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To get a picture of how things have changed, compare the boyish photo of my 8th grade golfing prodigy Bobby Hudson with the recent photo below taken when he signed to attend University of Texas on a golf scholarship.  Has it only been five years?
A broken finger isn’t enough to keep my girlfriend from reviewing the most anticipated action figure line of 2012.
HG: He has a nice gold belt which appears to be strictly for show-serves no purpose- along with some giant shoulder pads. I’d like to see photos of Terrax making his favorite salad using the power of giant knife. My ex girlfriend turned into a stripper, we were just about to get back together then found i slept with someone while we were broken up so she went crazy and quit a good job and ruined her life. I guess because he’s a little bigger they could get into more detail, so his face looks crazy but nice.

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I feel so horrible about it I don't know what to do because I know her life would be better if I treated her right. I got kids of my own now so I wouldn't have to rely on kids visiting my ranch, it really pisses me off that I have to deal with more accusations that I touched their kids just because the first guy to do it was successful in mooching off my money. I’m sure at one point Kate Beckinsale’s outfit in Underworld was meant to be functional—“of course it’s got to be leather, she’s rolling around with vampires”–but then it just became…it’s a bit much.
I guess if you’re carrying a hammer around that’s this big you don’t want to be like, thuk- ow! Because they both have nose outfits, they both have crazy hands which means they can never really be loved, and they could both stand to have a good meal.

So maybe if anything good comes out of this review, it’ll be to bring these two closer together. If I could I would make her forget I ever existed, which would have been the last 9 years of our lives.
So im not posting depressing stuff about my life, im posting depressing stuff about someone elses.

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