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But first, let me tell you my absolute favorite thing about Japanese knotweed.  And that is, that unlike other wild spring edibles, you really don’t have to worry about killing yourself!
When it first appears in late-April, the shoots very much look like asparagus.  But when it starts growing, it grows FAST.   So NOW is the time to get it! Oh and speaking of asparagus, though Japanese knotweed looks like asparagus, you should know that it doesn’t really taste like asparagus. So the next time you’re out walking the dog, walking in the woods or maybe just walking out your back door, look around for some Japanese knotweed.
Wild edible walks are a great way to learn from experienced guides and they’re very popular this time of year.
Check out my FREE report with some basic but powerful tips to start healing your gut - today. WHILE YOU MAY FIND IT TASTY THIS IS ONE OF THE WORST INVASIVE NON-NATIVE SPECIES AND PUSHES OUT OUR NATIVE CATTAILS AND SWAMP FAUNA. I’m a Certified Nutritional Therapist who believes in the power of traditional foods to transform our health and to transform the health of our planet. Articles and information on this website may not be copied, reprinted, or redistributed without written permission, but we like to give written permission - So just ask! Ditch the boxes and cans forever with my new book!Learn to make REAL bone broths and soups.

If you have lived in Japan without a car, chances are good you've been stuck somewhere before. You can call a friend and ask for a ride, but if your friend is busy, you'll need an alternative: call a taxi. Most city train stations, and even some smaller ones, have taxis sitting outside waiting to take passengers wherever they need to go.
Tell them your address in Japanese (or the address of where you're at, or a significant place in the area). If the place isn't well-known, they might ask for nearby landmarks or you might need to give some simple directions after they find the neighborhood or general location. And now, despite the expensive fares, you should be able to get where you're going or do what you need to do.
If you've been following Surviving in Japan for a while, you've probably seen me mention places to find certain health-related items, such as natural and organic food and such. But if you want one to pick you up at home, or from another location, you'll need to call for one.
The conversation might vary slightly, but you can also say that you don't understand Japanese or don't speak it well, or to repeat something if necessary.
Nihongo Master is a fun new way to learn Japanese online--stay motivated by earning points and achievements to compete against yourself or your friends.

Printable Japanese Calendar for NovemberNew Learn Japanese Posters Anime & Traditional! I highly recommend iHerb for natural foods, health products, vitamins, supplements, and more.
Please note that I only ever endorse products that are in alignment with Fearless Eating's ideals and that I believe would be of value to my readers. Local trains service even more areas, while buses transport people in both cities and the countryside. And sometimes you need to go somewhere with luggage or a box or just don't want to brave another downpour. I've used them since my first year in Japan over four years ago and they've been a wonderful resource. A list of taxi companies will show up--you can try any of these (and put one or more into your cell phone contacts so you have them handy).

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