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Since the beginning of the year the Snapchat app has evolved into a sharing sensation for both young people and adults alike.
Because the social app does not save information like Facebook and Twitter, brand engagement is built through the number of snaps, screenshots of key snaps, promoting other Snapchat screen names, and so on.
It is optional to enter your mobile number next, but recommended since this is the best way people can find you.

Getting started with the Snapchat app is a breeze and you can start taking screenshots and photos right from your mobile phone in no time. Use Snapchat to quickly share new information and to create a buzz about your brand or product. Online Marketing Tips,Tricks and StrategiesNever miss a single new trick for your website and social media marketing. But the benefit is that more information is sent out a lot quicker than other services like Vine.

The biggest benefit for marketers is that it is mobile only, and creates a sense of excitement due to its quick turnaround of shared photos and video. This can be downloaded either from the Apple App store for iPhone or through Google Play for Android.

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