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So, you have noticed a strikingly, handsome guy around you and want him to notice you back. Girls often end up in trouble, when they do something just to become the center of attraction.
Make interesting conversations with the guy and when talking, always smile and establish eye contact with him. If you want a guy to be interested in you, then you have to be mysterious so that he would keep guessing and pay more attention to you. Don’t let the guy know how desperate you are by following him around as this would only make him lose interest in you.
Lets just say you wanted to really catch the attention of a man that you like whose in his late 30's. I'm in in love with 3 Jacques----Jacques Guerlain, Jacques Polge, and Jacques Cavallier. If you are one among them, check out the article to know the best ways to get his attention.

However, you would not want to land yourself in trouble by trying out the weird things to get noticed, isn't it?
You should remember that the golden rule that guys do not like the girls, who try to pretend something that they are not. However, you should not hang around him always, as this will project you as an annoying bug, which is always around and never goes away. Smiling is an effective way of making the guy notice you and get interested and get him involved in the conversation. Getting a guy’s attention is not a difficult task if you follow these above mentioned tips. Too much fawning and they are put off - trust me  I would go with something subtle and light. Discuss topics that make sense for the both of you and avoid giggling, batting eyelashes or twirling the hair as it will definitely drive him away.
You don’t have to copy him in anyway, but, you can let him know if you have the same interests as him.

At the same time, it should not be too obvious for him to guess easily that, you are trying to turn heads. Your aim is to cover the blemishes and dark circles and to define your eyes, lips and cheekbones. Remember, if he’s not talking to you at that point of time, do not flirt outrageously as it could be very awkward for him.
If such is your state, we are here to help you with some tips on how to get guys attention. The idea is to communicate that you are a confident person, who enjoys life to the fullest.

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