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Ask rogelio - grow long curly hair as a male - the, One of our readers asks how to grow his curly hair long as a male and rogelio gives him the pros and cons to growing a curly mane long as well as his experience..
I am prone to hyperpigmentation and i can definitely attest to the honey and lemon juice working quick and effectively. I have dry, non-acne-prone skin and I do not wear much make-up (natural mascara, natural eyebrow pencil, natural liquid eyeliner, natural lip gloss). Just found your site via Live Curly, Live Free does your information work on white skin too? I'm still fighting off chicken pox scars from high school, hello hone and rhassoul clay.

One of the most effective things you can do to reduce hyperpigmentation is to wear sunblock. Upon switching to natural skincare products my hyperpigmentation has faded a bit and my skin looks better than ever.
In terms of shea butter - especially on the face I opt for the East African type over the West African. Hyperpigmentation can be created very quickly and then take what seems like forever to get rid of. Chemical peels can be extremely effective but you must wear sunblock because the skin is much more sensitive.

Rosehips Seed Oil Rosehips seed oil has become more popular for its use in anti-aging products.

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