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No matter what level you're currently at, if youa€™d like to benefit from a dramatic improvement to your presentation skills, have a look now at the various training options we have available below. And, if you have any questions you'd like to ask please get in touch with us today because we'd love to help you achieve that success. If you've got a presentation coming up and find the very thought of it daunting, then choose from one of our training options below to help you overcome your nerves and present successfully. You are probably already an experienced presenter but are you really making the most out of every presenting opportunity? And since 2001, we have helped many thousands of people from well over a thousand organisations throughout the UK and Europe dramatically improve their presentation skills.
This 1-day introductory level course is held regularly in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow, Edinburgh. Our 2-day intermediate level course is held regularly in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow, Edinburgh. For more information on scheduled dates, see our full calendar of presentation skills course dates. We run in-house presentation skills courses throughout the UK, Mainland Europe and the Middle East. Although much of our training is small group based (eg up to 8 attendees), we also run Presentation Skills Masterclasses - from 30 minutes through to 1 day (or more) for groups of any size. Contact us today to discuss your tailored in-house presentation skills training needs in more detail.
We can deliver presentation skills coaching in London, Reading, Oxford, Leicester, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen at a date and time to suit you.
Have a look at the articles below for some tips and advice on how to improve your presentation skills.
Why even complicated messages are always simpleDo you ever fall into that really obvious, hugely gaping elephant trap? Effective Presentation SkillsIn these recessionary times, you might well need to be a highly effective presenter just to remain in your current job – or find new employment. Professional Presentation SkillsIn today’s competitive world, the need to present a highly professional image is now more important than ever. Skillstudio is authorised by The Law Society of England & Wales as an External CPD Training Provider.
If you have a job interview coming up shortly or if you just want to ensure that you have the best possible chance of success at your next interview, then one of the training options below will help you achieve that. Since 2001, we have helped many thousands of people from London and across the UK and Europe dramatically improve their business presentation and job interview skills. Skillstudio is also a training partner with Telegraph Jobs so you can read more about how to apply this structure to a Job Interview Presentation in our article on the Daily Telegraph website. Just to put your mind at rest, we offer a Money Back Guarantee with each of our public courses.
If having completed the public workshop, you can honestly say that you have not benefited from attending, just let us know in writing within 7 days of the course, along with your reasons why and we'll refund your money in full. Can you try and remember back to the last time you met someone you thought was a really good public speaker or presenter. Have you ever thought that good presenters and public speakers are simply born with that skill? The ability to present and speak in public with more impact is a skill that can be developed by almost anyone in the right learning environment. All our trainers are passionate about helping you excel in your presentation and public speaking skills. Effective Presentation Skills is an intensive two-day training course which will help you to deliver a speech or presentation more effectively and successfully. The course is ideal for people who already have experience of presenting or public speaking and now want to work on their delivery skills.
Many of our training techniques have been derived from the theatre and performing arts, where performing in front of an audience is everything.
We have taken these ideas and adapted them for the "real world" to ensure that you get the most out of your time with us as you develop your confidence and new skills. And from experience, you'll be surprised at how much you can progress during two days of intensive training. All our training consultants have been carefully selected to ensure a consistently high level of training is provided at all times.
And, since they all have a good sense of humour, we ensure that the training is an enjoyable experience for you as well as being a rewarding one! You'll leave the workshop with your own personal development plan and a toolkit of techniques to turn that plan into action. So we will continue to help you develop your presentation skills even after the course has completed! Some of our scheduled courses have special offer prices - and are listed in the table below.
If you'd like to book at the special offer price, click on the button below and you'll then be taken to our online booking form - with your course discount already applied.
Click here for offer terms and conditions and details of other special offers available for courses not listed above.
Our public training courses take place throughout the year in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow & Edinburgh.

To book a place on one of these courses just click on the appropriate course start date and you'll be taken to our online booking page.
