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Bethesda has added many new feature in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, one of them is the ability to marry someone or whoever player meet in the game, no matter whether it's Khajit, a Nord, a male or a female. We would like to present to you a complete guide on how to get married in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Take A Trip To Riften The very first thing you need to do is go to the city of Riften, located in the southeastern part of Skyrim. Buy an Amulet of Mara During your chat with Maramal, he’ll explain how marriage works in Skyrim.
Start Flirting There are a lot of fish in the sea, so to speak, when it comes to potential marriage partners in Skyrim.
Head Back To Riften Once you and your true love agree to get married, you need to travel back to Riften and speak with Maramal.
Finally got it to work and had a nice marriage until Vorstag took a bandit arrow to the knee, chest, leg and neck!

More in Featured SkyrimThree Things That Would Have Made Skyrim Even BetterBefore I begin, I want to state that I'm a huge Skyrim fan. I’d found an Amulet of Mara in a treasure chest in one of my adventures and kept trying to marry Vorstag. As it just so happens, Maramal will sell you an Amulet of Mara for 200 gold (convenient, huh?). Several marriage candidates are also housecarls or Hirelings (see our previous article Help Wanted: Finding the Best Hirelings in Skyrim). Click here for a complete list of Skyrim marriage candidates and their location in the game, or scroll to the bottom of this article and get to work! You can’t have a bachelor or bachelorette party per se, but you can toss back a few bottles of mead or ale at the Bee and Barb. Like the Amulet of Mara, The Bond of Matrimony ring allows you to cast Restoration spells for 10% less.

Join the Skyrim Fansite if you haven’t already done so, and let your opinions be heard in the Speak Your Mind Section below. He's currently on his third playthrough of Skyrim, and is playing as a Templar in The Elder Scrolls Online. Only later did I realize that I had to speak to the priest FIRST before the marriage dialog options would appear. The amulet not only lets potential marriage partners know that you’re single and on the prowl, but also allows Restoration spells to be cast at 10% less. No matter how you decide to celebrate your last hours being single, just make sure you return to the Temple of Mara any time between dawn and dusk the next day.

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