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I often get emails from people wishing to start their own companies and asking that I help them find a manufacturer. Basically, you can’t really start selling, or even promoting your company without solid manufacturing, unless you plan on making the production runs yourself. So here are the steps I would suggest you go through, if you are looking to start your own fashion company, and need to find production.
Gucci has a Made in Italy label on all of their bags, although this only means the last few steps are done in Italy.
Speak to your suppliers (if you have any.) You may have already sourced some fabrics, materials, or services, so ask those contacts if they have any recommendations.
Manufacturing in China or the Far East can be inexpensive, but watch out for high duty and shipping prices. If you are satisfied with most of the answers to the above questions, it is time to trial the manufacturer.
Finsk get their shoes made in Brasil because they have high quality footwear manufacturing there, and that is the only place the company can source the unique woods they use in their heels. You can try and get your factory to sign a contract, but note that this is very difficult and complicated. If you start by looking for a manufacturer, you’ll be wasting a huge amount of time and incur a great deal of frustration. In sum, the best way to get in with a factory is on the recommendation of your pattern maker.
I don’t recommend you do package sourcing (patterns, fabrics etc) with the factory for many reasons, most of all because your minimums will be so much higher. If you do your own sourcing, have GOOD patterns, markers, good communication, and are an educated customer (read a good book!!!!!!) you can get decent pricing on as little as 100 units in the US.
Some very good points about patterns and manufacturers, if you ask your manufacturer to do a pattern for you, be sure to confirm that you own the patterns and request copies immediately. As for using a pattern maker to get a factory, I will agree this is one option, but I have never done this. I am just wondering if you can tell me where to begin or know of any trusted manufacturers for this. Here are some tips on finding a manufacturer, and a good manufacturer will also be able to help you source the materials needed to make your product. Thank you once again for a great step by step article on finding a manufacturer, as you say it is one of the most important things a fashion designer needs to undertake. I am an entrepreneur with a brand that specializes in exclusive night hand made sequined, beaded, laced, embroidered dresses, tops, skirts and shorts. Guys, I can suggest you one company here who is doing great in the area of Private Label Clothing. Hi, my name is Parvez, and I have a factory where we do take order from different clothing company especially for men casual or forms t-shirt and shirt. Hello, My name is Parvez and I have a factory located in Bangladesh and we do take order from different company. They are located in Sweden and will not really charge more than some of the Turkish manufacturers that I have previously worked with. Hi, we are looking for plus size women factories to make our samples and start a good business relationship.
In reference for your request, I would like to introduce myself and the company i am working with.
Dear User, Please use the drop downs below to locate your city by first selecting the country and then the state. Believe it or not finding a good manufacturer is probably the second biggest challenge when starting a fashion company, second only to successfully wholesaling your product. Can they do patterns, grading, samples, fabric sourcing, packaging, etc… As a smaller company, it often makes sense to source these things through the manufacturer, as they may have better buying power, and therefore get better prices. If you can;t afford them, India is the next best place for extremely high quality embroidery. You ALWAYS need backups, and who knows, the first one might go bankrupt or things may not work out, so you will need someone else you can depend on. Maybe they make a product that is too cheap for you, but you may want them down the line when you offer a lower-priced option. Many won’t, and even if they do, the contract will likely not be worth the paper its printed on.
Be very wary of service providers that cater to you by using this term because it can cost you 25% to 75% more.