As we are confident that you will really benefit from the workshop, we are willing to offer you a Money Back GUARANTEE. If having completed the public workshop, you can honestly say that you have haven't benefited from attending, just let us know in writing within 7 days of the course, along with your reasons why and we'll refund your money in full. If you have some further questions you'd like to ask, we'd be more than happy to answer them via telephone or email.
You can download our course brochure in Adobe Acrobat format by clicking on the small picture on the right. If you haven't got an Adobe Acrobat viewer on your computer, you can download it (for free) by clicking here.
If you'd prefer us to email or post you a copy of the brochure, please get in touch and we'll send it on to you by return. Our in-company two-day course (anywhere in the UK) costs from just £2790 + VAT and expenses for up to 8 delegates. First Presentation Skills Training for people who have little or no experience of presenting and who need to take the plunge in the near future.
Advanced Presentation Skills Training for highly experienced presenters who want to fine tune their delivery style and speak with more power and conviction. Effective Communications Skills Training for people who want to make more of an personal impact at work.
The voice is one of the key tools needed to communicate effectively within both the business and social environments.
Our tailor made one to one coaching is designed for people who wish to improve their vocal technique and develop their vocal skills in order to communicate more effectively in both the business and social environments.
You will be encouraged to discuss your thoughts and aspirations with your coach, and in particular, communicate what you hope to gain from these sessions. This includes vowel and consonant practice, and general exercises for the agility of the vocal organs such as lips, tongue and lower jaw.
You will be asked to read a narrative, and certain observations on your voice will then be noted and discussed. These exercises will depend on your specific needs, and will be worked and improved upon in each session. These exercises will address your specific needs in vocal areas such as tone, pitch, clarity, variety etc. This is not only stimulating and entertaining, but is also a very useful way of developing good speech.
Coaching fees are calculated as shown below for sessions held at our consultant's premises in either Hampstead, London NW3 or in Stirling, Scotland. We can also offer one-to-one coaching in elocution or accent softening at your office location in Central London or in the Glasgow or Edinburgh areas. We can also offer one-to-one coaching outside of these areas, however our minimum fee for this would be £1090 + VAT and travel expenses for up to a full day.
If you would like to have a chat with one of our coaches to explore your own specific vocal needs in more depth please call or email us and we'll get Vicki or Steve to have a chat with you and answer any more questions you might have. And remember, you are only one simple step away from starting to develop the voice you've always dreamed of having. Effective Presentation Skills Training for people with experience of presenting who want to improve their confidence and delivery skills and make more of an impact in front of their audience.
For more information please contact me on 07979 256605 or 01427 875706 or email me via my contact me page.
The Hazard Perception Test Complete software product provides you with over 600 test simulation video clips suitable for car drivers, motorcyclists, LGV, PCV and ADIs. This 3 disk DVD-rom product was specially developed to overcome the ever increasing concerns about the Hazard Perception Test and the fact that most people who fail a car, motorcycle, lorry, bus or ADI Theory Test do so solely because of this part of the test. When you buy online postage and packing is Free and delivery will normally be next day provided you order before 4.30 pm (excludes orders made on Saturday, Sunday or Bank holidays).
Professional voice over is used extensively throughout the product for help, information, learning notes, tutorials, animations, video, questions, answers and hint advice and has been stated here to save repetition of this fact in the features and descriptions below.
Comprehensive video tutorial and interactive presentation about the scoring mechanism and precisely what constitutes a developing hazard. Thirteen tutorials covering each of the 13 common hazard perception test types that can appear on test and in the real world. 14 Practice clips, one for each hazard test type and one containing a double hazard for you to practice on with comprehensive review. After being tested on any practice clip you are presented with a comprehensive review feature that enables you to replay any practice clip in full or in part using a drag bar line that also shows exactly where you clicked and where each section of the scoring window was with the option to pause at each score point.
616 Hazard Perception video clips used to accurately simulate the Hazard Perception Test including the 10 Official DSA Hazard Perception sample video clips.
Random Hazard Perception Test simulations with review option giving virtually unlimited test combinations.
