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Do you want an easier way to find Snapchat friends, add friends or follow new people on one of the world’s most popular social platforms? Now Snapchat has created a new feature that will make it easier to instantly find and follow friends on Snapchat.
One of the more difficult things to do on Snapchat—especially for new users—is to follow people. I’m new to Snapchat myself and I needed a friend of mine to explain to me how I get to view content and add people. Because the app is difficult to use sometimes, it forces people to teach each other how to use it. And because Snapchat automatically deletes snaps either after viewing or after 24 hours you feel free to share you day with less judgment and more person-to-person interaction.
Although the URLs are not easy to share on Snapchat itself, but the URLs are great for Tweeting, posting on Facebook or sharing on any other platform or profile. Whether you are using Snapchat personally or for marketing purposes there is a lot of crossover in terms of how to use the app. Advertisers are seeing the app’s ability to connect and the unique way it doles out content to be an unequivocal tool for promotion.
Originally, “My Story” feature allowed users to compile snaps into chronological storylines accessible to their friends and to the public.

Since then the story feature was expanded to incorporate “Our Stories”, AKA “Live Stories” which allow users on-location at specific events to contribute snaps to a curated montage advertised to all users.
For example, when you enter the “Discover” feature on the app, you can select a company or brand, from there you will be watching short previews of content ahead that you either choose to “watch”, “read”, or tap which allows more content to follow.
Reports have recently surfaced that Snapchat is going to be allowing brands to run long video ads, like full-length movie trailers for instance.
If you think that people would opt out of watching these ads, keep in mind that Snapchat reportedly has 7 billion video views per day, holding its own against Facebook’s 8 billion. As a side note, Comedy Central’s feed is hilarious and I recommend you check that out on your personal account immediately.
According to AdAge, Snapchat has several new strategies in the works to help build its ad business.
Snapchat has said it plans to put into action their interest-based targeting in the second quarter of 2016. A good place to see what Snapchat is doing for advertising now is actually on their website. If you don’t have Snapchat you may be missing out on all those typically unseen, authentic moments you don’t get with other apps. It may not be as straightforward as those traditional media outlets like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, but it is way cooler.

If you want to learn more about using Snapchat for advertising and marketing purposes, see our posts about How to Market to Millenials or 5 Ways to Use Snapchat for Business Marketing. Here at VPDM we specialize in Digital Marketing, and manage social media accounts for a number of different brands and companies.
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Well, previously on Snapchat you can add friends via usernames, contacts, using customizable “Snapcodes”, or through the “Add Nearby” function. Because of this difficulty people were compelled to find answers for themselves by “creating sites like Snappchatters and apps like Slinger that suggest people to follow”.
If you don’t personally have Snapchat, but are involved in marketing and social media professionally, becoming familiar with the app and its possibilities can only serve you.
Including, but probably not limited to, improved ad targeting based on what content people are checking out in the Discover publisher portal, and the ability for brands to fact-check whether their ads were seen.
She's currently using her digital tactics at VPDM Digital Marketing where she is interning as a Social Marketing Coordinator.

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