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Emo and scene make up requires a pale foundation – do not use a white foundation though. Never , ever use a bronzer or a blusher when creating the classic emo or scene look – nothing has to complete with the eyes and the use of a blusher will only make this make up look disastrous and over done.
Pale or nude coloured lips are so in right now so cover your lips with foundation too and then paint over with either a sheer gloss or the preferred method is to use a chapstick.
There are lots of ways to achieve a scene make up as it’s all about being playful and experimenting with vivid colours but the use of bold eyeliner is a must. Eyeliner is applied both to the top of the eyelid and inside the waterline on the lower lid. One technique is to apply a white or silver shadow to the full upper lid then take a black or dark grey to the outer socket and if desired the crease and outer lower lid and get a soft edge brush to blend. Neon coloured eye shadows are particularly popular with scene girls and one of the most popular colours is neon pink matte eye shadow – this can be applied to both upper and lower lids above the eyeliner. TIP: If you are applying your eye shadow AFTER your liquid eyeliner make sure that the eyeliner has dried before applying the shadow otherwise it will just smudge. Men should generally avoid using eyeliner on upper lids just use on lower and get as near to the lashes as possible.

Remember to keep reviewing your make up – you don’t want to look over done or like a raccoon or panda!! Eyebrows are generally kept fine and neat with a small amount of eye pencil if necessary – but like everything else on the face, the eyebrows should not draw attention away from the eyes.
A volumising mascara in black or in a coloured mascara should be applied in two coats to the eye lashes after the rest of the eye makeup is complete. Finally with a fine dusting of translucent face powder to create a flawless finish and your ready to strut your stuff!!
Buy our emo clothing fashion, indie style clothing, hipster fashion and vintage style clothing from 3rd and 56th Street - the definitive online emo clothing and indie clothing fashion collection. Alternative fashion has never been just a phase, it is a way of life which extends from underground music tastes to an extreme sense of style.
Choose a foundation, or if you prefer, a face powder that either matches your own skin tone or ONE shade lighter – you do not want to look like a goth or a clown for that matter.
A good quality black liquid liner is great but if you are just starting out then it may be a good idea to first master the technique using a pencil eyeliner with a sharp point which has been softened first on the back of your hand so that it does not scratch your eyelids. Emo make up tends to favour a rounded edge to the eyeliner whereas scene make up is all about flicking the eyeliner at the outer edge (a makeup technique which when done well looks stunning, when done badly can be a eye sore LOL – flicks have to match on both eyes so be careful).

When experimenting with colours in scene make up you may choose two completely contrasting or complimenting colours it is entirely up to you.
For emo style, indie fashion, rockabilly clothes and hipster vintage inspired clothing, spectacular, more stunning than you will have ever witnessed before at 3rd & 56th Street Clothing step right up. Always apply liquid eyeliner with an angled brush whenever possible as it gives a neater and more precise edge to it.
Whether you put on eyeliner before or after your eye shadow seems to be a matter of personal preference. So many alternative styles of fashion your mind will fail to believe what your eyes will see. Never curl lashes after you apply mascara - as the mascara dries, lashes can stick to the curler & be torn from the roots.

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