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I received this email today from Citi as a carrier of their AAdvantage credit card and couldn’t help but point out the terrible headline writing and copywriting found within. Looking at the rest of the email screenshot, it starts off by saying “we’re” (as informal of a greeting as the headline) and then it is filled with 3 registered symbols and a TM symbol in one sentence.
Perhaps I am just annoyed because this was the first email that hit my inbox after I landed in Copenhagen to find that my bag was missing or perhaps I’m just sour grapes about Citi not allowing my manufactured spending to count toward the bonus for this card. While on the subject of copy editing pedantry: I doubt that the *Chase* email team drafted this message. A staple of most Simpsons sites, the image gallery is home to a large array of Simpsons pictures.

One of the bad things about the internet is the BS political rhetoric that gets used in small discussions with people who don't really mean it in a larger sense, end up being read by everyone else.. Should I call the cops every time one of my kids screams "I'm just gonna have to kill you if you do that again" to one of the other kids ? But if our neighbors had a bug in our house, listening to the yelling over the last damn candy bar, we'd have SWAT busting down our doors.
You are equating what your kids say in your own home to what an elected official says to constituents in an official capacity? As if the decision was made to use an “informal tone” while protecting the branding of their card.

This email was obviously approved by trademark lawyers, but I’m not sure that anyone actually read the email itself.

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