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After giving advice to countless girls who have come to me to ask what it is that decent guys look for in a girl, I decided to write this Blog post to answer some of these questions. This one sounds pretty obvious, but you will be surprised at just how careless people can be with this one and how much of an impact this can have on the guy you are trying to impress. Everyone likes a smart and intelligent person and when it comes to girls, we are no different. Follow these simple guidelines and you will automatically see an increase in the amount of attention you are getting from guys. If you are an individual who usually resorts to food to deal with your emotions, it might be a bit hard for you to differentiate between physical hunger and emotional hunger.
Plus it will give you insider access to my newest updates, interesting ways to connect and learn.
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For sure you have been in a situation when you had to think about how to make a guy ask you out.
For sure it happened many times to you that you liked a guy and you wanted him to make the first move and ask you out. Although you can’t force a person to go out with you, there are some things that you could do to help them reach the conclusion that they like your company and that they would like to hang out with you some more. In case you would like to know how to make him ask you out, you should remember that there are several sneaky ways to get things done. If you are thinking about getting him to ask you out, you should ask for the help of a friend. When you are in the situation that you have to ask how to get him to ask you out again, it means that you are in good terms with him.
Sometimes you wish to force things a bit and you are asking how to get him to ask you out already. We have to admit that this is a dirty move, but all is allowed when it comes to how to make a boy ask you out. If you are still asking how to make someone ask you out it means that he still didn’t find the courage to make a step. It is possible that you are thinking about a guy that you just met but you wouldn’t mind going out with him.
Some people only heard about being friends with benefits, but for others this is something natural.
Before you continue reading, I want you to understand that everything you are about to read below is strictly based on my personal opinion and based on my own observations and experiences. Dressing well is one of the simplest ways to get anyone to like and admire you more, not just guys you like. Personal hygiene is often overlooked since we see ourselves everyday and fail to notice the minute details about our appearance. You have to present yourself in a way that just from seeing you for the first time or exchanging the first words with you, you are immediately able to capture the attention of any guy purely with your intellect and wit.
We all like to talk to and find ourselves interested in people who are in good physical shape. As guys, when we look at you, we immediately also take a look at who your friends are and based on that, make some preconceived notions about what kind of person you might be. We like girls who are smart, attractive, confident, and are pursuing something greater than us.
It is very easy to mistake emotional hunger for physical hunger though there are a few fundamental differences that exist between the two. Emotional hunger unlike physical hunger makes you ache for your favorite junk foods like pizza, cheesecake, cookies etc.  In a state where you are hungry physically you can consume any sort of food especially healthy foods!

When struck by emotional hunger, individuals tend go overboard with their consumption of food and can down any junk food present in sight. Instead of your belling growling and aching for food, emotional hunger comes from the head where you are only focused on certain kind of taste and textures and it usually points towards some kind of junk food. The truth is that it isn't as difficult as it may seem at first once you get the hang of it and then you just have to practice.
If you scream in your every night saying why doesn't he ask me out already, then you are in for a treat. Tell them that when they see you guys talking they should butt in and ask him when he is going to find the courage to finally ask you out. At one point when you’re talking to him you should ask about his weekend or afternoon plans. You can come up with all kinds of excuses to ask for his help, such as having broken window panels. Although it might sound like a cliche, you should pretend to have a headache of stomach cramps.
In this case you could encourage him by dropping subtle hints that you are single but you are ready for a new relationship. In this case you should be looking for cute things to say to get him to ask you out even though you just met.
The time can be spent thinking on how to be a better person instead of trying to find ways on how to get a better guy. When it comes to how to talk to a guy, there are some tips and tricks you could use to make sure you get it right. I have a background in Psychology and have participated in numerous social activities while in college such as greek life, honor societies, Psychology research, parties, etc. While, I do not think that a book should be judged by its cover, I do think that is what human nature tells us to do.
So, begin to focus on your education or career and personal development, and you will soon see that guys will notice that as well and come to you. When it comes to emotional hunger your brain doesn’t really register whether or not you are full and hence individuals keep eating beyond the point satiety without even knowing it.
Here's a sneak-peak into what you can do to not just get him to ask you gut but make him think it was his idea.
Although he or she should seem to be joking, this is supposed to be a half serious question. If he has something planned that you would be comfortable with as well, you should say that you had the same plans (and don’t forget about your surprised face).
If he didn’t have the courage until this point, this might be the final push that he needs.
If you are wondering how to ask a guy out, here is a list of approaches you might want to try. We come to your aid to ensure that you will know all the right things to say at the right time to simply swoop him off his feet. This is why they need some help to get him back fast and to make sure that their relationship will be more successful than ever before. I have always been fascinated by human interactions and what it is that we desire the most.
Based on how a person dresses and looks, we naturally begin to make certain judgments about her abilities. But, regardless, personal hygiene is extremely important if you are trying to get someone’s attention. So, if that is the case, then it is very important for you to make sure your friends are also classy girls if you plan to appear attractive to most guys.

On the other hand when eating because of physical hunger, individuals are usually aware about how much they need to eat and feel satiated when their stomach is full. This will certainly have an impact on him and he will really start wondering how it would be to go on a date with you.
In a way he will feel like he owes you one and next time he will be the one asking you out for coffee and then you won’t have to ask how to get a guy to ask you out again. You can be sure that each guy can be “caught” with one of these methods, so you just have to try.
I have taken into account things I have learned from being in various situations involving various groups of people. For example, a pretty girl is automatically thought of as being nice, smart, caring, and fun without us knowing anything about her or her giving us any reason at all to think that.
Begin with the basics, such as showering daily, shampooing, brushing and flossing your teeth every day, combing your hair neatly, keeping your hair cut in a fashionable way, and most importantly, wearing great smelling perfume. I am not saying that you should constantly walk around with preppy sorority chicks, but I am saying that your close friends should be classy girls who hold a certain level of standards for themselves. The opposite holds true of a girl who does not take time to dress sharp and look presentable. Watch YouTube lectures, podcasts, read Blogs and news articles, read books, and begin to simply search things on Google and learn. By all means you should have all types of friends, but make sure the ones with whom you are spending most of your time are classy in a sense. I will leave you with one last quote which a friend of mine once heard from his dad, “Instead of looking for Mr.
So, below, I will provide you ladies with 5 things you can do today to make yourself more attractive to guys tomorrow.
So, the next time you are about to go to the concert down the street in your Wal-Mart clothes, just think about the Halo Effect.
There is so much knowledge out there floating around on the inter web, you should have no problem at all in gaining a wealth of knowledge in any topic with just a laptop and internet connection. If not, you are selling yourself short to not just guys, but also employers and other people in general. Having good looking nails gives off the impression to us that you also take good care of yourself and maintain good hygiene. You can also take it a step further by doing a few more things such as building your personal website, creating and posting intelligent content on social media, writing your own Blog, going to conventions and joining meetup groups which are in parallel with your specific interests. In fact, too much makeup will usually have the exact opposite effect of what you are trying to achieve. By doing some of these things, not only will you be seen as an intelligent girl, but you will also receive more respect from people in general.
Some examples of healthy food include rice, vegetables, meat from birds, fish, fresh fruits, fruit juice, low-fat milk, and vitamin supplements. But, when you will be able to drop some sexy bombs of intellect on your next dinner date, you will realize that your hard work was worth gold in value in the long run.
Some good exercises include running, sprinting, jogging, swimming, biking, martial arts, sports, and dancing.

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