ad costs stay low. The person coming to your website or landing page must know exactly what they will see before they get there.
The ad usually runs for 30 days and you are paying on a cost per 1000 impressions basis or CPM. The price displayed will either be for the amount you pay as CPM or the price for the number of impressions you want for the entire 30 day period your ad will run. Keeping control over what people see before they get to your landing page or website is critical to achieving great optin rates and front end sales conversion rates.

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