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If you need to identify your motherboard (the model number), you can do one of the below three things. If you're trying to identify the motherboard for any of the reasons below, view these links for additional related information. You can view the manufacturer and model number in your Windows system using the System Information utility. Note: If your computer is an OEM computer, such as a Dell or Hewlett Packard, the model number may be the model number of your computer and not the motherboard.
The documentation or technical notes for your computer or motherboard also include the motherboard information.
Finally, every computer motherboard has a silk screened name of the model and the manufacturer printed on the motherboard. Tip: If you are unable to locate the model number of a motherboard, but can locate an FCC identification number, it is recommended that you perform a search using that instead.
If you are looking for additional information about the type or form factor of the motherboard, see the form factor definition.
If you are trying to determine chipset or motherboard information to update the drivers or the BIOS, see the motherboard driver section for further information. If you are trying to list all the specific information about your computer motherboard, specifying the manufacturer, form factor, and specifications of the motherboard is sufficient. If you are trying to determine the motherboard because it needs to be replaced or repaired, it is recommended that the motherboard be replaced instead of repaired.
2.Motherboard 443774-001 fits for HP pavilion DV6000 laptop, 60 days moneyback guarantee for motherboard 443774-001 . Buy cheap Motherboard 443774-001 for HP pavilion DV6000 at discount priceWe offer best price and quick delivery worldwidely Motherboard 443774-001 for HP pavilion DV6000 coupon code100% funtional and original notebook mainboard with warranty. By far the best method of determining the memory (RAM) to use with your computer is through the computer or motherboard manufacturer documentation. For example, your motherboard documentation features may list something similar to the example below. In the above example, you can see this motherboard supports DDR SDRAM DIMM at speeds of 400, 333, and 266.

Another option would be to use a third-party software utility or online service that can provide details about the components in your computer. Below is a short list of what you should look for or determine when trying to determine the memory your computer has or needs. Note: If you mix the speeds of your memory in your computer the computer runs at the speed of the lowest speed memory in the computer. The contact material on the memory is also important when considering buying computer memory.
Finally, is the memory in your computer proprietary, and if it is not, is there a manufacturer that your computer company recommends? Make sure the computer has the available memory slots for the memory you are installing in the computer.
A computer has 512MB of memory, from four different 128MB sticks of RAM and has no more available slots.
On the System Summary screen, you will find the motherboard manufacturer (System Manufacturer) and motherboard model (System Model).
For these computers, we suggest referring to the technical documentation for the model of the computer. PDF versions of these documents can be downloaded from the computer manufacturer or motherboard manufacturer website.
For example, in the picture below, this motherboard has the model number (PSAD2-E) printed above the memory slots. Additional information about FCC numbers and how to search for information about them can be found on our FCC definition. That page contains sections about each of the motherboard form factors and information on how to distinguish each of them.
Because of the complexity of today's motherboards, it can be very difficult and costly to repair a motherboard and it is easier and cheaper to replace the motherboard. Checking the general appearance of the HP pavilion motherboard, to make sure no dust or any dirty on the motherboard.
Checking HP motherboards to ensure no lacking of fittings, rust, rot and elimination chassis.

If you do not have your product documentation, you can also find it online through the computer manufacturers or motherboard manufacturer website. These utilities can scan your computer and give a detailed report of everything in your computer, including memory. Taking precautions not to cause ESD, remove one of the memory sticks and physically examine the memory for any identifying stickers or printed labels. Some examples of the different memory types include DDR-SDRAM, DDR2-SDRAM, DIMM, DRAM, EDO, FPM, SDRAM, LIMM, RDRAM (RAMBUS), RIMM, SIMM, and SODIMM. Although the computer is still going to work, you are paying more for a higher speed that is not being utilized. The contact area is coated in either gold or tin and should match the material of the memory slots. If you have a more recent computer (computer made in the last five years) this should not be a concern.
For example, if you are installing an additional 1GB of memory into the computer and plan on using two 512MB memory sticks make sure you have two available slots. For example, for a computer with a MSI motherboard, the manufacturer would be MICRO-STAR INTERNATIONAL and the System Model could be MS-7599, for example. If you're listing this information to sell the computer, keep in mind that most people are not going to be too concerned about the specific motherboard in the computer. For example, the Crucial System Scanner is a free utility to scan your computer and give you computer memory details including available memory slots. If you have an option between the two and are uncertain go with memory that has error checking. If you do not have available slots you can remove pre-existing memory and install new memory.

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