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We’ve already talked about how to help new sales managers in the latest What’s Your Problem?
The key to consistency is doing the little things that make the big things move more smoothly. While it might not be the sole reason you were promoted to sales manager, you must always work to tighten the current sales process. The ideas, laughter and camaraderie flowed through the short time we were together as we had to return to our individual onboard activities. Few HR professionals would disagree that encouraging line managers to spend more time talking face to face with their staff, or even just over the phone, is key to a successful employee engagement strategy.
The challenge grows tougher as technology enables us to continuously improve the way we do things, with the promise of more efficient working, time savings and immediacy of communication. For example, 59% of more engaged employees say that work brings out their most creative ideas, compared with 3% for the less engaged (Gallup, 2007). Conversation one is about establishing a trusting relationship – this is the cornerstone for all that follows, as trust is both the fuel for and the output of the conversations.
Second, managers must have a conversation that agrees mutual expectations, based on mutual understanding and dependency. Third is a conversation about showing genuine appreciation and using the art of appreciative inquiry in order to understand and build on strengths. The simplicity of these conversations gives them the potential to transform the quality of relationships.
As with employee engagement as a whole, HR managers can become key players in getting these five conversations flowing.
In adopting an engagement strategy specifically concerned with improving the frequency, focus and quality of conversations by line managers, HR managers have the opportunity to go beyond the limitations of traditional solutions. If you use “Line Manager Should Approve” in Review Activities (RA) at Service Manager 2012 but don’t have the Manager attribute sat in AD on all Users, this Runbook could be something for you to check out :). If there is not a Manager sat in AD for a user who needs approval in the Review activity, no one will be added to approve the request.
Out of the box , Service Manager will not tell you if it is missing an approver on a Review activity. In my Service Manager and Orchestrator environment I have this running once every 8 hours and then a Runbook that is sending the log file in an e-mail if there are RA:s that needs approvers.
To be able to use this Runbook you need to have the Service Manager Integration Pack installed in Orchestrator.

All blog posts are provided “AS-IS” with no warranties and I don’t take any responsibility of errors that can occur. Update 1604 for Configuration Manager Technical Preview – Available Now!22 April 2016Happy Friday! Despite international research showing companies with women in senior management perform better financially, the proportion of female managers in Canada is dropping. Worse still, the country hasn’t made much progress in the past eight years from 2004, when the proportion was 22%. One theory for why women at the top is so important says men are more prone to competition and risk-taking, whereas women are inclined towards collaboration, caution and long-term results. A third of professional women take a break from their careers at some point, and many find it hard to come back to the workforce after a gap.
In the past, working a 60 hour work week was considered a bragging point, and a reason for promotion. The empirical evidence would suggest then that it’s time to identify potential future female bosses and find ways to look after and keep them. You have a bunch of new administrative duties, have to look after an entire sales team, and not to mention, some of you might still be tasked with running your old territory for the time being.
And while that might be true, your new role is to delegate, to lead a better team environment and to create better sales processes for everyone. Schedule more 1-on-1’s with each sales rep to not only go over their current sales tasks, but to also drop words of wisdom, provide training materials to enhance their skill sets, and so forth. In other words, if some on the sales team are falling behind on the simple details, you need to correct it right then and there. Invest in courses on management training and leadership fundamentals, brush up on individual sales courses, or go one step further and create your own custom training courses for the sales team to chew on. This gave me the opportunity to meet and share experiences and ideas from the new On Location* program Mexico with Alphonse, Statendam’s beverage manager. The itinerary sets the theme for guests to indulge in localized experiences that make time on board as enriching as visiting the ports of call through lectures, demonstrations and performances. In reality, however, despite good intentions, many organisations struggle to achieve this goal. So is the solution simply for managers to spend less time typing and more time talking to their staff? Not reliant on skill, the essential components managers need to employ are a positive intent and mindset and a willingness to be open and brave – with the real benefit being when they become two-way conversations.

Understanding the topic, the drivers and the barriers to implementation are absolutely crucial, but so too is the need to create the environment for line managers to have open, trusting, two-way conversations.
If you add on this that not everybody is naturally curious, and striving for excellence in this domaine the negative repercussions are important over time. I use this blog to post information about System Center products and as a notebook for myself.
A study into investment funds showed that those run by men tended to be at the top and bottom of results and, while few women were top performers, none were at the bottom either. Now companies are realizing that allowing employees to set their own hours is good for productivity. And all the while, it can be hard to know where to start, or how to guide your team forward. Make sure they provide adequate information on the CRM, that they mark down the status of every sales cycle is, etc. Point is, a rep is only as good as their manager, and with the right skills and awareness, you can take your team higher than ever before.
So a conversation about where the employee wants to be in one to two years in the future is crucial in being able to identify how a manager can meet the employee’s needs while keeping valuable talent in the organisation. I use this blog as a notebook for myself and all blog post are all my own thoughts and opinions. While we’re still beating the global average of 21%, the fact that our stats are moving backwards bodes badly for the future. In fact, when Best Buy loosened their work rules they found productivity increased by an average of 40%. The more you let one incomplete form roll by, the easier it is for a dozen more to do the same.
Managers have forgotten how to have meaningful conversations and no longer instinctively know which conversations they really need to have. Reversing this situation is not as daunting as it may seem, as improved engagement can be delivered by line managers focusing on just five conversations.

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