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The circulatory system works as a transporter of nutrients and gasses all over the body and into each tissue fiber, down to each cell. The muscular system is all about muscle tissues and helps the whole body to be flexible in movements. The reproductive system allows humans to produce their offspring through sexual intercourse, and ensures sex cell production until the development of progeny. The muscular system is the biological system of animals (including humans) that allows them to move internally and externally.

Skeletal muscle consists of voluntary muscles attached to the frame of the skeletal system enabling bodily movement.
The distribution of nutrients gasses are made possible by blood which circulates in every part of the body. The main work of this subdivision is to produce and disseminate lymphocytes, which are immune cells through connection of arteries and veins. The nose, larynx, trachea, diaphragm, bronchi, and lungs are the main organs that make up the respiratory system.

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