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They’re outlandishly expensive, utterly useless in a Sunday league combat situation and liable to get you beaten up if you deviate into the high collar pink zone.
And yet, somehow, a small proportion of the general public get inappropriately excited every time an extremely wealthy sportswear manufacturer drops a new iteration of plastic foot cover.
The Football Ramble is one of the UK’s most-loved football podcasts and releases a new show every Tuesday. Although the Premier League is the Most Envied league in the world, it turns out that other, inferior leagues, do brilliant things that we ought to steal. This includes (but is in no way limited to) the annual post season washing of the Bronze Horseman statue in St Petersburg, which this year was given a bit of a rinse by former Spurs and Chelsea manager Andre Villas-Boas this week.
The European City of Culture Award is but a misunderstanding over a Sports Direct logo away.
Our friends over at Copa 90 have made this video of Real Gothic; the football team comprised entirely of Goths that emerges from the Whitby Goth Weekend twice a year to terrorise the neighbourhood with flagrant breaches of eyeliner law.
If you know anything about Goths (I used to be one, Level Three Crushed Velvet) and their predilections for scuttling beneath shop awnings to avoid sunlight and winkle pickers, you might be surprised to see them running round a field doing sport, but as this video shows, they’re as capable of a cheeky half volley from outside the penalty area as the next gang of Sunday League incompetents. After a season spent challenging the mighty Cheltenham Town (hometown club, yo) for automatic promotion, Forest Green Rovers lost the National League play-off to Grimsby on Sunday and, according to local news reports, are consoling themselves with Greggs pasties. This alone would be sufficient to attract our attention, but there’s a picture of Ramble Hall of Famer Big Jon Parkin tucking into a hefty pastry based snack outside a branch of the aforementioned snack food emporium.
As flies to wanton boys are we to th’ gods, as Shakespeare used to say during post match pressers. Something mildly more predictable was the social media response to Spurs’ hideous capitulation to the already relegated Newcastle United.
There has to be a rational explanation for the inclusion of Jack Wilshere in a preparation squad and that’s mine. Uncertainty over John Terry’s future prompted odd scenes at Stamford Bridge yesterday, with the club captain taking to the pitch for a speech during which he told fans he wants to stay as much as they want him to. When the new CD Palencia’s kit nosed its way rudely into your consciousness this morning, were you also put in mind of the conversation Nigel Tufnel had with Marty DiBergi in infamous rockumentary Spinal Tap?
Given the confusion expressed by footballers over the simplest of tasks in recent history, one imagines this conversation may actually happen in real life when the away kit is wheeled out. There are few who like his style, but even Rafa Benitez will be forced to acknowledge the tenacity of the man who has come to embody the traits of the survival specialist in modern football.
When Sunderland beat Norwich City back in April, Luke and I produced an article for the New Day in which we discussed the rising importance of the Survival Specialist in the freshly minted world of football.

