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In all honesty, there is no way my anal self would allow those Box Tops above to go to school with my children.
Box Tops for Education has contributed over $525 million to participating schools since the launch of the program in 1996. I know our schools use the funds raised from Box Tops for the 5th Grade Outdoor Education program. This past weekend the kids and I were doing our grocery shopping at Walmart and came across a lot of products worth 5 Box Tops.
Look for another post in the next day about how I created a fun way with my kids to shop for Box Tops while at Walmart.

However, now that I have kids, I always shop for the best value and for those items that have a Box Tops label on them. Now the twins are in 2nd grade, so we will be helping our schools out for many years to come. This is a great experience for the kids that allows children to learn outdoor science, more about the environment, and even some outdoor activities. You know you can even collect Box Tops for your local schools even if you do not have kids or have any that are in school.
I have a passion for learning and enjoy anything having to do with the technical side of blogging.

This is a great and easy way to earn money for schools while shopping for our household products. There are a ton of items we buy every single day that has Box Tops, such as granola, frozen pizza, yogurt, snacks, cereal, taco shells, boxed cook mix, and a whole lot more.

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