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56 participants o We gave out questionnaires and consent forms to 1 form in Year 5 and 1 form in Year 7. Very light You can read any book at any time Easier to carry Kindles can damage your eyes Printed books seem more real We asked: Would you rather buy 100 books or a Kindle with 100 books on it and why?
Conclusion We have analysed our interviews and questionnaires and finally found out the answer to our question: What do children in Year 5 and 7 think about electronic books? Our Answer From our research, we found out that 55% of Year 5 and 7 pupils prefer electronic books to printed books.
And Our Research Answers ( From the Public ) By Willem and Sam How do you think that books that children read today differ from the ones that their parents. Student views about homework Toby Leonard Eleanor Scott Jessica Hollis Nima Habibzadeh Lauren Danbury Alice Ward. What children in my school and my local secondary school think about reading and writing stories Chenice Hadfield aged 10.
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Pupil Voice Creativity Research Birkdale Primary School Investigators Aaron, Ben, Charley, Ellen, Ellie, Hannah, Leanne, Richard. What children think about having a thyroid disorder: a small scale study By Shannon Davidson Age 10.

Investigating the views of Year 6 students at Oxley Park Primary School – school subjects and important qualities in teachers. 70% of Year 7s prefer electronic books however only 42% of Year 5s prefer electronic books. I we did this research project again we would try to find out more about why this is the case.
Introduction The topic that we had to choose a question about was literature and libraries. 2The Grammar Junior School Introduction We were interested about children’s attitudes towards pets and stray animals. I chose to research this topic because the UK is experiencing a recession and I think that young people should know how to.
Books are now available in electronic form and we wanted to find out if electronic books were rivalling printed ones and what children’s opinions on them were. One third of the students never read electronic books and surprisingly 3 children do not read printed books. Number of children Also in our interviews we found that 56% of the same pupils found electronic books easier to read from than printed books. There was a small difference between the age groups, with more year 5s preferring printed books.

WHAT I’VE BEEN DOING Over the last three months I have been researching children's ideas and opinions about.
My name is Iona Adams and I am really interested in whether pictures affect children's enthusiasm towards answering questionnaires. Additionally, those participants who were involved in an interview completed a consent form. On average people read printed books about 6 times a week and electronic books about 5 times a week.
This graph shows that electronic devices are mainly used for games, social media and music. The responses were kept anonymous and confidential, the results were not shared and were only used for the purpose of our research.
Evaluation It all went really well and we want to thank Cindy and all of our teachers, especially Mrs Doyle and Miss Smith.
87% of pupils from the Year 5 and 7 classes that we collected data from had access to an electronic device which they could read from.

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