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You are also welcome to join my special friends list and receive exclusive updates (like this), tips, trivia and stories from lovers of Jamaica! I'll Gift You A FREE COPY of my eBook, 101 Intriguing Facts About Jamaica - just for subscribing! Great Time at Great Huts, Portland May 16, 16 04:42 PMLast August, my family and I decided to escape the heat and congestion of Kingston, where we live. I tend to go in to a state of denial this time of year thinking I’ve got loads of time to get things sorted, when I clearly haven’t.
In the lead up to Christmas, I tend not to eat anything too festive as I like to build it up for the big day.
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Year on year I’m almost always frantically running around buying presents at the very last minute or deciding where to actually spend it (I’m still not sure, but it’ll most likely be at my nan’s in Bristol). Chicken for me is not ‘Christmas’ perfectly cooked though it was (thought I’d get that in there in case my uncle’s mrs reads this).
What I do fancy eating, especially in these cold wintery spells are robust, earthy stews and this oxtail and butterbean recipe fits the bill.
Add garlic, Worcestershire sauce and all-purpose seasoning to the oxtails and leave overnight in fridge.
Yet I went to my mom’s last week sometime and she was cooking Oxtail and I have to tell you I sucked the marrow out of the bone hahahaha.
I’ve amended the steps slightly to say “add all other ingredients (apart from the butter beans) and whack up the heat” as the beans can mash out if added too early, on the other hand though it will help thicken the sauce.

I do like to get my festive on and love the social aspect of catching up with friends and family around this time, as it’s that extra bit special and the food (which should go without saying)! It is best to do these in batches so as not to crowd the pan otherwise the meat will start stewing too early. I invite our fans who are regular here to share their feedback so watch the comments below.Thanks!

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