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You have a warm prospect or an audience of prospects, sitting right in front of you, waiting to be impressed. If you don’t watch where you’re going, if you’re not careful with your presentation, you may slip and fall into a sales trap and lose the deal. Perhaps you manage to launch the presentation successfully, but things go downhill from there. Take the time to really understand the product or service you’re selling and come up with interesting, compelling, engaging, memorable ways to present it. Study and learn the art of persuasion and master its strategies, such as presenting an authoritative appearance or building product appeal by creating a sense of urgency. Another hindrance to closing a sale is not listening both verbally and nonverbally, not paying attention to your potential customer’s expressed needs. Presentation software, such as Microsoft PowerPoint, is designed to offer you the creative freedom to build a dynamic, informative, and attention-getting slideshow. Just because you have all these features available, however, doesn’t mean they should all be used.
Presentation design should really be left to designers who have studied and understand the psychological effect of visual information and how it is interpreted. You may feel it sounds more impressive if you use all the acronyms and buzzwords of the trade in your presentation. People don’t like to feel stupid or uninformed, especially those who consider themselves to be industry experts.
Your customer base may come from a specific demographic but you have to remember that they are all still individuals.
For some customers, the aesthetic appeal of the product is key – how many colors are available? Following are some presentation pitfalls to avoid and alternative ideas for improving your closing ratios. You meander into the conversation and wander along until you sort of arrive at the subject of the presentation.
Success in sales is a challenging street to navigate and lack of confidence gleams like a beacon in the dark. Make it clear that you’re transitioning from the initial exchange of pleasantries to getting down to business with a shift of body language and tone. For example, don’t apologize about your voice because you’ve had a cold, or say “bear with me because I’m new at this,” or give any indication that you feel unprepared, nervous, or tired.
Poor delivery can result from lack of self-confidence or knowledge of your material, but it can also result from lack of formal presentation skill training.

Ask yourself what it would take for a seller to really get your attention about this product. According to presentation consultant Jay Miller of Canada’s Voice Speech, enthusiasm instills passion in your presentation and is “an essential element of any successful speaker’s delivery.” Enthusiasm is not just exaggerated gestures and smiling too broadly. We have all seen how medical products can seem more credible when presented by someone in a lab coat.
You can tell a joke you think is pretty funny or make an offhand remark and suddenly hear crickets. I’ve seen many presentation slides on the screen packed with text, graphs, crazy clip art, and distracting transitions. These programs offer many features such as color options that can be coordinated with your brand, background templates to create consistency across the presentation, the ability to include imagery such as photos, logos, and other graphics, and animations that allow elements to move on the screen and creatively transition from one slide to the next. If you’re going to include an image or animation in a slide, do so for a specific purpose, not just because you think it looks cool. You must always be aware of your audience level and adjust your communication to a point slightly beneath that level.
You should be able to relate the intrinsic mission and purpose of your company to your prospects by telling a great story in a way that makes them want to get on board. Your prospect’s goal is to hear all or or maybe some of what you have to say and make a buying decision. Straighten your posture from relaxed talker to formal presenter and raise your volume slightly.
If you present with PowerPoint or other types of visuals, include those in your practice training sessions. Or how, when an enthusiastic seller at a convention announces there are only a few spots left and time is running out, impulse buying occurs. Never read from a prepared script or recite from a memorized one, even if you think you’re really good at sounding natural. Pare your sales presentation down to the most important points and allow the rest to come up in the question and answer session – and be prepared with the right answers. Even if you’re speaking to a highly technical group of prospects, there may be one or two who aren’t familiar with a particular term you are using. Though highly educated people read the news, the content is written below college level to be understandable across audiences. An exciting story you can tell about the development of the product or the need that generated the service? Learn to gauge what kind of prospect you’re dealing with and deliver your sales presentation accordingly.

You waffle along through various catch phrases about the product or service you’re selling but you’re not even convincing yourself.
They are now subconsciously looking for evidence of your scratchy throat and watery eyes rather than paying attention to your pitch.
Know your product or service and company history and policies inside and out so you can speak and, more importantly, sell with confidence and authority. When your prospect sees your enthusiasm, she is more likely to be persuaded to believe and more likely to buy. Maybe you’ve gotten a little bored with sales and don’t want to put in the time and effort to really understand and engage your prospects. People just want to be heard and will likely buy from you if they believe you understand their needs and are willing, and more importantly, able to answer their questions.
It’s very difficult to come back from inappropriate or ineffective humor, to get the sales presentation back on track. They will be searching for contextual clues to figure out what you’re talking about rather than hearing your pitch and you may lose those sales.
Here is a funny video that demonstrates how telling a story can bring a product to life in the prospect’s mind. Remember to look at each sales opportunity as an individual challenge to find out what’s important to your prospect. Sometimes these goals are in opposition and the balance between them is precarious at best.
Be careful with comedy unless you’re really a natural, and stick to being a professional when you’re on the sales platform.
Assume there is at least one person in the audience who doesn’t understand the terminology and speak at that level.
This may seem obvious, but many lose out on sales because they assume what works in one situation will work in the next. To make your sales presentations more effective, learn to meet your prospects at their individual points of need. Learn to ask questions that get to the heart of their needs so you can demonstrate that what you’re selling provides the solution.

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