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Unlimited user accounts Give each of your employees their own account with custom permissions. This article brings to an end a four-part series through which I present my venture into the barely explored field of automated website usability evaluation.
This article assesses assess the effectiveness of the USEFul framework in its implementation of web site usability evaluation. Nielsen evaluates the web sites featured in this book by referencing web site usability guidelines. The book illustrates clearly both usability violations and good usability traits that have been identified by Nielsen and Tahir and has received numerous positive reviews. So as to ensure that the versions and contents of the web sites evaluated were identical to the ones evaluated by Nielsen and Tahir, the Internet Archive’s Way Back Machine was used. Result 3 – Total Usability Violations identified by USEFul Since the USEFul framework checks for the presence of each guideline in the database, it performs a consistent evaluation and so it was able to identify more usability violations in each of the tested web sites. Through its implementation, the USEFul framework has demonstrated that usability evaluation can indeed be automated. From the results obtained in the experiments, it can also be concluded that the USEFul framework is very effective in identifying usability aspects that violate usability guidelines. Since the USEFul framework fully automates the evaluation process and explains the violations in layman’s terms, it can be operated and interpreted by a non-usability expert. All of these facilities make the USEFul framework appealing to a wider audience and hence contributes towards the mainstreaming of usability. About Justin MifsudI am a user interface designer and user experience consultant by day and blogger by night. Usability Geek is a Usability & User Experience (UX) blog that provides practical and useful information. Our readership comes from various fields including those of Usability, User Experience, Human Computer Interaction (HCI) and Information Architecture (IA).
Internet shopping comprises 17p in every ?1 of retail spending this year, compared with 15p last year. Interestingly, this increase in online shopping may be at the expense of the physical shopping outlets. The price of fuel and parking is causing consumers to think twice before driving around several locations to comparison shop especially in poor weather. Customers are choosing the internet because they feel they have more control over their spending, with less chance of impulse purchases.
Those ecommerce sites that follow good usability practices will inevitably have a competitive advantage. The rewards for doing this are often an increased conversion rate than those sites without security badges.
While some customers like to browse, others will have an idea of what they are looking for. More and more websites are providing additional ways of viewing products to reproduce the same experience of a store.
Being able to zoom in on a pair of shoes, rotate a dress 360o and change the colour and style of the dress are all effective. Good practices suggest that asking for detailed personal information that is not required to complete a purchase should be avoided because it is off-putting. Those sites that have listened to customer complaints have made registration optional, providing customers with the choice to proceed without registering. There are many different methods currently used by websites, some more effective than others. What customers can do once they have added their item; whether that is to continue shopping or proceed to check-out. Once the purchase is completed, clear feedback should also be provided on the receipt page to indicate that the purchase has been successful.
Those ecommerce sites that strive to improve their site with emphasis on the user experience will inevitably gain financially. As with any growing market, more and more new sites will emerge looking to obtain a slice of the profits. Consequently, it is the responsibility of retailers to ensure that their site provides a good user experience; otherwise customers will simply choose to shop online a more customer-friendly competitor. User Vision flagged areas we were unaware of and added credibility to dealings with developers and designers. Website owners and designers put in a lot of effort and money, to develop, promote and maintain a website. Usability has far reaching ramifications on business than goal achievement – it improves the objective of visitor convertibility. At the same time the same website will not appear the same when it is accessed via different devices and browsers. Since they make use of search engines daily, users will expect your search functionality to look like and behave like that of the major search engines.
While some argue that navigation usability is more important than search usability, search usability must not be underestimated. In fact, for large e-commerce websites it is recommended that apart from the traditional search mechanism, an advanced search option is also made available so as to allow visitors to refine their search queries through the selection of parameters such as price, brand names and reviews. Website owners need to carefully balance graphics and content in the right combinations depending on their target audience. Although this point could have been included under content or user interface, I am listing it separately because of its importance.
Users typically spend between 10 and 20 seconds on a web page unless the content grabs their attention. As mentioned in the above point, users quickly leave pages if they are not captivated by their content. As a general rule, always remember to put yourself in your users’ shoes before taking any decision related to your website.
