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Of course, investment of both time and money is part of entrepreneurial life, and it’s impossible that every project will be a runaway success. This is certainly true whether you’re developing a product or putting together a service. So in this post, I’m going to do everything I can to help you avoid this happening to you. Now, you could get incredibly lucky and by some miracle stumble across a market that no one else has found. Therefore, you want to avoid starting with the product in mind first, and then trying to find a market to offer it to. Of course, if there’s existing competition, understandably that may be a concern to you. You just need to find a way to attract attention towards yourself and then turn some of that attention into sales. So the market exists, your offering is a match for that market, and in this instance, the biggest problem to solve is one of effective marketing to help you stand out from the crowd.
If you have ideas for products or services, find the market for them first before you spend time and money developing it beyond the idea stage.
Alternatively, if you don’t have any products or services in mind yet, you can browse around, explore the different types of markets available (preferably in an area that interests you), find one that grabs your attention, and then see how realistic it might be for you to develop an offer for that market. However, with some very rough calculations, there are ways you can estimate the size of market.
After jotting down some rough numbers, you can establish how much revenue you need to generate in a year.
If the answer is yes, and sticking with the web design example, if you are a great designer and can make your clients happy, then it largely comes back to solving the marketing puzzle of how you’re going to get attention in an established marketplace, and generate leads that convert into customers. The process for delivering a service could potentially last months, depending on how much money the contract is worth, and how long your potential client takes to make decisions. That being said if you can embrace one of the big trends of 2015 and are able to productize your service, your capabilities to test the demand for your offers will be vastly improved. Lower-priced or clearly defined services that can be sold through an order form can be tested in the same way you would test a product: send traffic to a web page, and see if it converts. By taking this approach, establishing the viability of a lower-priced, productized service can be very similar to testing the demand for a potential product. As well as offering a service people want, successfully selling a service is all about credibility. So how do you demonstrate your credibility in order to let people know that you can be trusted to get the job done? Offer the service initially for free (or low-priced), in return for getting customer and client reviews and testimonials that you can publish on your site. While some of these ideas might be anathema to those already established in their chosen field, when it comes to breaking into new markets, sometimes drastic measures such as working for free or at a lower rate can be beneficial in the long term.
The ability to convert visitors into leads is a great sign that people are interested in the service you’re offering.
Offering something people are already spending money on is a pretty safe position to start from.
However, waiting until your product is perfect means you’ll be waiting a very long time and as the saying goes, the early bird catches the worm.
When it comes to testing the demand for your project, putting together an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and getting it in front of your target audience can often be the best approach.
Of course, since your product might be buggy and lacking features, it should be priced accordingly, with special offers for early-bird customers to sweeten the deal. For example, as early-bird customers take a risk by spending money on software that isn’t quite there yet, in return, when the final version of the software is ready, they can upgrade at no extra cost, and perhaps even get a lifetime license. The response from the market to your MVP can tell you straight away whether you’re on the right track or not. Your product can be tested and launched at the places where your target market can be found. However, creating your own platform first, such as your blog or email list, can give you the perfect springboard for launching your new project. You have to be prepared to do whatever is necessary to get your MVP in front of your target audience. Even if every fiber in your being is screaming out that you want to fix this bug, tweak the appearance, and add that feature, it could all be wasted effort if no one wants to buy your product. The key theme running through this article is that your marketing efforts can make or break the success of your product or service, no matter how good (or bad it is). Such marketing often promises the customer exactly what they want (which is why it sells so well), only for the product to fail at meeting the customer’s expectations. So powerful marketing can sell anything, but it has to match the product or service if you want a long-term business. If you’re in a very price sensitive market, then you may need to compete on price, but that can often be a losing strategy. Time-limited offers (discounts, bonuses, etc) can drive a lot of sales in a short amount of time, as long as this tactic isn’t overused. Think far beyond the first sale. When offering services, one customer can be worth tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years to come.
Rather than starting with the idea for a product or service and then trying to find people to sell it to, think about starting out by creating a product or service already proven to sell in an existing market. Do you have a product or service you’ve been thinking about that you can get to market soon and start testing? By Joe FylanJoe uses WordPress almost every day and enjoys writing about his experiences for a number of different blogs. The question now is do we continue for the next step, creating a minimum viable product or not?
Really good article… again, great job Joe, curious how much time you spend writing something like this ?! I’m sponsoring a blog post for website developers I have the sales copy and I like the fact that a service are often much higher priced than products. You will require to display your actual web development content which attract users rather than promising display. It was more than a year ago that we decided to release the first version of our project in the WordPress plugin directory to know if users were interested. Stuck in a job you hate but don't know how to get out of because you just simply don't know what to do? Online skills profiler: You can use this online tool by the Department of Labor that factors in the types of skills you possess and the level you're at to have it generate multiple jobs that suit your skills. Start a blog or YouTube channel: Don't be disheartened just because everyone seems to have a blog or a YouTube channel. Explore job lists: US News and World Report has countless megalists for jobs in different categories, such as the best overall jobs and best healthcare jobs.