With ?5.4 billion winging its way towards the back pockets of the twenty most fortunate clubs in the world, the ante has risen for those that can generally be found hovering in and around the relegation places after Christmas.
What if, over the next few seasons, the fear of losing out on all that cash begins to hit home? A big shout, for sure, but nothing Sunderland have done in the last month has dissuaded us from the notion.
Eddie Izzard there, capturing the full horror of growing up in the 80s when The Sun was the most popular newspaper in the land and narrow minded, paranoid idiocy roamed freely.
Suspicions were first aroused on 8th July 2014 when Die Mannschaft (snigger) turned Brazil into an international laughing stock using just 90 minutes of football and David Luiz. And there you were thinking that not having enough Championship winners medals to ensure the club’s Player of the Year gets one is the most embarrassing thing that could possibly happen in front of the general public.
It’s the time of year when social conventions are abandoned in favour of assaulting pensioners with champagne and excessively manscaped men who wear shorts to work dragging their surgically optimised partners and mini-mes onto the pitch to wave at fans. Their parade on Saturday night, coming after an embarrassingly easy stroll over Everton, raised some interesting questions. In twenty years, will we see Max or Isabella Schmeichel lifting whatever version of the top league title is available at the time? And how many years will Sofia Vardy resent her parents for making her wear a tutu for arguably the biggest moment in their family lives? Manchester City fans are a little more conversant with end of season festivities, clearing out well before the toddlers (none of whom looked as petulant as Samir Nasri) were unleashed.
Not only did they miss Manuel Pellegrini’s final speech as manager (for which they have received criticism, it should be noted) but also the sight of Kevin De Bruyne carting the recently emerged Mason across the Etihad pitch. In Spain, Barcelona kept Real Madrid at bay with a 5-0 thumping of neighbours Espanyol, but Atletico’s hopes of snatching a league and European Cup double from under the considerable noses of the competition were destroyed by a last minute goal from a man once trampled by a bull. Both men had been sent off after needling each other throughout the game, but Pittsburgh Riverhounds striker Parkes felt further punishment and a full on fight was necessary to redress the balance. On the plus side, he’ll have a lovely tale to tell his kids when he gets out of custody.
According to L’Equipe, former Hull City loanee and carrier of timber Hatem Ben Arfa is heading to Barcelona on a free transfer. While Ben Arfa’s career in England ended ignominiously (mostly to shouts of Fatem Ben Arfa), the former Newcastle Hall of Famer has gone some way to rebuilding his reputation with Nice, scoring 17 goals in 32 appearances. But this is nothing next to the hope this story gives to other 29 year old forward thinking players stalked by weight issues and fan antipathy. George Orwell probably spent ages writing The Sporting Spirit; an essay outlining how sport and nationalism are inextricably linked. If you weren’t able to pick up tickets for any of our live shows back in April, the good news is we can now bring you a compilation of the best bits from Newcastle and London to download!
The last time we got this excited about the events unfolding in a footballer’s kitchen, Wayne Rooney ended up getting punched in the face.
Looking back, I doubt we imagined so much football related fun would ever be seen again on a polished marble surface, but after Chelsea gleefully fulfilled their remit of ruining Spurs’ lives, we were treated to footage of the Leicester City squad celebrating their incredible title win using the now traditional blurry shouty bounce. While in no way wishing to appropriate the joy and hysteria Leicester City fans are currently revelling in and are thoroughly entitled to bleed dry, this feels like a victory for everyone.
Of course Spurs are gutted and their increasingly petulant behaviour as they watched their opportunity for glory slip away in the most agonising way possible (Chelsea, 2-0 up, Hazard the troll bursting forth with an absolute screamer) was disappointing but understandable and they’ll get over it and go again next season.

In prison Katie’s cousin happened to be an inmate there and forcefully tattooed that sick pervert. See the funniest YouTube videos, pictures and images online or chat with Smosh readers in our online forums. Having set the precedent for horse bothering some time ago, Newcastle are the best placed to spend the next twelve months erecting a statue of the horse it punched, then get promoted and have Rafa winched up to give it a wash. Which could lead to all manner of joyful misunderstandings were Pards to take a trip up the M1.
A claim likely to go down a storm with the club hierarchy, who completed a switch to an all vegan matchday menu in November last year.
Without their sterling work we would have no idea about this fabulous happening and you’d currently be reading an article about the fact that Juan Mata has been left out of the Spain squad.
A cup of foul smelling beef based drink and a pie while some half drunk footballers with one eye on the The Palm, Dubai, stroll around waiting for the final whistle so they can put scarves on their heads and prove their fertility? Something like that could really affect the confidence of young players going into a major tournament. But please, please remember that water is a reflective surface and owes nothing to your sense of modesty.
He spent his 25 year football career keeping goal for the likes of Boca Juniors, Independiente and the Colombian national team.
He’s here because I just had a conversation about him with a chap called Augusto on Twitter, who pointed out that in this photo, Carlos is wearing a shirt with a picture of a man driving a truck on it. The best, most creative players on paper might not necessarily turn up and play beautiful, successful football (see Chelsea). If creative attacking football is abandoned in favour of a more cautious, defensive approach?
Fifty years on from England’s 4-2 victory over West Germany in a major international tournament final, is anyone else worried they’re building up to something? In fact no one seemed to be particularly bothered at all when the interloper emerged and ran towards the centre circle. One or two even suggested that Redders sole intention when he gave the interview was to get it discussed on the Football Ramble. In years to come, we will look back on this as we will the careers of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, marvelling at how fortunate we were to see football history unfolding before our very eyes. It’s also coming to 3DS, DS, PC, PS2, PSP, Vita and Wii, and a mobile version is destined for Android and iOS. Sky’s backroom staff pulling out all the stops to generate a flicker of excitement and implied peril over something already resolved? Instead of picking individuals known for skill on the ball and mercurial talent, managers begin to pick well drilled, but lesser known players who fit within a structure?
Instead of bringing play to a shuddering halt and getting chased around the pitch by a battalion of incompetent stewards, as was the intention, he instead had to watch Besiktas break down the left and Mario Gomez scored a tap in. Next year, next month, maybe even next week that goodwill will be suspended and they will be the team to beat, the King Power the place to go and get a win.

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