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Birdo is represented as very feminine, but I'm sure she was actually referred to as male in early games. The original SMB2 booklet said, "Birdo thinks he is a girl and likes to be called Birdetta. Birdo character wears a red bow, a diamond ring, and appears to have a close relationship with Yoshi! Birdo is a male, in the early games "she" had a really deep voice and in mario rpg the guy "she" was dating paused every time before calling it a dame.
Pink Birdo is female, she is Yoshi's girlfriend, she has feminine voice in games, but green Birdo is male, as he was given a male voice. Transgender, But they propably just switched from male to female because in the old games on the snes they called it a he, but now its metioned as a she.

I think she's a girl because while she is referred to as a male in the earlier Mario games, she is now mentioned as a female in the more recent Mario games. Yoshi is happy with Birdo so I don't understand why people are beefing about there relationship.
And just to answer the question, some Birdo are male as some Yoshi are female, but this Birdo is 100% female, no doubt about it! If most of you dont already know, Nintendo messed up on the video game manual Super Mario Bros 2 stating that and I quote "He thinks hes a girl and would rather be called Birdetta." This was one mistake, the other being Ostro and Birdos names being mixed up in the game credits and the manual. Actually a male Birdo, but It is beleived by many that they wanted Birdo to have a relationship with yoshi and changed it, though it's gender has been changed many times, I don't think we'll ever know for sure. They confirmed that it was a mistake and fixed it in the remake Super Mario Advanced for the Gameboy Advanced.

Birdo has always been portrayed as a female ever since the mistake, evrn before the mistake occured. If Birdo was a male, how come she has purple eyes, eyelashes, purple eye makeup, a beautiful red bow on her head, a diamond ring on her left hand and has a very VERY special relationship with Yoshi ever since she made her debut on Mario Tennis for the Nintendo 64?

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