In fact, you should ask at the outset, during the interviewing process whether the pattern maker can make a referral when it gets to that stage.
Most companies won’t want to commit X production to you until the kinks have been worked out of your relationship. For example, a fully lined and faced, fitted sheath dress will cost about $25 per unit with my local guy.
I have worked with excellent pattern cutters in London and few of them have been able to recommend an excellent factory to do my production. I have just created a idea and would like to make some high end 100% chiffon silk scarfs and don’t really know where to begin!
I’ve been researching this topic for a few yhears now, and everything on this article is what i was looking for. We have a new design in mens underwear and would like to find a good pattern maker or sample maker and also a factory.
Although I only found it now and it was written back in 2012, much of your points are still very relevant and valid today.
But as it has already been stated, designers aren’t always fully aware of what is in fact needed to produce clothing en mass. From those, about 45% of the inquiries are from new designers who have never tried to mass produce their designs before. Will you be able to help with pattern makers and manufacturers for a children’s clothing line.
The range of our product line, excellent quality and competitive prices have made us one of the most reliable names among our buyers across the globe. We have our own showroom in Bangladesh and our factory is also located in Bangladsh.If any company interested to do business with us and want to give us their order.
Our company have the best machines, technology and 30 skilled seamstresses – everything to deliver best product to our clients. When you proceed to the checkout page, the Seller Discount will be automatically calculated. If you still can not find your city in the list, please CLICK HERE to submit a request for inclusion of your city.
I know of many, many production nightmares, and now I am adamant that a good, reliable manufacturer is essential to start a fashion company. Firstly, the samples you show to buyers must be close to identical to the ones you will be delivering when they place an order. If you are going to be making t-shirts and you want them to sell in stores for $30 (which means you have to sell them to stores for $10-$15), then you’ll have to be looking overseas (most likely to Asia) for production. Once you have a shortlist of potential factories, you need to contact them and find out if they are right for you, and whether they are willing to work for you. Don’t just ask number of pieces, ask about whether this is per shape, colour, and size. Now that you think you’ve found someone who might work, send them drawings, technical sheets, fabric swatches, research, whatever, and ask them to look it over and tell you whether they think it is something they can make. Once you’ve confirmed the calendar, you can send them a pattern, fabric (unless they are sourcing it), and a sample (if you have one) and they can make you a first prototype. If the sample is good, and you want to go ahead and work with this factory, you’ll need to negotiate (or at least agree on) prices and terms.
Now you are ready to order your sample collection, which will be the garments you use to show the buyers and eventually, media.
Or perhaps their minimums are too large, but in theory your quantities will grow and you will always want a manufacturer that can do larger quantities for you. Are the time zones close enough that you can speak to them during their business hours, without having to be up at 4 in the morning? That’s why gut instinct is important in these situations, you want to make sure you trust this person to do the job they say they will. I have a limited budget and the designs and would like the quality to be to the Alexander McQueen level.
But in our business we’re all about service, so we find we are helping educate as much as guide and work on behalf of all our new designer clients.
I would love some advice or recommendations on good manufacturing company’s and or fabric sources. If they are responsible, they are reliable, and will be your ears and eyes for your products manufacturing in another country.China is a good option if you know how to find the right factory for you. These clothes are made from high grade fabric material and are available in a variety of color combinations and textures.

If you are making delicate bias-cut chiffon dresses, you need to make sure that you can find a factory who will be able to make them as nicely as you can make them in your studio. For example, with footwear, the big manufacturing countries would be China, Italy, Spain, or a few places in South America. If you want to make $5,000 suits, then you can pretty much go anywhere that knows how to make suits. This is a great way for you to check their quality and construction, and this also gives them the opportunity to properly price the item.
Note that you’ll have very little negotiating power at the beginning, which is normal, but make sure that in future you will be able to get the prices and terms you need. Make sure they have a rough idea of your quantities and schedule, and that they will have time to produce your collection. And make sure to keep records of EVERYTHING, so that you can reference it should there be a problem down the line. But certainly not in the UK, and the pattern cutters I know here in Canada haven’t been a wealth of information either. I don’t have a clue on where to begin to find the manufacturers who design and print these designs on the silk or how to source this high quality silk.
We take order from small to large volume and we follow international rules, regulation and procedure when we manufacture garment.
For The Sleep Shirt, we wanted the product made in Canada, so I researched factories here, and knew my margins would be low at the beginning, because my quantities are so small.
You should also give them a rough price point (if you know what is reasonable) and ask them whether it will be possible for them to work at that price point, and if not, what it would be.
You may not know quantities just yet, but come up with some estimates, and see if they can squeeze you in. At the beginning, if quantities are small, prices are likely to be high, which means margins will be low.
They often need hand holding, so check in once a week or so, and make sure they are on schedule.
If I get someone who is impossible to contact or who rarely responds to emails, then I get concerned. Traditionally the designer has all the pre-production done (which includes patterns) but not so much these days. All I know is that I truly believe that my idea could be the next craze in the accessory world! Specialist products (lingerie, footwear, high tech clothing) are usually only produced properly in a handful of places. Keep in mind that sometimes your margins need to be a bit lower at the beginning because your quantities will be smaller. They should be able to get back to you about this quite quickly, usually a manufacturer knows straight away whether it will be something they can make or not.
You don’t want them to make you a sample collection, only to find out their production is booked solid for four months.
It is one thing to deal with this when you are researching manufacturers, a whole other when you just got a huge order from Net A Porter and you are frantically trying to reach your factory to find out if they can make it on time. Pattern makers are in the best position to know which factories are the best for you and your product type. You usually can’t guess how much it will cost in production, and you must have accurate production prices to properly calculate your wholesale or retail prices. If you are doing something quite basic, like tailoring or jerseys, then there are more options. Many people tend to think China=cheap, but with their long lead times and expensive shipping (unless you are doing it by sea) it can sometimes make sense to produce closer to home. For example, if you want to pay $20 per t-shirt, but they are charging you $30 for an order of 500 pieces, make sure that when you order 2500, or 5000, that the price will be to your liking. Reliability is key from a manufacturer, and if they are slow responding or late with their first set of samples, you should be listening to the alarm bells.
We pass them larger orders and they pass us the smaller ones they don’t want to mess with. Since I have the largest site on the web for people starting a clothing line, I get many more requests to have patterns made than I can accept.

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