After each pre-set or random test you are presented with a comprehensive test review feature that enables you to replay any test clip in full or in part using a drag bar line that also shows exactly where you clicked and where each section of the scoring window was with the option to pause at each score point. Exceptionally accurate anti-cheat mechanism to help you determine what type of clicking is and is not allowed.
Review your test performance by hazard type and retake a test using just those clips for any particular hazard type you are weak on.

Pre-set Hazard Perception test simulation review so that you can re-examine any of the 43 previously taken pre-set tests from the testing module again.
Again as with the practice clip and test modules you have the comprehensive clip review features available to you. Although we are confident that the majority of Computers that satisfy this minimum specification will successfully run the program we can not guarantee this as other factors can also effect compatibility. I provide driving lessons, intensive driving crash courses and pass plus training in Scunthorpe, Doncaster, Thorne, Moorends and surrounding areas. To enable you to create a flexible a€?toolkita€™ of personal presentation skills for use in a variety of sales, marketing, team and public speaking situations.
You will develop techniques for identifying the nature, mood and aspirations of the different groups of people you are likely to address in the course of your work.
You will learn how to clarify the message you need to get across and how to identify the appropriate presentation style to maximise the effectiveness of your communication.
You will learn strategies for handling objections and difficult or challenging people and how to remain in control whether you are dealing with a small meeting or a large group of people. Assume everyone is there to support you and to be informed, inspired and entertained - until proven otherwise!
But if you want to be a more effective and confident presenter then one of our training options below will help you achieve much more from your presentations. You’re in the meeting that your colleague was supposed to have got the presentation ready for. You will be asked to prepare two short presentations (of roughly 5 minutes duration) before the course, each of which will be delivered several times over the two days. This allows you to quickly build your confidence as you experiment and learn through practical experience. In addition, you will learn the art of Creative Visualization and aspects of the Alexander Technique, which will, with some practice, induce deep and relaxed breathing, thus greatly improving the quality of the voice. Using different characters, and other vital techniques, we will help you produce a wider vocal range. She then won a place at Mountview Theatre School in London, and studied extensively in Voice, under Greta Colson. He studied voice production for three years whilst at theatre school at the Barbican in London and also under Patsy Rodenburg at the Royal National Theatre and Cicely Berry at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. Lynne shares top tips, techniques and methods for effective public speaking – both face-to-face and virtual. She has been part of the Demand Generation team for the past six years, looking after anything from webinars to content creation.
This product contains all the Hazard Perception Test clips found on the Driving Test Complete and Hazard Perception Test eXtra products combined. 720 X 576) just as on the real test - not from behind the windscreen of the car in a lower, grainer resolution as on most other products.
Once you have made sure you are no longer weak on any particular type of hazard use the league table of weakest clips to polish off any final clip weaknesses. Allows you to see and retest yourself on your ten weakest clips for any particular hazard type or across all types. Every audience is different and you will learn different strategies to ensure you can quickly build rapport, gain maximum attention and efficiently get you message across. We will show you how to structure your presentation so that your message is understood by the maximum number of people by using a powerful technique called Preferred Communication Channels.
We will show you how to prepare your input and how to safely take questions - either throughout your presentation or at the end a€“ without fear of others hijacking your air time! They are also able to bring out the best in people and will ensure that you develop new skills in a unique and supportive learning environment. Thus enabling you to express yourself articulately, with a voice that is richer, more original and attractive to the listener.
Steve brings with him over 15 years of training and theatre experience to his workshops and one to one coaching sessions. In her spare time, she enjoys playing volleyball, trying to learn Portuguese and eating cake – lots of cake.
If you are only looking for a Hazard Perception Test product then this is the product for you.
She has featured in many radio Voice Overs, and has made numerous voice recordings for educational purposes. He has trained all levels of people in elocution, vocal technique, public speaking and presenting. As an independent consultant for the past 5 years she has given lectures, seminars and one-to-one coaching in all aspects of Personal Development. Patent and Trademark Office, with the Office of Harmonization for the Internal Market, and in other jurisdictions.

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