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I made the mistake of giving a guy I’ve never met my phone number via a private message under the pretenses of well, you know, being friends.
It started with a friendly hello, some small talk about what we do, Los Angeles, and nothing terribly interesting. I throw in some more small talk because I have literally no idea what to talk to this guy about. This was my effort to be completely clear with this guy, because no one likes to be lead on (even though I did not feel as though I was even doing that to begin with, given my apparent lack of interest). On the 20th, I send the main squeeze a picture of his bed, perfectly made with clean sheets and all. The One Word TextsSimilar to the one-sided convo guy, one word texts are kind of the worst.
Give us your juiciest, wildest, weirdest and embarrassingest (it’s a word) hook up stories! You have no idea what’s coming… or you will if you keep reading, you sassy little shit. This does not justify the photo of the bed and the late phone call, with absolutely no interaction in between.
This is when I decide that maybe Fee is right and I should put this guy on full Thought Catalog blast.
There are few things more grating than getting annoying texts from a guy you like and having no idea what’s going on. Are you free Thursday?" If you just say, "Can we reschedule?" he'll most likely continue being vague. If he never texts you first and only gives you one word responses when you text him, try ignoring him for a while.

Like there has been times a guy shows interest but when the girl responds they, they just stop talking to you out of no where.
I let his textual grammar errors slide before, but now it doesn’t even seem worth it to bear. I start live-texting Fee with the details to keep him filled in on all the juicy gossip happening in my ever-so-eventful life.
That being said, here are the 8 wost, most annoying texts guys send and tips on how you should respond.
You try to have a convo, and you all get is short answers with no questions at the end of them, so you barely know how to respond.
You can try saying something flirty like, "If you want to see me, you'll have to see me in person." Or you can be honest and say something like, "Sorry buddy, not gonna happen!" The One Who's Sweet On Texts, Quiet In PersonI've dealt with a few of these guys and they're so weird and confusing. If he doesn't warm up to you, make a bolder move through text by saying something like, "so when are we hanging out?" He might just need you to make the first move. But if you're looking for something more serious, respond by saying no nicely - even though I know that's going to be hard. I like to think that not every dude that talks to me is trying to get it in, because I’m not that cocky and unrealistic, but COME ON. Never mind the persistence… hey, if someone doesn’t text you back, definitely text them 12 more times, each of the following days! He certainly needs some release that real punk rock music at the gym just can’t supply him with.
If you feel I’ve wasted your time, just remember, you clicked this and kept reading to the end. If he keeps doing this, just be like, "Whoa calm down lol." Or back off altogether if you really can't deal.

Say something like, "I can't right now, but let's do something Saturday :)" and make sure your plans are NOT late at night.
Some of you may remember an earlier piece I did called 20 Signs You Might Be A Stage 5 Clinger… you’d think this kinda thing would happen after meeting once or twice, but no, we have never met. Mind you, at this particular moment, I was with my main squeeze, completely disregarding my phone to enjoy real life 3D happy fun times. Everyone has free will, just as I have the will to type this up at 1am weeks after the fact.
The Booty Call TextDon't mistake an 11:30 PM "come over" text for an "I want to be your boyfriend" text. I initially just shared the following screen shots with Rob Fee, especially since this all went down right around the time his Weirdest Person on Facebook post and I thought he could appreciate it. I was actually pretty relieved he didn’t see that this dude called me after 2am that same night, despite the lack of response to the bed photo.
Granted, I was doing nothing out of line, but I didn’t want him getting the wrong idea.
If you don’t find this funny, you can blame him, because clearly if Rob Fee finds something funny, it is worth sharing with the internet.

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