Figure out what parts of your job you like and don't like: Maybe you don't like your job, but there can be some aspects of it that you enjoy or that you're good at.
Read autobiographies of people you look up to: Get inspired by the lives of real people — past and present.

Take a class: Maybe you think graduate school will help you get you to where you want to be. Give yourself a break: The pressure of figuring out the rest of your life can be getting to you and can be a road block. Lately, I've been talking to quite a lot of people of all ages, and I've noticed a common theme: unhappiness with their choice of job in some way, wishing they had done something else, but don't know what they would want to do instead.
Okay, every once in awhile I guess it's safe to say that every one of us is questioning things in our life. As a career counselor, I always tell my clients that there are four factors that determine their happiness in their next job or occupation: Skills, Interests, Personality, and Values. If you are at this point in your life where you urgently need to make a stop at a gas station to refuel your motivation and happiness, then perhaps you want to consider talking to a career counselor or coach.
The tools I'll be introducing are just examples that I have worked with in the past and found to be useful in gaining insight and for continuing the process of self-reflection. I strongly recommend working with a career counselor or coach who is trained in those assessment tools to avoid any misuse or misinterpretation of your results. Unfortunately, many people shy away from approaching their dream jobs because they simply think that they don't have the skills or ability to do it.
It is based on John Holland's Vocational Choice Theory and differentiates between six areas: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional, which are arranged in form of a hexagon and your top 3 choices are usually adjacent to each other. When you have identified your three main areas of interest, also referred to as your "Holland Code," then your career coach will be able to help you explore jobs that could fit your interests and personality. For example, a SkillScan Card Deck will make you think about what you can do, and help you organize and categorize them, so you will be better prepared and able to list them in your resume, as well as to talk more intelligently about your strengths in an interview. As mentioned in my last article about values, your values play an important role in your job search and career decision making. Your career coach will also discover themes that will help you find out your top values and the ones that are of least importance to you. Values drive your behavior and are big determinants for your overall happiness and satisfaction at your job, and that's why it is important to avoid compromising your values in any way.
This is probably the best tool to find a job after you found out what makes and keeps your "car" running. Social media platforms like Linkedin or Xing are your best friends for building your network and researching people that do the job you'd like to do. If you’ve also spent a lot of money on your failed project then the consequences can be even more severe. But just like the rest of us, you have a limited amount of time and money to invest in projects, so as much as possible you want to maximize your success rate. Either way, the development process takes time, and often money too (unless you do all the work yourself). We’ll be covering different approaches to market research and market testing that will help you avoid sinking a lot of time and money into dead-end projects. Sometimes just a tweak to your marketing approach can in many cases turn a loser into a winner. If you go about things the other way, then you can increase your chances of success by selecting an existing, thriving market and then making your product or service attractive to that market. There’s a reason businesses pay research firms very large amounts of money for up to date market intelligence.
Since that often requires phone calls or in-person meetings, a lot of the conversion rate will depend on your sales technique, rather than if there is a demand for what you have to offer.
This is true whether you’re selling the service directly from your website or on a marketplace like Upwork. This moves the risk away from the customer and onto you, which makes getting those initial sales easier. Therefore, the testing process can be more complicated compared to that of a service in order to ensure its something that people are actually willing to spend money on. However, in most cases, you will need to make sure your product is different enough to be unique, without straying too far from what has already been proven to work. Holding fire on your launch until everything is perfect can be a recipe for disaster as a recent guest on the Divi Nation podcast discovered to their peril. As long as the key features that make your product unique are present, then you can worry about adding your dream list of supporting functionality later, once you’ve established that people are prepared to pay for it. Make it clear that it’s still a work in progress, whie offering your early adopters a reward. This could include discussion forums, specific social media platforms, online groups, and offline events and meetups. You can also attempt to leverage the platforms of others, such as creating a partnership with a popular figure in your niche or striking a deal for a mention on a leading blog or email list in your industry. Whether that is putting in the time and effort to build your own platform and forge key connections in your industry or paying for advertising and exposure in the places where your target audience hangs out. So get to MVP as quickly as humanly possible, test, and then decide where to go from there. So asking people whether they would spend money on what you’re creating is no proof at all.
Sadly, it’s not uncommon for amazing marketing to sell terrible products and services. This can sometimes be because it’s not actually possible to deliver what was promised in the sales copy. After that, by meeting, or even exceeding, those initial expectations, one-time customers are turned into long-term customers and that is often where the real money is made.
Demonstrating your credibility can be achieved through testimonials, walkthrough videos, trials and demos, free consulting (for services), publishing great content, third party endorsements and promotions, and much more. Are you offering exactly what the market wants, and presenting it in a way they will respond to? When you factor in that they may refer other customers to you, their value could even be in the millions. Then aim at making your offer better and more value-added than the competition where possible. How well you market and promote your project will have a huge impact on the success of your venture. We’ve run some google and facebook ads in the last two weeks and just for a landing page without anything (just a promise to build a website) we got a 1% click through rate and around 4% conversions. What happens actually is that one who see facebook ads also see how many people have liked the page, if the like are less that means social proof is less and if your project requires social proof then less facebook like would prove ads to show less conversion rate. What I like about this service Their is much more a demand on the service than competition. Much to our surprise, people from all around the world started using it, asking for new features and helping us with suggestions for improvement.
