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I remember sitting in the chapel of the Newman Center at the University of Chapel Hill with many other couples during a Pre-Cana conference prior to our own wedding, listening to the priest talk about the importance of our forthcoming unions. Catholics marrying non-Catholics can get a special dispensation allowing marriage someplace other than a Catholic church. The sites Catholic Education Resource Center and Catholic Answers , as well as many others, approach the subject with articles and online forums.

I’ve tried on my bridesmaid dress, jotted down the date of her New York City bachelorette party and also, intrigued, watched her struggle as she strives to book a priest. And, like my husband — her brother — and I did when we got married in 2005, she and her fiance are trying to make this a Catholic affair. I turned to the wisdom of the internet to help me sort this out, and found many reasons, both casual and, seemingly, from on high.

The answer, as I’ve interpreted it, mostly concerns the fact that the church is the true “house of God,” and marriage, being a sacrament, should be celebrated there.

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