About Divya RawatDivya writes articles on topics such as SEO, SMO, and other web marketing and development strategies. It’s no secret that a first-time online banking visitor has far different needs than the power user returning for login #1,712. After selecting login on the homepage, new users are shown a page with prominent help on how to get started along with links to register, take a tour, get help and so on (see first screenshot below). Previously logged in visitors see a page featuring a banner below the login box emphasizing a single online banking feature and contextual links on the right (see second screenshot). Just about every bank has an obvious login button in the top-right or top-left corners (or Chase who has it plastered in the middle).
Atlantic Regional Federal Credit Union (link) If you don’t have online banking in the main nav, you need to compensate elsewhere. Bank Simple Simple turns the double-play with an excellent welcome video and a snazzy shot of its iPhone app in action. Moven Bank Moven is all about the mobile, and visitors can’t miss that with the page-dominating visual. Note: We cover financial website and mobile design issues periodically in our Online Banking Report (subscription). The CU, which has the challenge of getting members to accept its new name, has adopted this cute orange robot (Robix) as its brand ambassador and has developed a number of contests and promotions around it. The website uses a nonstandard primary navigation bar running across the middle of the page.
Bottom line: The delightful robot image (high-tech, yet playful), orange color scheme, and ample use of white space are great attention-grabbers.

Clicking the button causes the right-side of the screen to turn into an integrated message center (see below). The Simple message center is integrated into the main online banking UI better than most (screenshot 2). Change Sciences, which quantifies and compares bank user experience in various verticals, ranked Everbank #1 in its just-published report (subscription) on online sales of small-business banking services. As you can see from the methodology below, Change Sciences is looking at the discovery and sales process for small biz banking, not the actual online banking experience itself.
Each site is evaluated (via desktop browser) against a series of criteria by a Change Sciences analyst. The main homepage makes a better first impression now that it mimics the trendy design feature of a large peaceful background image (used by Citibank, Square, Salem Five and many others). The new verbs are short and to-the-point, but regular users will miss the Send (originally it was called Beam Money) and Get Money (aka Request Money prior to 2007) names which have been around for more than a decade. Intuitive UI: Hundreds of millions of people worldwide log in to their bank accounts at least weekly. Advocacy: Doesn’t everyone want to believe that the place where they entrust their live savings is looking out for their best interests? The huge Socialize With Us image is eye-catching and would garner a fair number of clicks, except for one problem. First Arkansas Bank Twitter page (link) Note: The bank had one tweet in May, zero in April and a couple in March. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Slide Design1) Text Is Death The deplorable practice of putting huge blocks of text on a slide and then reading every single word to the audience probably accounts for half of the problems people have with PowerPoint.
Log in Sign up Home Features Demo Sign up Pricing Blog Support Contact usability Testing for your website Record real visitors surfing your website without additional hardware or software.
As I have stated in my previous articles, the best way to test for usability is to do so using real human users. This method is the same method used by usability experts when evaluating using the usability inspection method.
Since web site usability professionals are scarce this assessment was conducted through a comparison between the results generated by the USEFul framework and the published evaluations of the same web sites conducted by web site usability professionals. In this evaluation, the results reported by Nielsen will be used as the results generated by a usability expert.
The majority of the guidelines implemented in the USEFul framework are from the HHS guidelines. Using this tool, the exact web sites were retrieved by utilising the dates present on most of the screenshots in the book. In fact, it was found that if these violations were considered, the framework is able to convert the above negative result into 25.88% more violations identified. This implies that the larger the web site being evaluated, the more violations will be found by the USEFul framework. Automation is in the form of the retrieval of the web site, its parsing to distinguish the web site code from the content, the checking of whether the site violates any of the stored guidelines and the reporting of which guidelines were violated. Additionally, the separation of the evaluation logic from the guidelines that are referenced makes the framework easier to maintain. I own and run this blog, Usability Geek, where I evangelize about the importance of making the web a usable place and, more importantly, how to do it. As reported in the Scotsman on the 18th July, internet shopping has increased by 38% since January compared with the same period in 2007. While most people with limited budgets are used to shopping around for the cheapest deal, this strategy has changed due to internet access being available in most homes.