There are a lot of ways to increase your credibility online, my suggestion is to be patient and to always keep in mind that it is a long-term process!
Figuring out what you want to do can be scary, because there's a possibility that you may be leaving the familiar behind.
Wise Bread suggests listing things you want to do, jobs you want, people you want to meet, and more.

You can then click on each occupation to see its profile and learn about how you can get the job, the median salary, what the job entails, and more.
Pick a topic that you're really interested in (anything from parenting to makeup), and start becoming an expert in that field by constantly writing or vlogging about it and getting to know others who cover the same things. Even though your hobby may seem run-of-the-mill to you, you can perhaps turn it into a full-time job or even just something you can make side income from. Reading biographies of people you look up to can really motivate you and prod you in the right direction. Well, before taking the plunge, test it out by taking classes you would take at those schools. Spend a day just browsing the shelves and learning more about topics that catch your interest, and you might find yourself leaning toward an area of interest.
She is known primarily for her roles on television, and rose to fame playing Audra Barkley in the 1960s Western TV series, The Big Valley. It usually happens when we are in a low mood or transition phase; however, if that unhappiness and determination of wanting to quit your current job remains, then you might want to reconsider what you actually want to do. If one of them is out of sync, then they will probably eventually feel like a car running out of gas. Also, please keep in mind that those tests serve as additional help for your career exploration only. The test is based on Carl Jung's Theory of Psychological Type and looks at how you make decisions, communicate with others, and perceive the world. The STRONG Interest Inventory assessment will help you discover your top 3 areas of interest. A simple values card sort will help you identify your top 6 values, for example: recognition, achievement, independence, support, working conditions etc. So, if you don't agree with your employer's or company's mission and vision, or with the product that you are representing, then chances are that you won't enjoy your work. Remember, we all like to see that someone is (genuinely!) interested in us and our background.
It can be very demoralizing, even potentially devastating to a business, freelancer, or entrepreneur when a project fails. In some countries private businesses have to make their accounts public (the UK for example). If you can make your product better than the competition, at least in a few key areas, then so much the better. As well as doing all you can to drive targeted traffic to your site, you also need to focus on your sales copy in order to compel visitors to part with their money. But sooner or later sales will fade, and then you’ll be left without an income stream.
However if the sales copy is good enough, that product will sell because it’s what people want. Or better yet, go into markets where lots of money is being spent, and where your customers aren’t counting every dime. So whether selling products or services, the initial sale is just the start of your business relationship. CTR worried us more than the conversions (some people may be looking for the product instead of just a promise, we’ve accepted that as a factor for low conversion rate). When you have a landing page if its a pre launch page then people would love to sign up to mailing list but if its nothing mentioning regarding your product then people would think the website is not selling something. It wasn’t planned, but now we realise that we launched an MVP that helped us learn directly from our users. Take a look at our lists as well — careers for those who want to work from home, great jobs for bookworms, jobs for those who like to travel, and more.
For example, if you like making crafts, then you should consider selling your goods on Etsy. Take a close look at what energizes you at work, and see if you can find a career to fit what you enjoy doing at work.
Remember the grass is always greener on the other side, and you may not have a realistic idea of the job you want. You can spend a weekend away from home (perhaps at a national park) or maybe just let yourself indulge in activities you enjoy without having to think about the real world. After answering over 70 questions, you'll get a four letter code type showing where you focus your attention (Introversion vs.
Skills are an important part of your personality, so usually the things you enjoy doing are the things you do well.
By presenting a relevant offer to a hungry market, you’re making things much, much easier for yourself, while also greatly increasing your chances of success. The ultimate test is whether they actually type in those credit card details and click submit. So, however well your products are selling, keep developing new ones and growing your product line. If the person behind the product doesn’t mind deceiving their audience and can put up with 50% refund rates, they might still make a lot of money.
Plus the more credible you and your product or service appear to your target audience, the more likely they are to buy.
When you're done, leave the list alone for a while, then come back to it and try to piece ideas from it. Here are some websites that may help you genetrate income from your favorite way to pass time. And it's just as important to figure out what you don't like at your job to make sure that your next job doesn't have those aspects. For example, did you know that award-winning director James Cameron was once a truck driver? Invite people who have the job you want out for coffee, and ask them about what it's really like.
When you return home and your mind is clear, you'll likely be in a better position of knowing what you want. I am sure that although you are right handed, you can write your name with your left hand too; it might not be as easy or comfortable for you, but it's doable.
Maybe this person heard about an open position or is connected to other people that could help you.
The benefits on offer from having a diversified product range include greater income and stability and we can all appreciate the appeal of that. Then write them a message and introduce yourself briefly, and ask them a question, or ideally, ask them for an informational interview.
Also, perhaps you can shadow people or volunteer for a day to see what it's like to be in that job.
The more you well known and recognizable you become in your market, the more likely people are to remember you when it’s time to buy.

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