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And the worst part is that a shy guy may like you a lot, and still not do anything about it even if you make the first move.
Firstly, if you’re not sure about his feelings for you, you need to make sure he really likes you. A shy guy may feel confident enough to sneak glances at you now and then, but he may be too timid to actually ask you out, or even initiate a conversation with you. You need to remember that most shy guys are bold from afar, but they’d behave like a frightened cat when you’re standing right next to them.
When you try to get a shy guy’s attention, you need to remember that there are two kinds of shy guys. You can use these steps to get a shy guy talking in no time, but if you’re trying to win the attention of the first kind of shy guy, be patient and give him more time to warm up to you. Sometimes the shy guy may say that he doesn’t like you, even if he actually does like you a lot. Most shy guys would rather let their crush fade away over time *months or even years!* than risk the chance of being rejected by a girl! So now that you know just how tough it can be to get a shy guy to open up to you and start dating you, are you still eager to date him? If you want to give him the courage to approach you, appear friendly, warm and approachable, especially when he’s around. When his friends start to believe that you’re a great girl, they’ll see you as a great dating potential too. When you’re introduced to him, talk to him for a few minutes, and when things start to feel awkward because he has nothing to say, smile warmly at him, tell him you’d like to talk to him again sometime, and walk away.
And once the texting feels more comfortable, you could even start calling him over the phone. You have the biggest crush on this guy but you don't faintest idea about any flirting rules that would actually enable to flirt with him. Give us your juiciest, wildest, weirdest and embarrassingest (it’s a word) hook up stories! Rebbeca Martinson, the University of Maryland student who gained web notoriety after her insane sorority e-mail went viral, now has an advice column.
In her first effort, Rebecca Martinson offers some advice to female readers about how to get a guy you meet at the bar to text you the following day. Stars Rebecca Martinson Rebecca Martinson Advice Column: How Do You Get a Guy to Text You the Next Day? When you talk to him, discuss things that would bring out your sense of humour and make him laugh. Making eye contact is very important when you wish to initiate a conversation with a stranger.

Getting a guy’s attention is not a difficult thing but there are some guys who are harder to please. Use these 12 tips on how to get a shy guy to like you and get him to ask you out in no time!
He may believe he’s not good enough for you, or he may assume he won’t be able to carry a conversation with you.
If you are, use these 12 steps patiently to get a shy guy to ask you out, and everything will work in your favor very soon!
The way you behave around your friends and other people plays a big part in the way the shy guy sees you.
As shy as a guy may be, she still wants to appear like he’s in control of the situation *which is why most shy guys avoid talking to girls because they’re afraid of losing control*. Ask a friend to tease you while pointing towards the shy guy, while you pretend like you’re really embarrassed about it. And as soon as the shy guy’s friends notice you glancing at him, they’d start goading him to approach you or ask you out. Once you do get introduced to him through a common friend *which is usually the only way to meet a shy guy!* don’t try too hard to get to know him fast. If you look too sturdy, you're going to intimidate him--but if you appear frail, he'll want to play prince to your damsel in distress (and starvation). Plant the seed in his mind: Rock a wedding dress to the party or dance so he knows just what you want.
You already know if that if a dude is dumb enough not to notice you, you're too good for him anyway. If there's anyone who knows how to administer tough love or lay the smack down on BroBible readers when needed, it's R-Mart. And begins with the observation that "to most drunk guys a wet hole is a wet hole." Becks always cuts to the chase.
To most drunk guys a wet hole is a wet hole, and with each cranberry vodka you slurp down you're both less likely to remember what either of you talked about. If you are interested in someone like that, you must be patient and try different ways to get him notice you. Displaying your shy side will make him feel more comfortable with the idea of talking to you. And secondly, the kind that’s comfortable enough to talk to you, but is too shy to ask you out.
So even if you do ask him out, his fear may force him to say that he doesn’t like you as a defense mechanism. So if you want to make him feel good about himself and fall for you at the same time, make him believe he’s the one in control of the flirty games.

They see how awesome you are, and they’ll turn into your evangelists and convince the shy guy that you’re a great catch! Is it mentioned anywhere in there that he's out trying to find a girl with a lovely personality and who cooks like Paula Deen on a crack binge while simultaneously being Jenna Jameson in the sack? Making a guy fall for you takes time and you could initiate things by getting noticed by him. A light hearted conversation with a stranger is always welcome as it helps in breaking he ice between two people and get them interested in the conversation. Talk about your life, friends, family and share every vital detail about your life that he would want to know. You could indulge in sports or any other activity that would suggest you are a chilled out girl and get along well with guys. Wearing a lot of low-cut shirts, short skirts or really tight pants will absolutely make every guy notice you.
Foundation and bronzer will make your skin look better and pretty eye makeup will make you look awesome.
In such a case, the girl should try to get the guy to notice her without letting him know that she is interested in him. If he laughs along with you or smiles at what you say, it means he likes you and enjoys your company.
While it is important to look at a person for some time, you must not look at him for a very long time.
Put aside your own interests for a little while and focus on what he likes - but totally act like it's what you've always liked. There are several ways in which you can get a guy notice you but you need to be patient as it could take some time. You should go about it stealthily without giving him a hint of the fact that you are interested in him. Put on your best attire and groom yourself properly before you go out to a place where you expect to meet him. Second, if he sees you with other guys, he will realise that you have no dearth of men in your life and he is not the only male presence in your life. Instead, look for the chance to display your talent in a specific situation which requires you to do so.

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