Much can be credited to the ever-improving online shopping experience offered by some stores, together with comparison sites that allow people to buy with confidence.
As internet crime is more prevalent, customers are increasingly suspicious of sites that do not clearly show text or images indicating that the site is secure. This tool allows customers to search the entire site or merely a specific area, helping to narrow the search results. Similarly customers often avoid registration forms, and will even leave a website, if they deem the registration to be unnecessary or unwieldy.
This is a simple and effective way of informing customers and as a result, avoids unnecessary or duplicate items being accidentally added. Information such as a reference number and a confirmation email both help to reassure customers. As the online market continues to grow in the current climate, there is a danger that complacency from a false sense of security could creep in.
While the internet already provides great choice for customers, this choice will only continue to grow.
And before all the art aficionados and web designers, take umbrage, let me clarify by stating that the net appreciates and requires usability. Hence it makes sense to invest in its usability, that is, the ease with which the user can achieve his or her goals within that website.
For example, when a website makes use of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, usability helps in improving the quality score and conversion, thus improving the overall customer acquisition cost.
If your website is about fashion, you may opt to introduce more creative elements – which would perhaps not be the case if you are designing a corporate business to business website. Since there are various device-operating system-browser combinations one can resort to online testing tools such as Browsershots to visualize how the same website will appear across a number of web browsers.
Pay attention to where you place your navigation elements, how you name them and how you distinguish between primary, secondary and utility navigation. Thus, it makes sense to put in all the important information such as the site logo, and primary navigation on the left hand side. This is because users tend to resort to search if they cannot locate the content they are looking for.
As a matter of fact, content that is authentic and to the point increases the trust quotient of the website that contains it. Images play a very important role in supporting content and can provide a means to enable the user to quickly skim through an article. Apart from having good content and imagery, another way to grab their attention is by supporting your content with videos. Now imagine how quickly users will leave a web page if that content takes very long to load! Or they will make time-consuming, and expensive, phone calls to customer service for guidance. As they skim by the static boilerplate in the banking version of banner blindness, power users miss the chance to learn more about new features and promotions. And eventually the bank can segment even tighter showing different looks for intermediate users, mobile-primary customers, French-speaking customers, and so on. And sometimes, it’s below the fold (Sterling Bank, BECU) or a screen away (see Comerica below). Atlantic Regional’s BancVue-designed site uses the fashionable full-page graphic to draw attention to its four rotating promotions. However, once a visitor goes to the Personal or Small Business page, it is listed on the drop-down mega-menu. While their methodology wasn’t disclosed (see note 1), the winners appear to share one major trait, stunning homepage visuals.
The design uses different background colors above and below the nav bar which helps draw attention to the navigation.

This works pretty well, though some of the choices were below the fold on my 12-inch laptop, making them hard to get to. The second version includes a closeup shot of the robot and features a different promotion in the top-right promotion area (see second screenshot below).
Update (3 PM, 11 March): Jeffry Pilcher, Editor (and owner) of The Financial Brand, told me that it is a collection of websites that he was fond of design-wise.
The onboarding process was covered in the first two segments, now we move to the online UI. It is nice to be able to respond to messages without losing site of my main task, checking my balance and transactions. The email itself was a let down, a generic message requesting that I log in to see what was up. It started out very simple in 1999, but over the years it became a bit bloated with competing messages for its various constituencies. But events of the past five years have seriously eroded consumer confidence in financial institutions, especially large banks. So showing that you have the wherewithal to make this important calculation, can be the entry point for delivering more advanced PFM services, hopefully at a profitable monthly fee (note 1). We are putting the finishing touches on an update of our PFM report (May 2010, subscription). Despite a little blip with the IPO, Facebook is one of most significant brands on the planet.
The bank’s Facebook page is good, with a modern design, frequent updates, and 755 fans (see second screenshot). Most people in the audience will be able to read the text faster than you can say it out loud.
This form of usability testing and the associated commercial software that allows usability tests to be carried out even remotely have been researched quite extensively. Therefore this eliminates the possibility of any differences in the list of identified violations due to the use of different techniques.
Thus, the utilisation of the same set of guidelines used by human usability experts overcomes the possibility of discrepancies in the results due to the use of different sets of guidelines.
It is also significant to state that a code inspection demonstrated that 8.52% discrepancy was mainly due to the poor coding of the tested web sites.
This resulted in the number of violations reported by the USEFul framework to just 43.64% of the total usability violations identified by Nielsen and Tahir.
Thus from the automation aspect, it can be concluded that the framework automates the usability evaluation process in its entirety. This is because new guidelines can be added, modified or deleted from the current set of guidelines in the database – thus requiring no programming skills. These are products which normally would require physical touching, fitting and inspection of the product quality, at least more than traditional online shopping purchases such as books, CDs, DVDs and electronics. Those who shop online can compare the prices of products across many shops at the click of a mouse rather that driving around shops for hours in traffic. In both situations, a good categorisation system for your products as well as an effective search tool will help both types of customers find what they are looking for easily. This is a good example where the website provides an abundance of information for their customers which can help to persuade them to buy without trying on. Importantly trust is essential to building a good relationship between customer and company. Additionally, avoid dead end receipt pages by providing links to continue shopping will encourage customers to spend more.
Keeping things simple and usable not only makes way for easier goal achievement but it also leads to higher conversion rates. It also helps improve the action rate as the customer understands the website, product, service or content.
Additionally, users will use the search functionality if they are looking for a particular product in e-commerce websites. As the cliche goes, an image speaks a 1000 words so it can be very handy to overcome the need to write long web articles.
Such is the importance of fast loading web pages that Google have introduced site speed in their search ranking algorithm. Bank and Bank of American Fork who position Online Banking as the first tab in their primary navigation (screenshots below).
It places online banking in its own tab, plus it launches a huge mega-menu detailing all the personal and business online and mobile features. And those that launch the mega-menu, see online banking, billpay & Popmoney at the top (second screenshot). Within online banking, users are notified of new messages by a red badge over the Support button on the top-nav (see first screenshot). The integrated message center takes a little getting used to, because it’s not at all what I expected.
As the tasks are evaluated, the analyst does three things: • Looks for predefined user-experience characteristics and features.
And the overall look, while true to its roots, looked a little 2007-ish, which makes complete sense since that’s when the company last remodeled.
Providing a new tool that really helps consumer understand their financial position, and reduce the chances of overdrafting, could go a long way in restoring confidence that the bank is not the enemy. And you should expect to spend quite a bit of time explaining it to employees and customers.
The only way to get to the sites is to click on their icons in the upper right corner of the homepage (note 1). Thus, my quest into researching and coming up with a solution that can automate usability evaluation commenced out of sheer curiosity as I wanted to try a different approach which, to my knowledge, had never been tried before. Whilst these emulators are sometimes slightly unreliable, they can present a relatively accurate and cost effective rendering. Empathize and work out how your user will navigate from through your site and remember that the way you view your organizational structure is generally not the same as how your user sees it! For some examples of what is good as well as bad navigation, a good place to start would be this article on Smashing Magazine. Alternatively, startups Moven and Simple use page-dominating screenshots of their mobile app to position themselves with mobile bankers (see below).
Whether they consciously think it or not, they are making their own calculation of what’s left in the account to spend. In this case, content can be split over a number of pages and linked to from the main article – just as I am doing myself in this very article. In order to evaluate the speed of your website, you can make use of tools such as Google PageSpeed, Yahoo! And given how horrible the average person is at making complex math calculations in their head, it makes so much sense to put that number right in from of them at all times. We’ve tackled remote banking customer service and messaging a number of times in previous Online Banking Reports.

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